#TheAnimangaFestival Begins Tomorrow!

Well, it’s the very last day of September and coincidentally my third bloggiversary. But since I took that whole year hiatus midway, it’s in fact my Second Year Bloggiversary!!

Trust you to come up with some absolute nonsense like that. It’s Manga Toritsukareru’s Third Birthday, because then I’m two years old. Same as Auri, since she’s so intent on not counting that one year hiatus.

Heh. I’m not even going to react to that bait Nairne, and you know why? Because most of the people either don’t know you or have forgotten who you are hahaha.

Ohhh? Looks to me like you’re trying to forget that everyone asked about me during your hiatus instead of you….

… Fine. Alright. Let’s get to the main topic, shall we? As I’ve mentioned a couple of times here on the blog-

and a couple of hundred times on Twitter-

This month of October will be celebrated as The Animanga Festival. It’s an event in commemoration of my-

Excuse me, our-

Ugh, our second blog anniversary, to celebrate the people who we owe it all to, you.

… Can you get cheesier?
What she meant is that it’s a month for us all to celebrate how freaking awesome we are, and it conveniently falls on the same month as our, ahem, third blog anniversary.
Since you’ve heard Auri go on and on about “What is this about?” already, let me explain it this time.

Basically, the month is huge, right? I mean, as if thirty days weren’t enough, there are months we have to deal with an extra day? What the hell, right?
Anyway, since it’s big, we’ve divided it into four smaller, agreeable weeks, each with their own flavours.
The first week will be devoted to talking about all the things we love,
the second about expressing ourselves,
third one about fandoms and fanworks
and the last about what we enjoy in blogging.

In these weeks, there will also be games and activities held in between, which will have awards to be won (depend on Auri to not mention something like that *shakes head*). On days with events and games, you can still put out a post on the week’s topic regardless of whether or not you are participating in it.
There are prompts on some days, while days without prompts are free for all (within the topic that is).

Okay, I’ve been serious enough for the whole week’s worth, so let me just direct you to Shinku-senpai’s post about the same. She’s explained it so much better than our idiot here, and was nice enough to mention me as well~
Much appreciated senpai!

Yeah, yeah Nairne. Now that you’ve spoken to your heart’s content, let me close it up.
I’d like to thank everyone who has decided to participate until now and also tell everyone else that it isn’t yet too late to join in!
Just check out the brochure here and then put up your name in this sheet. (It’s a bit confusing so feel free to ask me anything that you don’t get)

Another important note, if you don’t run a blog, are on hiatus currently or even donot think you have enough time to attempt full fledged posts for the month, please don’t forget that you can attempt these prompts and activities even on Twitter!
Just add the hashtag #TheAnimangaFestival and you are set!

It’s mostly an informal event, so a lot of it is flexible. As always I’m on twitter (@AuroraAcacia ), drop a line if you’d like to know more about Twitter participation.

Looking forward to seeing all the posts lined up, and for the games that are coming, have a great time!

Let’s have fun!

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