After the Interval: A collaboration review of ‘In The Valley of Elah’

Once upon a time, long, long ago, so long ago, I forgot how long ago, a smart and respected blogger called Raistlin was reached out to a collaboration by a girl who was to lazy to blog.
Even though he kindly agreed and kept postponing the deadline, this one girl never got back to him with her finished work…
And now, after ages she’s here.

Yes, you guessed right. That girl is me.
And this is that post.
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When a mangaka starts showing off: Beauty Pop

Recently, I’ve been browsing through some manga that I’ve read before but never bothered continuing and finishing them.
I just flip/ click through the pages just admiring the art or reading the comic scenes alone.

During this journey of mine, I revisit Beauty Pop, a manga which I feel exists only for the mangaka to show off her art skills.

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Nanaco Robin : Why I didn’t like it.

When I had caught up to the latest chapter of Skip Beat, Chihayafuru, Area no Kishi, Haikyuu, Horimiya, etc. I wanted to start a new manga. This was a while back (I’m late with the review, sorry ^^)

Seeing that Nanaco Robin was a completed series and had all the genre tags that I like- Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo AND that it was only 12 episodes long, I began it enthusiastically… Continue reading “Nanaco Robin : Why I didn’t like it.”

Comparison between Skip Beat! and Tokyo crazy Paradise

I’ve read both these manga by Nakamura Yoshiki-san, and LOVED both of them!!! I’m not done with either (Skip Beat because it’s ongoing and TCP, because I didn’t.) , so don’t spoil TCP for me yet or I’ll release my grudge Auris at you… You Have Been Warned. (Ironic part being: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You Have Been Warned Part 2)

Related image
Imagine me right there…yes…

I am on a serious backlog on reviewing manga and this seemed like a good idea to get two birds with one stone. Also there were several similarities between the two manga even though they’re in completely different settings with different plots!
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PATEMA INVERTED: An anime movie review.(*Contains Spoilers*)

Ok! So this is the award for the first riddle post of the year! The first on to solve this was The Otaku Judge. It is a wonderful blog that reviews games, comics and anime. If you haven’t checked it out or subscribed it yet- go do it now.
Anyway, Otaku Judge was the first one to solve it and the prize/gift that was requested is review of Patema Inverted. So here it is!
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