My Reasons Why

Sometimes people do some things that will make you believe that there’s still a chance. Things, that, otherwise wouldn’t matter. Things that are small. Simple. That look like they do not matter. But they do. Kim-san recently hit her 200 followers and decided to something a little special for it.¬†She’s marvelous and I had always … More My Reasons Why

A Letter to Nii-san

Dear nii-san, It’s been a whole year since I first talked to you. It’s strange isn’t it? Last year I didn’t even know, but this time (I hope) I was among the first to wish you. When I began blogging, it wasn’t – I- I hadn’t jumped in thinking of having someone read what I … More A Letter to Nii-san

For All That was

It is nothing that matters. Later it will be everything that does. It is always there. And I already know it wouldn’t be so. Yet, somehow, I never react. Never speak or ever thank. It is but a hand now. It will be so much more than a hand tomorrow. Just a right that fits … More For All That was

After the Interval: A collaboration review of ‘In The Valley of Elah’

Once upon a time, long, long ago, so long ago, I forgot how long ago, a smart and respected blogger called Raistlin was¬†reached out to a collaboration by a girl who was to lazy to blog. Even though he kindly agreed and kept postponing the deadline, this one girl never got back to him with … More After the Interval: A collaboration review of ‘In The Valley of Elah’