Just An Update (And an apology) ><

Aw Jeez! I’ve gone and done it again… The first time I started the blog I had one post in two months. I stayed active for couple of months after that and then went MIA for awhile. Coming back with apologies and promises to get back went for a toss, when all I did was the exact opposite! *bows head* I apologize once more.

When I checked my mail today after the last few weeks (during which I traveled out of town, met up with cousins and then forgot about blogging), I was flooded with new posts, likes , comments despite my lack of action.

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It’s been a while!

Hi Everyone!

For the past two weeks, I have abandoned given up writing blog posts and spent my time reading and catching up with the other blogs. This was because of my extreme laziness and the wonders a blank page can do to a mind *rolls eyes*.
So today, when I stumbled across Japanime’s post , it was like it was directed to me! So here I am- an update of things that were and news of things that are going to be!

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Top Three One-shots with Acacia Aurora!

Remyfool’s choices for day2!

The Lily Garden

My collaboration with Acacia Aurora continues! This time we’re going to be talking about our favorite one-shots. To be honest, this was a little difficult for me to finish because I have a very limiting viewpoint when it comes to one-shots which excludes doujinshi (so nothing featuring characters from long-running series! Original characters only) as well as sequels (sometimes authors will serialize a second chapter as a follow-up for an one-shot in order to tie up loose ends). If I wasn’t such a stick in the mud when it comes to one-shots, #3 and #2 would have been different, probably.

Day 1/5 : Top Three Tomboys My listand Acacia Aurora’s list 

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