Song of Summer

The faint smell of summer. And the slow melody of lazy contentment. The whole world dozing off in a peaceful stupor. And to end this silent joy of mine, a little girl was sent. In all honesty, she sent herself to me. A high pitched, continuous chatter followed. Bubbles and candy. Suddenly, I was only … More Song of Summer

A Reticent Plea

Life’s a splash of colours and the aim to make sense of it. Each with their own hues, their own problems. Perhaps your’s a dark night sky. And mine a little grey cloud. Either way, they’re all the same, to each their own. Your’s no less than mine. You… are strong. Solve them quick. Me… … More A Reticent Plea

For All That was

It is nothing that matters. Later it will be everything that does. It is always there. And I already know it wouldn’t be so. Yet, somehow, I never react. Never speak or ever thank. It is but a hand now. It will be so much more than a hand tomorrow. Just a right that fits … More For All That was