Haikyuu: Johzenji or Nekoma (Open Discussion)

Celebration time!
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Why, you ask? Oh, you see… My last and final exam for tenth grade is tomorrow and once it’s done I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manga, Anime, Kdrama, BTS, all day every day!

Anyway, getting back on topic. This is Open Discussion #2, the last one being Anime: Sub or Dub(Open Discussion). I really had fun with that one(hope you did too) , but I decided to go more generalised for this times post and so I’ll also increase the time limit from one week to two.

The results for Sub vs Dub are as follows-
SUB- 6 votes
DUB-3 votes
NEUTRAL-2 votes
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Anime: Sub or Dub(Open Discussion)

This will be the very first open debate I’ll be having here- So don’t forget to participate. Give your views in the comment section and if you have done a post related to this topic, link it too!
There won’t be a winner or anything. I’ll just be counting which choice got more comments/ votes and getting back to you in a week with the results!

Let’s begin!
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