After the Interval: A collaboration review of ‘In The Valley of Elah’

Once upon a time, long, long ago, so long ago, I forgot how long ago, a smart and respected blogger called Raistlin was reached out to a collaboration by a girl who was to lazy to blog.
Even though he kindly agreed and kept postponing the deadline, this one girl never got back to him with her finished work…
And now, after ages she’s here.

Yes, you guessed right. That girl is me.
And this is that post.
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Drawing Human Faces is No JOKE!

Hey guys!
I finally started catching up on artwork again, but this time instead of an anime / manga picture I tried to draw a real human. It’s my first time drawing something like this, so any feedback or tips would be gladly accepted!

Most of you would have known by now that I’ve sunk deep into the Kpop fandom, even though I stan only two groups mainly…
While BTS is my number 1 (duh) , Big Bang is the other group that’s on my list.
Today, I tried to draw G- Dragon or Jiyong-nim , who I should warn is my favourite in BB.
His song Crooked is really awesome by the way.
If you’re interested in seeing where I draw, you can take a tour of my room here.

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Summer vacations are a time of relaxation, freedom and joblessness. Or so they say.

I spent the last month of my school dreaming about lazing around without doing much.
I’m one month into my vacation and I’m yet to get to that. Something or the other has been going on; strangely enough. Sure, it’s all relaxing but not lazing around doing nothing.

So, what exactly was I doing? Just for fun, I thought I’ll make a couple of lists, because that’s what I do.
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An emptiness in my heart.
Something important is missing.
But then again don’t know what.
I’ve had my share of loving, longing
of disliking. And yet, I can surely say
that I’m not really feeling.
And despite trying, the hole’s here to stay.
So I stopped searching, stopped caring, stopped craving.
What’s lost, now I won’t be finding.
Yes, within me, there is nothing.
But if empty is what I am to be,
be empty I shall, and will still love me.

Spring Day- BTS

Hi! Today, again, I will be addressing a topic that’s not really related to manga (My blog’s getting really diverse huh?). As most of you would have guessed by the title and the picture, I’m writing about bts’ new single- Spring Day!
Recently (under the influence of friends and fellow bloggers) I have become A.R.M.Y- the fandom for BTS.

I love all their songs equally and relate to their beautiful lyrics. So, when Spring Day was released and I kept coming back to listen to it, I found myself wondering why the song felt so dear to me…
Yesterday, my friend sent me a link Spring Day Is An Emotional Conclusion and when I read it, I understood, finally, why the song has been haunting me.
And I decided to write down the reason, to make it more real and to come to terms with it myself.
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