Where I’ve Been and What I’m Planning: An Update

Hey again!
This is just an update post, so if you’re looking for any anime/manga related content, please don’t.
I just realised it’s been over a month since I posted anything on the blog, so I’m here with a short post about what’s happened and what’s coming up.

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Summer vacations are a time of relaxation, freedom and joblessness. Or so they say.

I spent the last month of my school dreaming about lazing around without doing much.
I’m one month into my vacation and I’m yet to get to that. Something or the other has been going on; strangely enough. Sure, it’s all relaxing but not lazing around doing nothing.

So, what exactly was I doing? Just for fun, I thought I’ll make a couple of lists, because that’s what I do.
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Kudou Senri: Depression or loss of identity?

Konichiwa! Hope you’re all doing well.
I just noticed that I’ve never posted a review about the series that I love. Strange, huh?
The reason for this is that most of my favourites are on going and I do not like reviewing on going series. However, I cannot use that excuse for Seiyuu Ka!, which most of you know is one manga I never got over. So, I decided to do a Seiyuu ka related post, because it was about time I started off with newer styles other than reviewing…
* Please note that this post is not a review or a character analysis. Topics may be long, analytic and uninteresting, maybe.*
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Welcome! And thank you for joining me on the tour of my haven!

Hello everyone and welcome! Today, I’ll be taking you through a journey unforgettable! *laughs dramatically*
Haha, no. This is just an effort to let you see the extent of my obsession  place where I read manga, books and comics; watch anime and k drama; listen to music and draw, sketch, doodle!
If you guessed library, you are wrong. I’m talking about my room- my haven, my pride and my love!
Like I mentioned previously, my room is something I am exceptionally proud about. I have spent hours into making it what it is now, but at the same time, changes always take place, keeping up with my more recent passions.
So let’s see Auri’s Room as it is in April 2017!
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Spring Day- BTS

Hi! Today, again, I will be addressing a topic that’s not really related to manga (My blog’s getting really diverse huh?). As most of you would have guessed by the title and the picture, I’m writing about bts’ new single- Spring Day!
Recently (under the influence of friends and fellow bloggers) I have become A.R.M.Y- the fandom for BTS.

I love all their songs equally and relate to their beautiful lyrics. So, when Spring Day was released and I kept coming back to listen to it, I found myself wondering why the song felt so dear to me…
Yesterday, my friend sent me a link Spring Day Is An Emotional Conclusion and when I read it, I understood, finally, why the song has been haunting me.
And I decided to write down the reason, to make it more real and to come to terms with it myself.
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Just An Update (And an apology) ><

Aw Jeez! I’ve gone and done it again… The first time I started the blog I had one post in two months. I stayed active for couple of months after that and then went MIA for awhile. Coming back with apologies and promises to get back went for a toss, when all I did was the exact opposite! *bows head* I apologize once more.

When I checked my mail today after the last few weeks (during which I traveled out of town, met up with cousins and then forgot about blogging), I was flooded with new posts, likes , comments despite my lack of action.

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It’s been a while!

Hi Everyone!

For the past two weeks, I have abandoned given up writing blog posts and spent my time reading and catching up with the other blogs. This was because of my extreme laziness and the wonders a blank page can do to a mind *rolls eyes*.
So today, when I stumbled across Japanime’s post , it was like it was directed to me! So here I am- an update of things that were and news of things that are going to be!

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