Lasts, anyone?

Like I mentioned last time, today was the last exam of my tenth grade finals. Many friends are leaving, though I’ll be staying in the same school. Our paths diverged. Once again, it is time to say goodbye.
In commemoration of finishing another year in school, (and life, though that should be on my birthday) I’m doing a special post about manga endings.

I divided the post into two lists-

  1. Five endings I enjoyed
  2. Five endings I hope I’ll enjoy

And like any other lists I do or plan to do, I have many more I couldn’t fit in, these are just the first ones that I thought of. They are not in any order and are not reviews of the series but rather just the endings.

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Commemoration for 100 Followers and 1000+ Views!!

Yippee!! It’s been hardly five months since I began blogging and I am amazed that I reached 100 followers already!!
This time however, unlike last times introduction session, I thought I shall begin a challenge and nominate everyone of you, so as to get you involved in the celebration as well.
But before that Thank You all so much for staying with me and accompanying me on this fantastic journey despite the late sparse posts and slow responses…( Weekend Otaku, I apologise that I haven’t yet completed your banner. I feel so ashamed…. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as possible!)

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Commemoration for 50 followers and 500 views(Part 2)

First off, Happy New Year!!!
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Commemoration for 50 followers and 500 views!

YAY! I reached a total of 50 followers! Thank you! I never expected I would reach here so fast…
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