“….It reads the wrong way…” : Introducing Manga to a First Timer #TheAnimangaFestival

The day dawns on Day2 of #TheAnimangaFestival. Well, more like dusks on it, because I, the procrastinator, took forever to publish the post on Day 1. And also somehow managed to send the whole site back to the Classic Editor, so here I am trying to type in this. (I honestly got used to the Block Editor)

Today’s prompt is

An anime or manga you’d introduce to a first timer.

When you have a conversation about manga with a person who doesn’t read it, it generally goes like this-

“What’s manga about?”
Well, it isn’t actually a genre, it’s like ‘novels’. It can be about romance, drama, action, sports, anything really.
“…It reads the wrong way…”
(Oh yeah that’s why I recommended you read it, your heads put on the wrong way too so- )
(Shut up Nairne)
It takes a little getting used to in the beginning, but it’ll get addicting soon.
“Alright, the pictures are really pretty to look at, suggest me something to start with.”

And there comes the question. Because what would you suggest? And why?

I learned the hard way that most of my favourite manga are hard to read as a starting manga, so here’s a list of what I’d suggest for each genre.

Contemporary : Orange


First thing that Orange has in it’s favour is that it’s of short length and is completed. The art is pretty, but in the confusing way of Skip Beat (whose panel arrangement gives difficulty to beginners) and the story is decently good.
It also doesn’t have any overly ‘manga-esque’ tropes, so it’s perfect for a first timer.
Alternatively in anime: Your Name

Romance- Horimiya


Honestly, Horimiya is one of cleanest manga I’ve ever read- both in terms of paneling as well as art style. It’s also the perfect mix of Slice of Life, Humor and Romance.
The only reason I wouldn’t suggest this one to a starter is that it’s ongoing. Ongoing manga to a beginner seems a bit mean haha.

Tragedy- Koe no Katachi One Shot


I specifically mentioned the one shot here, because it’s only a chapter long, though a very big one chapter, filled with emotion and insane amount of feels. While the paneling for this manga isn’t particularly easy to read, I feel like it’s worth suggesting, albeit only for its story.
Alternatively for anime: Your Lie in April

Sports- Sayonara Football


(I’ve talked about Sayanora Football here before)

It’s only eight chapters long, and while I absolutely love the story, even I’ll tell you that it won’t give you the anxiety Haikyuu does. To a sports and slice of life fan, I’d probably recommend this one first.
The art style definitely isn’t easy as such, but it’s not hard either.

Comedy: Tomo-chan is A Girl


I’ve mentioned before that four koma is one of the easiest gateways to manga. It’s convenient to read, easy to understand and is the best way to introduce a new comer to tropes. 
While Gekkan Shoujo is actually my favourite (over even Tomo-chan), it is kind of a parody of shoujo and would be enjoyed better by a person who’s read manga before.

That said, Tomo-chan is a Girl is ongoing which is a slight off point, but otherwise a good pick.

General Loose Guidelines I Follow?

Honestly it’s more a mental checklist…

  • Completed over ongoing
  • Less than 40 chapters if normal manga, less than 200 if 4 koma.
  • Simple panelling
  • No parodies or trope filled titles

With this we come to the end of Day2 of #TheAnimangaFestival. (And also recovered block version somehow *shrugs*)

What series would you suggest a starter? Give your take on the topic with the tag on Twitter or your blog or even just in the comments!

Thanks for reading~

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