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The Technology of Medicine: REAL (OWLS Blog Tour)


“The placebo effect is getting more powerful over time. As medical technology improves, our faith in medicine becomes stronger.”

It’s finally my first OWLS post of the year, after my long hiatus!


For all those of you who don’t know who OWLS are, we are a group of anibloggers who strive to promote self respect and acceptance. To know more about OWLS, visit the official site.

OWLS always great monthly topics and gorgeous posts from the whole team!
Megan-san gave her take on the same. , so be sure to go over and check their post out first! Scott-san (Yay Scott-san!!) gives his perspective on the 24th, mark your calendars for his post!

This month’s topic, unfortunately for me, was a pretty hard one to come up with a post.

For this month’s topic, we will be discussing how technology impacts our relationships with others and how it improves our lives (such as in communication, education, and etc.) by exploring the technology used in various anime and pop culture worlds.

July Monthly Topic “Technology”

“Why would this be a hard topic Auri-baka?”
Well… you see, I’m not really a fan of technology.

Not a Fan of Technology?!

Honestly, I was born an old lady. I’d rather not have fancy gadgets and technology doesn’t really awe me. I would go without cars if I had the chance (I’ll cycle everywhere) and I still write letters.(Like the actual mail. Not that email thing)
I think more than the convenience, online shopping has ruined the novelty of life. Where’s my pleasure of searching for and finding a book? With this intense connectivity with regard to goods, ‘souvenirs’ is basically a synonym for ‘fridge magnets’.
It has taken away all the little pleasures of life! Nobody celebrates a relative returning from abroad anymore, and worse nobody talks real life! All those single letter acronyms ha.

But let’s stop that there before this becomes an anti-tech rant blog…

Technology in Medicine

I strongly feel that a natural death shouldn’t be postponed. Life shouldn’t be elongated and lengthened for the sake of ‘living’. And while modern medicine and technology have achieved just that, and I don’t find it such a great achievement, I don’t think that’s the fault of medicinal technology but rather how we put use of it.

At the same time, what medicinal technology’s real achievement is – The ease and increase of convenience of life, for however long it may be.

Sports and Medicine

I had mentioned sometime before on Twitter, that I think sports injuries are one of the most tragic things there is.

And in the past, there really wasn’t much you could do about it. Take prosthesis for example. Pre- 2000s if a sports player had undergone amputation, their sports career was over. Now though? With the advancements in technology, nerve control can be extended over the prosthetic to get it to mimic life like realistic movements.

While I agree that this doesn’t make getting into an accident any better, or easier to deal with, as opposed to never being able to play/ participate in the sport again, this is a compromise. A weak one I suppose, but it’s something to begin with.

REAL (manga) and Technology

Now REAL was one of the very rare sports manga, the only one I’ve discovered till today actually, that deals with serious injury and paralympic sports games.

Once again to refer to how far technology has taken us in terms of medicine, let’s talk about wheelchairs.
Wheelchairs have progressed from a chair on wheels to a highly sensitized machine that is capable of close area maneuvering and easier mobility with less of the bulk.

REAL focuses on wheelchair basketball and talks about the struggles of a sports player coming to terms with his injuries.

A sport, an alternative for injured basketball players, which could only be created or even thought about due to the progress of one of the simplest medical design- the wheelchair.

But even before all that, the surgery process to allow players to get back to states of pursuing the sport in any form have improved by leaps and bounds.
Surgery process and recovery go quite hand in hand.

How long ago was it possible to not only manage to protect the life of a person but even revive them to the state of playing wheelchair basketball after an accident like the one below from REAL? (Not adding actual accident photo because well… I couldn’t find it…)

REAL Is a Wonderful Read

(This is the conclusion, but it’s titled such so as to encourage you to pick up this glorious title)

REAL is a great series and I strongly recommend it. Read this great review to find out more.
As shown in the series, sports injuries are positively tragic to deal with and require an immense amount of determination, the process is undeniably sped up by the technological advancements in medicine.
Technology has definitely helped save lives and make them easier, from a medical point of view.

And so the old woman in me claims a grudging truce with technology.

Thank you for reading! As you can see, I have a fascination with medicine and its dealings. Or perhaps I should say as you cannot see, as I have removed the length explanations and comparisons of old medical equipment from new. *laughs*
Apologies if this post was a little dry!
My only favourite non-medical part of technology is connectivity. Especially with blogging and all of you!
What is your favourite part of technology? And what did you think of this post? Discussions, complaints, suggestions are all welcome.