49…50! Ok! Ready or Not, Here I Come~ (A Long Delayed Update)

Have you ever played a game of hide and seek where you’re the den and you search and search for hours together but don’t find anyone?
And then you finally give up and sit down somewhere, just waiting for someone to come out of hiding already?

While it hasn’t happened to me literally, this situation would probably be the best way to explain my current blogging schedule metaphorically.
I know that I have so many many things I want to write about, but they’re elusively hiding from me.

Yeah, I guess you could call it writer’s block in sane terms.

What Exactly Have I Been Up To Other Than Cribbing About Lack of Content?

That’s actually a very good question…
And since I’m obsessed with neatly ordered lists (and WordPress lets us do such nice ones), let me list it out for you.

    The hair styles very different, but same pose I swear.

    Being in the last year of school and all that, there’s been an unbelievable amount of pressure about this year being the “Do or Die” year for college admissions. Which, in my country, also pretty much decide the rest of your life.
    So this summer break, we’ve been given loads of record work, exam preparation and projects to complete.
    Oh and then there’s the whole deal with the cram school.
    Break? Yeah right.

    Definitely me….

    I’ve been practicing volleyball. Against the wall. By myself. Like I mentioned to Z-san, I stuck tape all over my garage and changed up my regular hit against wall receive practice. I’m glad with the little improvement I had, especially since I can finally do overhands decently.
    Get me a team and coach already damnit.
    At least a kindred spirit who’d practice with me? I wish.

    Someone please tell me which manga this is from!!

    I agree I’ve been pushing my schedule a little harder than I should be just so that I can get some time for my manga. I’ve reread Haikyuu and Baby Steps and am currently rereading Akatsuki no Yona.
    I have started a couple of new manga, but I’m making sure I take only a few chapters a day because otherwise I’d never get anything done….



    I’ve been working on a couple of collaborations with some bloggers (Who? Shhh… it’s a secret~) on different topics.
    While they’re all still work in progress, I’m sure it’ll be great fun so I’m super excitedly looking forward to these!

    This is so pretty….

    A couple of months back, my mp3 went missing. This was a shock for many reasons. One was that there were over 500 songs on that thing. And they were gone. The next was that nothing goes missing in my room. I pride myself about a neat and organised room, where everything has a place, so missing is not possible. No way. Stolen? I don’t want to blame anyone without proper reason….
    Long story short, I ended up getting a new mp3 after trying without one for a month. So I spent a lot of time downloading songs again.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. I had also missed on plenty of posts, but I definitely caught up with those yesterday.
(Was not stalking :P)

The Stuff That Have Hid Well: Or Things Planned for the Blog

So then. Auri is here again. Whether I’m greeted with tears of joy or annoyance or just a casual hi(sounds the best), I’m still here XD
I posted a meagerly 4 posts in the whole of March, I do sure hope I can post at least thrice the amount in May. (Not April, seeing how it’s almost gone anyhow)
I do have some stuff planned however, so it just might be a reality….

  • I have some things I’d like to talk about. While they’re not manga related, they’re more blogging based, I have started a few drafts so I think I’ll be going ahead and finishing these up. They’re mostly about things I observed in blogging, but not restricted to that phrase alone.
  • More posts about art style. I found out that I am obsessed with the art style of manga more than I initially thought, so I have some discussions related to art style regarding some particular manga.
  • Some Kpop related topics. They are mostly song analysis, but I do have a particularly interesting tag to get to soon about Kpop…
  • I’ve talked about collabs already, so I thought I’d mention a new segment I’m planning on. It’s a book and manga comparison, something along the lines of “Who Did It Better”. I am, however, still working on a title for this segment, so it would come as soon as I think of one.
  • Poetry. I have decided to make a book of my poems as soon as I hit a 50, or 100 if I’m going to be ambitious. Definitely have lots of new verses in my head, but going to have to put them down later.
    I have a trilogy style poem (essentially 3 connected/ related poems), but not quite sure whether I want to do it or not.
  • Award tags. I have more than 12 award tags to do and I will be doing them all. Perhaps not all at once, so I’ll space them out a bit. One or two a week maybe?
  • This October, Manga Toritsukareru Koto will be turning two!
    I have something very special in mind for this! It’s not something I’ve seen done before, but definitely going to do it~
    I decided to club my followers thank you post with this too, so definitely look forward to that!
  • I need to write reviews. I haven’t done a real review in over 5 months. I have talked about manga but never as a proper review. I did find that style slightly suffocating which is why I abandoned it, but I may get back to it. Or not. I’m currently conflicted.
  • Nairne content will also increase. Sounds bad already, but…. oh well.

And that is it!
I did notice that my style of writing is slowly shifting back to more melancholic like how I used to write before, but there are also many crack posts coming up so it became slightly messy, haha.

I apologise for being MIA, and would love to hear from you about anything you’d like me to try. Thanks for reading all the way here~

See you soon.




33 thoughts on “49…50! Ok! Ready or Not, Here I Come~ (A Long Delayed Update)

  1. Yay! Auri is back! I missed you (only in the blogosphere though hehe). Looking forward to whatever you’ve got planned, especially some crack Nairne content!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome back! It’s always nice to see a “Like” from you in my notifications and even nicer to see you in my Reader 🙂 Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy even if you haven’t been able to write much! Looking forward to some new posts from you though. Particularly interested to read those art style posts you mentioned — any interest in comparing the art style of a manga and its anime adaptation along with analysing the style of a particular manga?

    Early happy birthday to your blog for October 🙂 My site turns four on my birthday (April 29th, mark your calendars!) but I haven’t decided what, if anything, I’ll do for it yet. I kind of want to do a design revamp… but I also like my current theme and layout… Oh, the eternal questions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, you’re too nice!
      Glad to know what I have planned sounds interesting!
      Ah yes, I do have one planned about anime vs manga art style.

      Thank you! Oh wow 4 is amazing! Happy advanced birthday to your blog as well! (Marked~)
      Deciding the theme has to be the biggest problem I’ve ever faced in blogging Pete-san XD So, I definitely get what you’re saying!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay you’re back and it looks like you have some great things in store for us!!!! That is awesome (and solo volleyball is awesome too – I use to do it a lot. I was very bad at it)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yippee!
      I definitely have things planned but whether or not all of them come is entirely up to how quickly I finish studying! I’ll do it though Rin-san!
      (It’s great fun even if I’m not that great…)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, Auri, sounds like you’ve been really busy. I’m hoping you get scouted for volleyball. Re-reading manga sure is great fun, too.

    Looking forward to the planned content. And what of the show for which you were nominated? Hang in there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Volleyball team! Just thinking of it makes me so happy I could cry wahaha.
      It is~
      I went through Horimiya once again too hehe.

      Yay! Thanks nii-san~
      Oh gods that thing. I wasn’t allowed to back out and I haven’t got a chance to talk to that friend of mine either so…
      T0T I will hang on if it’s the last thing I do! Aha, I don’t think it’s that bad though…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Last year of highschool, aaaaaaaah it sure is hellish ._.)
    I hardly have time to breathe thanks to school and the suffocating cram school.
    Anyways, I hope things get well for both of us and we start making up for the time lost in the much awaited Summer vacation at least

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You can do it Auri! Here’s bottles of star-filled best wishes: [*] [*] [*] [*] [*]
    May the winds stay in your favour and ride on with your ambitions-&-plans!!
    Writing more poems and publishing them sounds awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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