Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hey guys! I know I’ve done this award a bunch of times before, but I wanted to nominate some others, so here I am again!
I got two of them in this week, so I’ll be combining them together and nominating 22 people not including the ones from Liebster Award.

First off, a big thanks to ignite18 from Marvelously Mismatched and Maniacal Book Unicorn!
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The Liebster Award!

First off, looks like I’m back to my pretty much regular schedule of a post a week. As always, Thanks for the constant support!

When I logged in on WordPress on the computer (after ages), pleasant surprises waited for me!

Image result for bts happy gif

It was a new, nice award and an invitation to author on an other blog! Totally made my day…
Bouquets, banquets and chocolates to Zboudrie from Let’s Talk Anime.
It’s a fun blog to browse through, and has interesting character reviews and debates! Do check it out.

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