My Reasons Why

Sometimes people do some things that will make you believe that there’s still a chance.
Things, that, otherwise wouldn’t matter. Things that are small. Simple. That look like they do not matter.
But they do.

Kim-san recently hit her 200 followers and decided to something a little special for it. She’s marvelous and I had always held her in high regards for her style of writing and relative ease in the way she communicates with others. But this opinion of mine has only gotten better these days.

Kim-san’s a teacher and she’s had to deal with some unpleasant news recently, news about suicide. She was strong enough to share it to us, and I suggest you read her post yourself once, before you read this.

Not everyone would deal with news like that well. It’s something hard to cope with and almost impossible to share. Kim-san, not only did both, but she also reached out to help. Her tag was simple. You list down 13 reasons why you don’t quit.

I was nominated by her in her starting post and I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you Kim-san, for doing this.
For caring.
For letting people know you care.
Sometime later you may question yourself on what you did. Whether you came across how you wanted or not.
You came across how it’s needed.
Thank you. We really appreciate this.

A little later, CM-san from Anime Q and A also nominated me for this, thanks again!


1. Mention the person who nominated you

2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (This is borrowed from the book but we’ll taking it the opposite direction).

3. Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.

4. Use the picture that I created in your post. I’m sorry that I’m a bit bad a making these things… But I tried πŸ™‚ (Pshaw, it’s good)

My Reasons Why

I’ll be honest. When I began to think of how to write this list, I realised that my reasons were many more than 13.
They’re slightly different from the ones I’ve read from the other’s who have attempted this, but I guess that’s all the more reason I should write this.

1. The Night Sky
I’m probably a nocturnal creature. If there’s one thing I can do for very long, it’s to lie down on the terrace in the night and watch the stars.
There’s a comfort that they offer that nothing does. The stars know me for what I am, they keep my secrets from me and help me lighten up.

2. The spring leaves
The slightest of green on the trees, the sunlight sparkling through the colour, the glowing appearance.
The only thing I like about spring is that brilliant sight of new leaves.
It’s a sight for sore thoughts.

3. Friends, Smiles, Friends’ Smiles
I’ve talked about this many times before. I am lucky to have amazing friends. Not just in real life but also online. Sometimes I wonder if it’s ok for me to have them. They are too good for me. YOU guys are too good for me.
There’s nothing better than seeing my friends around. Smiles to say hello or that smile that you sneak to me in the midst of class, smile when you’re trying to annoy me, I need nothing else.
Smiles, Friends, Smiles of Friends.
Friends, Smiles, Friends’ Smiles.
What else do I need?

4. Stories
If there’s one thing I know I have in excess, it’s stories. I make up stories for everything. I see a person looking down in the bus, I weave a story, an abandoned stuffed toy, I make a story.
My head is full of stories. I live for it.
Any story that I have read is precious. I… I am too fond of stories for it to be left at fond. But each of them makes me more me.
More alive.

5. Family
They’ve done so much for me, the least I can do is to not quit. I love them. And so I won’t quit.

6. Stubborn
Everyone’s going to die. I strongly believe in the sanskrit phrase, “The only reality in life is death”
I think it’s true. The only truth is that everyone will die.
A lot of people these days, however, want to die faster. Quit earlier. And because so many others want to, I will not let myself do the same.
Yes I’m stubborn. I’m arrogant. But I will also be strong.

7. People
There are many people who have died unfairly. Forced to quit things they love, unable to do what they wanted to. They probably died thinking that they want to live.
And yet here there are so many who say the exact opposite. So even if I ever feel like that, I will live for those who weren’t able to. Those who still wanted to.
I will smile for you.
I will live for you.

8. Feeling
Most of the times I talk in ways unintelligible to other. I describe things in abstract terms, using colours and feeling rather than actual adjectives. I’m going to be doing the same now, so please bear with me for a minute.
When I feel sad, I breath into my hands. I also imagine noises like the locking of my house door or the scribbling of pencil, they give me the same feeling. This feeling is enough. It’s like the orange purple of the sky in the evening or chocolate in my mouth.
It’s what it means to be alive.

9. Memories and Promises
I don’t believe in promises. Yes, there. I said it. But still, I’ve been promised some memories by some people and I want them.
Yeah it’s cryptic, but I’m not sure the person I’m talking about is fine with me revealing her promise so…

10. A Mission
Ok, perhaps nothing as fancy as that, but I definitely want to do some stuff before I disappear. I mean firstly, I’m still young alright? (Not that you guys aren’t) I have some things to take care of. One is to become a tribesman. I want to learn the culture of a tribe and be accepted as part of them. Go through he rituals and all.
They’re weird, but they’re things I want to do.

11. Because. Why Not?
No, this is not because I’m running out of things to list, it’s a reason. Why don’t I quit? Because. Why do go on? Why not?

12. It’s Harder
I always liked to do things that were harder. We’re playing a game.
“These teams are kind of unfair…”
“So? It’s harder, it’ll be more fun!”
Quitting is not easy by any means. But it’s easier than to go on. And so I’ll go on. Why? Because it’s harder. It’ll be more fun!

13. Me
Everyone else talked about you. I did too (under pt.3), but another reason is me. I like me. Me deserves more good stuff!
I still need to get into the army. I still need to eat so many more ice creams. I need to participate in sports. I need to get a team and play once in it. I need to qualify for Olympics. I need many more things for me!
Everyone is important, ok? But don’t forget. That you yourself are included there. Your ‘me’ is a reason too.

And there it is.
I have a feeling you’ll see exactly how proud and obnoxious I am from this post…
But still, it’s me. I like me.


I actually have a reason why I nominated each one of you, I’m pretty sure you guessed it. I tried to choose people who haven’t been nominated before but if I have nominated anyone twice, I apologise in advance.
I really hope you try this tag or at least, like Rin-san said,  make a mental list of the same.

Once again, thank you Kim-san!


33 thoughts on “My Reasons Why

  1. Auricchi!
    I really like the fact that you took time out to explain how obnoxious you are (Looks like I didn’t know all the reasons why) and the appreciation you have for all of your friends, acquaintances and viewers. This is another great initiative that you’ve chosen to spread throughout the community which makes me quite happy. I’m not gonna compliment you on your writing skills, because the ‘good job’ and the ‘keep up the great work’ is getting quite repetitive.
    Gambate ^^“

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s more to why I’m obnoxious but I’ll save it for later yeah? Hehe.
      It really was a wonderful initiative, and glad you found it the same!
      Thanks Stilzeld-kun!


  2. I can’t begin to explain how this tag post is so much more meaningful than any other that I’ve come across. Nobody talks of reasons to live. Really like your list as well.
    I’m really excited to do this tag post, thanks so much for nominating me! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow another great tag! I loved all your reasons, the one about friends smiling was my favourite though! You know why πŸ™‚ And thanks for the nomination!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. After reading this post, I have this huge urge to start writing again. I’m pretty this one won’t be turned into scrap.
    This tag is harder than it looks, but at the same time it’s easy if we take our time to observe the little things we see everyday. I loved your reasons, and each of them are truly wonderful! I’m really grateful to Kimchi for starting such a thoughtful tag. Loved reading it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I was misty eyed at the start of your post and by the end tears were running down my face. I find myself lacking words to write on how beautiful your post is. Thank you for such kind words and my heart is so full when I got to number 7 I lost it. You are so right. Thank you for being stubborn and I’m so happy that you are in my life even if it is only in a virtual way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Says you, whose comment is just as tear jerking!

      Thank you Kim-san, I’m really glad you liked my post. Thanks again for the tag and I’m glad I know you too. *heartfelt handshake as I don’t like hugs*


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