Spring Day- BTS

Hi! Today, again, I will be addressing a topic that’s not really related to manga (My blog’s getting really diverse huh?). As most of you would have guessed by the title and the picture, I’m writing about bts’ new single- Spring Day!
Recently (under the influence of friends and fellow bloggers) I have become A.R.M.Y- the fandom for BTS.

I love all their songs equally and relate to their beautiful lyrics. So, when Spring Day was released and I kept coming back to listen to it, I found myself wondering why the song felt so dear to me…
Yesterday, my friend sent me a link Spring Day Is An Emotional Conclusion and when I read it, I understood, finally, why the song has been haunting me.
And I decided to write down the reason, to make it more real and to come to terms with it myself.
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Why the maturity warning on manga sites must be revised.

I have been meaning to discuss this from quite a while, but was this thinking about how to phrase it delicately.

This is a bit contradictory topic and I’m not sure of my own thoughts myself! So I apologise if I offend anyone by any topic/ issue discussed here.
Also, I am not putting pictures to prove my point here (for obvious reasons) , so it might become a long…

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Commemoration for 100 Followers and 1000+ Views!!

Yippee!! It’s been hardly five months since I began blogging and I am amazed that I reached 100 followers already!!
This time however, unlike last times introduction session, I thought I shall begin a challenge and nominate everyone of you, so as to get you involved in the celebration as well.
But before that Thank You all so much for staying with me and accompanying me on this fantastic journey despite the late sparse posts and slow responses…( Weekend Otaku, I apologise that I haven’t yet completed your banner. I feel so ashamed…. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as possible!)

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Commemoration for 50 followers and 500 views(Part 2)

First off, Happy New Year!!!
So once again, Thank you very much!!! For those of you who have missed my introductory session for 1-25, check it out here! Now without further ado, here are the next set of people who made me and my blogging really special! Continue reading “Commemoration for 50 followers and 500 views(Part 2)”

The very first anime I had watched (when I knew what anime was) : SPECIAL A!

I have fond memories of this anime… Binge watching on my best friend’s tab during summer while munching on chips and sipping coke…Good times…
Of course now we talk about Skip Beat, Horimiya , Noblesse , Area no Kishi( This one I talk, she listens) and Fairy Tail( this she rambles and I listen!)

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