Welcome! And thank you for joining me on the tour of my haven!

Hello everyone and welcome! Today, I’ll be taking you through a journey unforgettable! *laughs dramatically*
Haha, no. This is just an effort to let you see the extent of my obsession  place where I read manga, books and comics; watch anime and k drama; listen to music and draw, sketch, doodle!
If you guessed library, you are wrong. I’m talking about my room- my haven, my pride and my love!
Like I mentioned previously, my room is something I am exceptionally proud about. I have spent hours into making it what it is now, but at the same time, changes always take place, keeping up with my more recent passions.
So let’s see Auri’s Room as it is in April 2017!
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Character Challenge: A Collaboration with RemyFool!!!

You know, once in a while I decide to think of some strange idea. Why? That’s my way of relaxing, enjoying and dragging busy people along to do something that is silly and fun (I hope).
This time, I have got Remy Fool from The Lily Garden along with me to try a new challenge! If you missed our last time’s collaboration posts , check them out in the following links.
Day 1– Top 3 Tomboys: Remfool’s Picks and  My picks
Day 2– Top 3 One shots: Remyfool’s choices and My choices
Day 3 – Top 3 Cool Old Dudes: Remyfool’s Top three and My top three
Day 4- Top 3 Funniest Manga: Remyfool’s choices  and My choices here~
Day 5 – Worst 3 OTPs : Remyfool’s list and My takes here!

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Lasts, anyone?

Like I mentioned last time, today was the last exam of my tenth grade finals. Many friends are leaving, though I’ll be staying in the same school. Our paths diverged. Once again, it is time to say goodbye.
In commemoration of finishing another year in school, (and life, though that should be on my birthday) I’m doing a special post about manga endings.

I divided the post into two lists-

  1. Five endings I enjoyed
  2. Five endings I hope I’ll enjoy

And like any other lists I do or plan to do, I have many more I couldn’t fit in, these are just the first ones that I thought of. They are not in any order and are not reviews of the series but rather just the endings.

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Nanaco Robin : Why I didn’t like it.

When I had caught up to the latest chapter of Skip Beat, Chihayafuru, Area no Kishi, Haikyuu, Horimiya, etc. I wanted to start a new manga. This was a while back (I’m late with the review, sorry ^^)

Seeing that Nanaco Robin was a completed series and had all the genre tags that I like- Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo AND that it was only 12 episodes long, I began it enthusiastically… Continue reading “Nanaco Robin : Why I didn’t like it.”

Haikyuu: Johzenji or Nekoma (Open Discussion)

Celebration time!
Image result for anime celebration gif

Why, you ask? Oh, you see… My last and final exam for tenth grade is tomorrow and once it’s done I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manga, Anime, Kdrama, BTS, all day every day!

Anyway, getting back on topic. This is Open Discussion #2, the last one being Anime: Sub or Dub(Open Discussion). I really had fun with that one(hope you did too) , but I decided to go more generalised for this times post and so I’ll also increase the time limit from one week to two.

The results for Sub vs Dub are as follows-
SUB- 6 votes
DUB-3 votes
NEUTRAL-2 votes
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