Strength is Adaptability : Skip Beat (OWLS Blog Tour)

Couple of years later, Auri returns and hitchhikes a ride on the OWLS Blog Tour. I greatly appreciate your patience if you are still around and thank you the best I can.

For those of you who don’t know who OWLS are, we are a group of anibloggers who strive to promote self respect and acceptance. To know more about OWLS, visit the official site.

OWLS has monthly topics or prompts about which each of discusses different mediums, different stories and different takes on. Yesterday Nyan-san from Biblionyan talked about The Kingdom of Copper, so if you haven’t read it yet, go and check their post out.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next post by Shinku-senpai over at A Nerdy Fujo Cries!

This month’s prompt is “Adapt”.

ADAPT (May Prompt)

Right now, we all have lost something or gained something in return during this dark time. Our lives have been completely altered due to coronavirus. For this month, we will be talking about anime series and other pop culture media where we have characters having to adjust to changes in their environment. Whether it’s adjusting to a new school or heading towards an isekai fantasy world, we will be discussing characters that had to make changes within themselves in order to adapt to the circumstances they are in. This will also give us an opportunity to express our own personal lives as we try to adjust to a “new normal.” 

OWLS Bloggers

The following post contains Spoilers with capital S for the manga Skip Beat until the Dark Moon arc.

A Brief Plot Summary of Skip Beat Without Actually Covering Anything

Skip Beat starts with our beloved female lead Kyoko, who left home and moved to Tokyo to support her boyfriend Sho who is trying to make it as a musician.
Things happen, she finds out that he only brought her along as a maid and never regarded her as a girlfriend because he’s too busy flirting with his female manager.
Kyoko who spent her entire days working her butt off to support him loses her crap, and decides to take revenge on him by becoming a celebrity at the top of the country.
And thus begins a beautiful comic gorgeous amazing talented exciting awesome story of her acting journey.
(Since this post isn’t about promoting Skip Beat, I am forced to leave it here, however it is one of the BEST ever comedy manga I’ve ever read, and calling it just a comedy is a terrible injustice, so please read it.)

Situations That Kick You From Behind When You Least Expect It

Now if you’ve read the summary I gave above, talking about Kyoko should be the right way to go about it right?
And if you’ve read Skip Beat already, hell even Ren or Moko fit the topic.

But when I first thought of Skip Beat for this month I realised that almost every character could fit- Erika, Maria, Amamiya, TBC nii-sans, Ogata, Sho.
And that’s when I knew who I was going to write about. Sho.

Sho is a rude, mean, ill mannered, possessive and fake piece of shit. That’s a well established and accepted fact.
The fact that he cares for and worries about Kyoko in his own twisted sense is also a fact that has been shown to us time and again.
But for all his faults, he is always considered a brilliant idol and a talented musician. One can’t make it to number one again and again without being excellent.

Sho is a solo musician, not only because he composes and writes his own songs himself, but also, I think, because of his personality.
Sho is a selfish sort of person, your typical arrogant boy who’s not the adjusting sort. However you look at it, his career as a group would have been destroyed.

However, I digress.

In the Dark Moon arc, it is revealed that a new group called Vie Ghoul beats Sho with a song and concept almost identical to Sho’s debut.
It’s at this point you see a crack in Sho’s arrogant boy facade. He gets the chilling realisation that he isn’t irreplaceable.
For fans, either one is okay.

Later, in the Karuizawa arc, we learn that not only were they copying his concept, they were actually, quite literally stealing his songs and releasing it before he does, pretending to be the ones who wrote the song.

Sho then finds out that one of the musicians who help him has been leaking a copy of his songs to Vie Ghoul.

A Looming Wall Ahead

This is when Sho looses hope. He can’t fire his entire production team and find another team fast enough to make his song, but if he doesn’t stop the mole, he loses his song anyway.

A metaphorical wall looming ahead of him.

Sho regains his motivation after realising the strange relation Kyoko and he have and decided to make a move before Vie Ghoul does.

He sends the copy of his new song to his staff, only for it to reach Vie Ghoul and them realise that he sent the score of a rearranged version of Vie Ghoul’s own song and a verse of “Fools Looking At a Pig’s Behind”.

He then asks his band members and staff to give them their phones and tells them that he trusts their ability to produce his song without a score.

He wins over his entire staff with this bold proposition of his. And goes on to take #1 for weeks after weeks.

Adapting is True Strength

Real strength, is adapting to whatever life throws at you.
And Sho is a jerk, nothing changes that, but he knew how to adapt. How to adjust immediately to a cut throat life in Show Biz, cutting off whoever need be to succeed.

And later when his success was in threat and he was in a situation where he couldn’t trust anyone, he realised trust isn’t what was required then.
He had the ability to throw away everything other than the one target he set his mind to.

Jerk or not, Sho knew how to survive, how to adapt.

Adapt to Now

Today, we are stuck in a history lesson, something I never thought would happen.
But here we are. And we’re left with only one choice- adapt to now.

Already technology is trying to piece our lives to some semblance of a precious normal- online classes, work from home, movies, live chats, you know the rest.

It’s not what we want, I want movie theatres, sports stadiums, and the whole set. But for now, want isn’t what is required.
We need to be cut throat and cut off all the things that don’t work anymore.

We need to adapt to here, to today and to what may be tomorrow.

Here’s just hoping this doesn’t mean humans evolve to have four buttocks.

Thank you for reading through this unsorted ramble.
Stay home, stay safe.

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