Clue Collab Anime Edition: Fan-Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

Welcome to the fifth turn in the marvelous Anime edition of the game Clue! The players of the game are Aya-san from Kawaii Paper Pandas, Mel-san from Mel In Animeland, Shinku-senpai from Read At Night whose turn was done by Bodell-san from Kawaii Paper Pandas, Scott-san from Mechanical Anime Reviews, me (Auri) at Manga Toritsukareru Koto and Xie-san from Alex’s Arena!

For the rules and explanations of the game, please head over to Aya-san’s post first!

I go through my notebook as I make my way to the training rooms where Nora was waiting .
Removing the pen’s cap with my teeth, I strike off the names of the suspects I had questioned.

  1. Glass
  2. Ferid
  3. Frau
  4. Kumiko
  5. Nora
  6. Quent

Of course, I couldn’t rule any one of them out as the murderer, they each blamed the other but were all suspicious on their own accord. I decide the talk to the other two before I come to any conclusions.

On reaching the training room, I find Nora inspecting the high windows and the markings on the floor.


“Funny, isn’t it?”, she says aloud without facing me, “That even with so many facilities the people here weren’t capable enough to protect their own. People everywhere hm….. the same.”

“Nora is it?”, I approach her cautiously.

She mumbles something under her breath, as she turns to me.
“Excuse me?”
“I suppose you have something to ask of me?” she smiles politely.

“Why exactly were you invited Ms. Nora?”, I ask her.
“Invited?” she tilts her head and laughs, “I wasn’t invited per say, you see. Father was called to attend and he thought I should do reconnaissance.”
“Reconnaissance? For what?”
“To see who all would make strong shinkis.”
“Gods’ weapons that come from dead souls.” She says and regards me with her purple eyes.

That sends a chill through me. Dead souls? That sounds positively creepy.

“Do you carry a weapon on yourself Ms Nora?” I question her. It had to be asked.
She bursts into laughter as if I had cracked the world’s biggest joke.
Carry a weapon?”, she wipes her eyes, “How innocent. I am the weapon.”
“Excuse me?” I say again.
“You’re excused.” she laughs. “I suppose I should just show you….”

She began to fade and glow at once, and after a flash, in her place floated a golden staff with rings.

“I am Mizuchi”, a voice echoed in my head. “Mizuchi is Father’s desired weapon and since I am here on his will today, it is the one I can transform into.”

I look at the staff and find it sparkling clean. I reach out to touch it, but in a flash, it becomes Nora again.

“Don’t touch me, unless you wish to die.” She says seriously.

“Is that a threat?” I narrow my eyes.
“Simply a warning. No human can hold this shinki and survive. Their presence would be erased completely.” she tells me.

If what she is saying was true, then even if she had killed Froppy, no blood would remain on the staff… This girl seems like she’s manipulating me to do something. But what?
I glare at her in annoyance.
“And where were you when the murder took place?” I ask to her face, not caring about nuances anymore. I can’t trust this one with any leeway in words.

“You think I killed the girl with the beautiful green hair?”, she sounds incredulous.
“Where were you?” I repeat, ignoring her previous words.
“Father had summoned me.” She snapped, her attitude suddenly changing.

“Perhaps Father had instructed you to kill her for her soul.” I snapped back.
She laughs again, “He has no use for someone as useless as her. Not when he has me.”
“Oh?” I say disbelievingly.

“Besides, what kind of detective are you?” She asks me in a sickeningly sweet voice, “To be unconscious when the crime took place, you might as well be the reason she died.”
I stare at her, slightly disturbed.
“I thought only smart humans were detectives.” She muses, “The green hair was obviously dragged after she was killed, the blood marks made that clear.”
“Of course. The drag stains were what I-” I stop myself. Damn it. Why was I getting sucked along in this girl’s pace?
“You first noticed?” She continues, “Well, I suppose you aren’t that bad then.”
She continues in a mocking tone, “What you should have noticed though was my size. Exactly how do you think it was possible for me to drag a girl of her size all on my lonesome?”
“You could have worked with someone else.” I mutter, in annoyance. She did look thin and small, but she was a spirit wasn’t she? Did size still have anything to do with strength once someone was a shinki?

“Tch. Detective, you shouldn’t waste your time. I’ll help you since you’re having a hard time.” She says in reply, “There was a large man with greying hair and a hat. He seemed to be enamored with the girl’s beautiful hair. Perhaps he wanted some as a keepsake and she refused him.”

“…. Quent?” I say questioningly. The reason seems too detailed to be believed… Almost as if she was talking about herself.
Wasn’t it the second time she mentioned Froppy’s hair? And did she put her hand into her dress every time she did??

“Quent…What strange names people here have.” She scoffs.

When I don’t reply, she walks towards me, “It seems you still don’t believe me Detective. Let me tell you something.”
Her voice had sunk to a low pitch and she peered up at me.
“If I had to kill somebody, I’d do it in such a way nobody would suspect me for a second. In fact…. I’d get someone else to do it. For example, if I wanted you dead Detective, I would have told Yukine that you were planning to kill Yato. And then he would kill you, staring at you with those beautiful eyes of his, the poor little boy.”
Her face stretched into a smile that sends shudders down my very bones.

Image result for nora noragami creepy

I back away, without meaning to.

“Decided to go ask your questions to Quint then Detective?” she asks.
“Quent…” I say in reflex.
“Quent, Quint, the man with the hat. There’s blood on the inside of it, you know?”

I can’t help it, I take more steps away. This girl, something was wrong with her.
“T-Thank you for your help.” I curse myself at stammering and turn away in a hurry.

I walk away from the training rooms, when I realise that “inside of it” detail was impossible for Nora to know, unless she herself had…

I turn back one last time to catch a glimpse Nora stroking something green in her hand, right before I walk towards the hallway to the main room.

I have to meet Quent next, but for once, I couldn’t get the conversation with Nora out of my head….

For the next round of Clue, keep an eye out on Xie-san’s blog.
You can confront the next suspect tomorrow in his blog!

Hope you’re enjoying the collab, it’s been exciting!

10 thoughts on “Clue Collab Anime Edition: Fan-Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

  1. Wow Auri! This was seriously amazing! I loved what you did here, and honestly it’s not making it much easier to determine who the suspect is πŸ€”πŸ€” Seriously this entire series has been so much fun! I can’t wait to find out what will be up next!

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