Aaaaaaaaaand As We Cross the Finishing Line… #TheAnimangaFestival

Today is the last day of the month long celebration we’ve called the Animanga Festival.

Much learning took place through this tour, which is a polite way of saying that much went wrong haha. For example, writing on the phone doesn’t work, and i had a sudden urge to disappear for a while.

But despite it all, it worked out…. Because of the participation.

So before we start for today a huge, huge,


to everyone who participated in the festival. Seeing your posts has made me very very happy!

Now that we are done, what is this about?

Today is a round up of all the posts in the festival so that you can go read them if you missed them.

Week 1: Loving What We Love

Day1 (Oct 1)

Loving What You Love: A Somewhat Origin Story (Mashi-san from 012Mashi)

The Animanga Festival: Loving Haikyuu (Kei-san from Keiko’s Anime Blog)

Manga As A Form Of Storytelling: Loving What We Love

Why Do I Love Boys Love and My Husbands (Shinku-senpai from Cute Boys Central)

Day 2 (Oct 2) : Manga/ Anime You’d Introduce to a First Timer

So You Wanna Play Otome Games: Five Otome Game Recommendations for Total Newbies (Poke-san from Blerdy Otome)

Anime/Manga I’d Introduce to a First Timer (Taku-san from Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

A Beginner’s Guide to Anime and Manga (Sam-san from A Nerdy Perspective)

Anime/Manga I’d Introduce to a First Timer (Kei-san from Keiko’s Anime Blog)

First Time Anime Recommendation (Scott-san from Mechanical Anime Reviews)

Beginning Your Anime Adventure With Magi (Galvanic Media)

My Pick For Your First Time (Ini-san from Search of No 9)

Day 3 (Oct 3): Core Necessities

4 Necessities to Get Into Space Anime (Scott-san from Mechanical Anime Reviews/MAR)

Core Necessities for the Slice of Life Genre ( Jack-san from Animated Observations)

Social Anxiety Core Necessities (Al-san from Slice of Alfredo)

BL Manga for the Emerging Boy Love Enthusiast (Shinku-senpai from Cute Boys Central)

Free Writings

Natsume Yuujinchou (Kei-san from Keiko’s Anime Blog)

Day 5 (Oct 5): Trip Itenary to Places You’d Like To Visit in Manga/ Anime

Taking a Journey Through the Anime and Manga Worlds (Aria-san from The Animanga Spellbook)

Places I’d Like to Visit: A Gatecrasher’s Itinerary

Let’s Go Travelling: Five Fall Vacation Spots in Anime (Taku-san from Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

Carole Tuesday: Itinerary (Galvanic Media)

A Place I’d Like to Visit from Manga or Anime (Raichu-san from Rai’s Anime Blog)

Week 2: Expressing You

Day 3 (Oct 10): A Collection of Your Best Works

A Collection of Your Best Works (Aria-san from The Animanga Spellbook)

A Collection of My Best Works From 2019 (Taku-san from Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

MAR’s Best Works Collection (Scott-san from MAR)

Voyager Favorite Posts (Galvanic Media)

Animanga Festival Day10 (Mel-san from Mel In Anime Land)

Keiko’s Best Posts (Kei-san from Keiko’s Anime Blog)

Nerdy’s Collection of Best Works (Sam-san from A Nerdy Perspective)

The Otakusphere: A Long Line of Old Posts (Ini-san from In Search of No 9)

Week 3: Fans, Fanworks and Fandoms

Day 1 (Oct 15): Fan Merch You Think Needs More Exposure

Fanwork Is Cool (Aria-san from The Animanga Spellbook)

Animanga Festival Day 15 (Mel-san from Mel in Animeland)

Fan Merch/ Work You Think Needs More Exposure (Kei-san from Keiko’s Anime Blog)

Day 5 (Oct 19): A Crossover You’d Like to See

A Crossover You’d Like to See (Kei-san from Keiko’s Anime Blog)

Science Fiction Crossover (Scott-san from MAR)

Anime Crossover I’d Love to See (Taku-san from Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

Animanga Festival Day 19 (Mel-san from Mel in Animeland)

My Dream Crossover: Dandy Meets Bebop (Sam-san from A Nerdy Perspective)

Anime Crossover: Kyousougiga Flip Flappers (Galvanic Media)

Free Writings

Fans And Media (Mashi-san from 012 Mashi)

Week 4

Day 2 (Oct 23): Idol Champ

Aniblogger Rock Band (Scott-san from MAR)

Day 3 (Oct 24): A Blogger Who Motivated You to Do Great

24 Blogging Buddies(Aria-san from The Animanga Spellbook)

Blogger Inspiration: Irina! (Scott-san from MAR)

A Blogger Who Motivated You To Be Great (Taku-san from Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

I Admire Everyone. Even You (Ini-san from Search of No 9)

Event Submissions

I was a bit apprehensive about the event but the entries were perfect ^^

Word Finder (Oct 7)

Submissions were via Twitter and damn were they good!

Bento Boxer (Oct 8)

Bento Boxer Entry (Scott-san from MAR)

Set Sailing (Oct 9)

Why I Love Kurotsuki (Poke-san from Blerdy Otome)

Set Sailing: Gundam 0079 (Scott-san from MAR)

Relay Runners (Oct 12)

(G)-Rant Slam ( Oct 14)

Grant Slam (Matt-san from Matt in the Hat)

Media Literacy and Nitpicking (Scott-san from MAR)

And so we finish our journey!

Make sure to definitely catch these brilliant takes by all the participants!

Thank you all once again for being a part of this haphazard event (and putting up with my leave of absence)!
Awards will be given in a couple of days, stay tuned for that πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaaand As We Cross the Finishing Line… #TheAnimangaFestival

  1. Although I feel a bit sad and a little guilty that I haven’t participated much in this festival, it’s really good to see all these posts and a sort of tribute to all things animanga. Congrats on a successful festival, Auri 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Writing the posts for this was great fun! Wish I had participated more since it was so much fun reading what everyone wrote!
    Congrats on one successful festival and hopefully we can do something like this again! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It’s been lots of fun, it really has. Writing for each prompt, coming back for each week with something new, it’s just not something I’ve done with blogging for a long time. So, thanks for including me in on all the funβ€”you guys and everyone who participated in this awesome month are the best!!

    Liked by 2 people

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