Drawing Human Faces is No JOKE!

Hey guys!
I finally started catching up on artwork again, but this time instead of an anime / manga picture I tried to draw a real human. It’s my first time drawing something like this, so any feedback or tips would be gladly accepted!

Most of you would have known by now that I’ve sunk deep into the Kpop fandom, even though I stan only two groups mainly…
While BTS is my number 1 (duh) , Big Bang is the other group that’s on my list.
Today, I tried to draw G- Dragon or Jiyong-nim , who I should warn is my favourite in BB.
His song Crooked is really awesome by the way.
If you’re interested in seeing where I draw, you can take a tour of my room here.

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Welcome! And thank you for joining me on the tour of my haven!

Hello everyone and welcome! Today, I’ll be taking you through a journey unforgettable! *laughs dramatically*
Haha, no. This is just an effort to let you see the extent of my obsession  place where I read manga, books and comics; watch anime and k drama; listen to music and draw, sketch, doodle!
If you guessed library, you are wrong. I’m talking about my room- my haven, my pride and my love!
Like I mentioned previously, my room is something I am exceptionally proud about. I have spent hours into making it what it is now, but at the same time, changes always take place, keeping up with my more recent passions.
So let’s see Auri’s Room as it is in April 2017!
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Spring Day- BTS

Hi! Today, again, I will be addressing a topic that’s not really related to manga (My blog’s getting really diverse huh?). As most of you would have guessed by the title and the picture, I’m writing about bts’ new single- Spring Day!
Recently (under the influence of friends and fellow bloggers) I have become A.R.M.Y- the fandom for BTS.

I love all their songs equally and relate to their beautiful lyrics. So, when Spring Day was released and I kept coming back to listen to it, I found myself wondering why the song felt so dear to me…
Yesterday, my friend sent me a link Spring Day Is An Emotional Conclusion and when I read it, I understood, finally, why the song has been haunting me.
And I decided to write down the reason, to make it more real and to come to terms with it myself.
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Comparison between Skip Beat! and Tokyo crazy Paradise

I’ve read both these manga by Nakamura Yoshiki-san, and LOVED both of them!!! I’m not done with either (Skip Beat because it’s ongoing and TCP, because I didn’t.) , so don’t spoil TCP for me yet or I’ll release my grudge Auris at you… You Have Been Warned. (Ironic part being: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You Have Been Warned Part 2)

Related image
Imagine me right there…yes…

I am on a serious backlog on reviewing manga and this seemed like a good idea to get two birds with one stone. Also there were several similarities between the two manga even though they’re in completely different settings with different plots!
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Commemoration for 50 followers and 500 views(Part 2)

First off, Happy New Year!!!
So once again, Thank you very much!!! For those of you who have missed my introductory session for 1-25, check it out here! Now without further ado, here are the next set of people who made me and my blogging really special! Continue reading “Commemoration for 50 followers and 500 views(Part 2)”