An emptiness in my heart.
Something important is missing.
But then again don’t know what.
I’ve had my share of loving, longing
of disliking. And yet, I can surely say
that I’m not really feeling.
And despite trying, the hole’s here to stay.
So I stopped searching, stopped caring, stopped craving.
What’s lost, now I won’t be finding.
Yes, within me, there is nothing.
But if empty is what I am to be,
be empty I shall, and will still love me.

In The Name of Love

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the encouragements and comments! I really appreciate it. This is my first part of a three part challenge with Becky from Woven Eclipse! We sent each other picture prompts to which we had to write creative writing pieces. My picture is the featured image of the post…
Here are her posts-
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So yeah, my posts aren’t connected or anything , I just thought of taking it under the theme of emotions. Here’s the first one.

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My Faeling

He used to walk in my dreams.
Softly he tread, mindful of me
I heard him. He knew I heard him and yet
he walked. Oh so quietly.

I never once laid my eyes on him,
But somehow knew his faeling sight.
Dark long hair and a graceful build
Eyes of a deer caught in light.
Large and bright. But not a prey. Never a prey.
He was The creature of the Night.

He was my faeling.
Born of my dream. Cared with my fear.
Always behind me. Sometimes a tad too near.
My heart he holds, within slender hands.
My fright he drinks, with flawless lips.

Yes,  born from dreams was he.
No longer. Today he does walk free.
A silent presence. A faithful shadow.
Ignores my whispering scream.
Cares not for my fluttering plea.
Slowly. Softly. Winds his arms,
around, from behind me.

A gentle caress. A fleeting touch.
A smile so loud.
My heart pounds too hard.
My hands do quiver. And yet.
And yet my faeling holds me.
The fear .
My blood so cold.
His feathery wings do tickle my ear.
I want to sob. I want to scream.
And yet, I let my faeling hold me.





Today Will Be a Wonderful Day.

Same story new day.
A look in the mirror.
Try out my Smile.
Yup! Today will be a wonderful day!

Down at the breakfast table
It’s like usual. A glare from mom.
A glare from dad.
Each trying to outdo the other.
Bow my head down. Of course.
Later today will be a wonderful day.

School was perfect.
A haven.
Quiet and peace. All I need.
No one talks. No one looks.
Finally, a wonderful day.

Spoke too soon.
Mom came to pick me up.
A trip to the ice cream shop.
A trip not for ice cream.
A trip to cry.About my dad.
I smile and tell her it will be fine.
It won’t though. We both know.
Still, I can still hope that Today will be a wonderful day!

It’s night, mom’s gone for her shift.
It seems calm again.
The door bangs.
Dad stumbles in.
The familiar smell on his breath. The typical slur.
Shit. Looks like Today shall not be a wonderful day…

I fall asleep, with my pillow wet.
A mother’s kiss on the forehead
and a father’s pat on the head.
I fall asleep after the night performance.
Yells and shouts. Cries and things falling.
Oh well. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day…