Lasts, anyone?

Like I mentioned last time, today was the last exam of my tenth grade finals. Many friends are leaving, though I’ll be staying in the same school. Our paths diverged. Once again, it is time to say goodbye.
In commemoration of finishing another year in school, (and life, though that should be on my birthday) I’m doing a special post about manga endings.

I divided the post into two lists-

  1. Five endings I enjoyed
  2. Five endings I hope I’ll enjoy

And like any other lists I do or plan to do, I have many more I couldn’t fit in, these are just the first ones that I thought of. They are not in any order and are not reviews of the series but rather just the endings.

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Top Five Female Characters in Anime

Middle Hyrule

Most of my posts lately have focused on Sam, Frodo, and Rosie, so let’s take a break from them and visit a completely different side of my mind – anime/manga. Now, I’m not as obsessed with anime as I am with some other things – Lord of the Rings, Zelda, Sherlock, Hamilton, etc. – but I still adore it. Usually I read manga for popular series more than watch the anime, because there’s more to be learned that way as the shows often cut out a lot. And, let’s face it, I don’t have the time for all that tv-watching. So this post is more of “Top five female characters in anime AND manga”, but that would be a long title, wouldn’t it? So without further ado, to the list.

#5: Honda Tohru (Fruits Basket)


Tohru is adorable, friendly, and so sweet to everyone she meets. I love her kindness. Fruits…

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Welcome to GrimmGirl Pokeninja90: Top 3 Haikyu Moments From Season 1 Collab


I’m glad to see you all here!

I must say after getting my first taste of collaboration posts with Lita I have grown quite fond of them. So when Pokeninja90 came up with the idea of collaborating on a Haikyu themed post I was thrilled. As you all know my love for Haikyu is fierce so the idea of collaborating with one of my favorite bloggers was icing on the cake. We will be working together to bring you our favorite moments from seasons 1 and 2 of Haikyu.

Today’s post will be about our favorite moments from season 1 our posts on season 2 will be coming to the websphere soon! Please enjoy the writing styles of Pokeninja90 as she dishes out her top three season 1 Haikyu moments and don’t forget to check out my top three moments on her blog! Enjoy!

Haikyu Enjoy

Hello, Heroes and Travelers, I’m 

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Pokeninja90 Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 2 of Haikyu

This is cool!!!


Hey Grimms!

Pokeninja90 is back with part two of our collaboration. If you’re a Haikyu fan than you are in for a treat. Pokeninja90 narrows down an impossible list of amazing moments from season 2 of Haikyu in order to give you her TOP THREE MOMENTS! Have fun reading and don’t for get to stop by Pokeninja90’s site for more wonderfully written posts.

Hello, Heroes and Travelers, I’m Pokeninja90 from the gaming blog Nice Job Breaking It, Heroand I’m back!! Did you miss me? Well, Katrina Sade and I are here for part 2 of our Haikyu collaboration post series! Rejoice, we’re back with more Karasuno induced fangirling! If you want to know what my top three picks for season 1 were click… HERE and find out! If you want to know what Kat’s favorite season 1 Haikyu moments were check them out over on my blog by clicking…

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Top 10 male characters

Just my opinion. Don’t get mad at me!!

This will be an extremely hard post to write, since I have a lot of male manga characters I would want to come alive for me*dreamy eyes*. But, since it is a post and I have to keep it ten, *sigh* let’s do this. The numbering isn’t in any order though, because asking me to do that is just a little to much.
Anyway, I’ll start with……

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