You asked me once why I make things so hard. Why I don’t just look at things the way they are. How could I tell you? Tell you that’s exactly what I do. That it’s everything around me That’s making it hard. By vacillating. Sometimes there and sometimes not. And I’m just looking at it. … More Flicker

Of Silences

A lilting lullaby of fond feeling. That pleasant silent air between. Both our smiles seldom yielding. And harmonized thoughts, as they’ve always been. When the voices finally speak. Almost like letting go of the deeper promise. The softest of sighs and of emotions the words do seek, Never to be said, and I recollect and … More Of Silences

Song of Summer

The faint smell of summer. And the slow melody of lazy contentment. The whole world dozing off in a peaceful stupor. And to end this silent joy of mine, a little girl was sent. In all honesty, she sent herself to me. A high pitched, continuous chatter followed. Bubbles and candy. Suddenly, I was only … More Song of Summer

A Reticent Plea

Life’s a splash of colours and the aim to make sense of it. Each with their own hues, their own problems. Perhaps your’s a dark night sky. And mine a little grey cloud. Either way, they’re all the same, to each their own. Your’s no less than mine. You… are strong. Solve them quick. Me… … More A Reticent Plea

For All That was

It is nothing that matters. Later it will be everything that does. It is always there. And I already know it wouldn’t be so. Yet, somehow, I never react. Never speak or ever thank. It is but a hand now. It will be so much more than a hand tomorrow. Just a right that fits … More For All That was


An emptiness in my heart. Something important is missing. But then again don’t know what. I’ve had my share of loving, longing of disliking. And yet, I can surely say that I’m not really feeling. And despite trying, the hole’s here to stay. So I stopped searching, stopped caring, stopped craving. What’s lost, now I won’t … More Within