You asked me once why I make things so hard. Why I don’t just look at things the way they are. How could I tell you? Tell you that’s exactly what I do. That it’s everything around me That’s making it hard. By vacillating. Sometimes there and sometimes not. And I’m just looking at it. … More Flicker

My Reasons Why

Sometimes people do some things that will make you believe that there’s still a chance. Things, that, otherwise wouldn’t matter. Things that are small. Simple. That look like they do not matter. But they do. Kim-san recently hit her 200 followers and decided to something a little special for it.¬†She’s marvelous and I had always … More My Reasons Why

A Reticent Plea

Life’s a splash of colours and the aim to make sense of it. Each with their own hues, their own problems. Perhaps your’s a dark night sky. And mine a little grey cloud. Either way, they’re all the same, to each their own. Your’s no less than mine. You… are strong. Solve them quick. Me… … More A Reticent Plea

Why the maturity warning on manga sites must be revised.

I have been meaning to discuss this from quite a while, but was this thinking about how to phrase it delicately. This is a bit contradictory topic and I’m not sure of my own thoughts myself! So I apologise if I offend anyone by any topic/ issue discussed here. Also, I am not putting pictures … More Why the maturity warning on manga sites must be revised.