Continue, Don’t Quit: Moody in March

A month ago, with the help of Remy-nii, Rin-san and Rai-san I had started a project aimed to provide some sort of an outlet to people who are hurting. I had mentioned in the original post that I would be also adding monthly posts on the same, with some simple suggestions to help.

This post has honestly been long due, and I apologise for the delay, I hadn’t quite figured how to go about this when I started writing.

It’s like a Sine graph

Things get out of hand quickly and often. Some days, you’re perfectly fine with that. Other days, your feelings about them may be more drastic.

If you’re a Math student (or were),you’d understand me when the perfect parallel I’d draw to moods is the sine graph.

Sometimes up, sometimes down, it’s how it is.

While it may sound like I’m joking, it really gets annoying. When you’re down in the “dumps”, the first thing you find faults with is yourself.

Why am I so useless?
I can’t believe people like me.
I hate myself.

It may feel right at the moment. It may even provide a strange sort of comfort. But theseΒ  feelings only add to the burden you’re already carrying.

So then, what should you be thinking?

Ask yourself some questions. Be it something like What am I scared of? or What can comfort me now? , remember to ask yourself. Most times you’ll draw a blank. An I don’t know.
And that’s a good answer. This isn’t an exam where “I don’t know” equals “fail”. It isn’t a relation where “I don’t know” equals “trouble”.
It’s a situation where “I don’t know” equals “A chance”.

No problem is a small problem

Recently, Synne-chan who kindly shared my post had wrote something that I found very true and very apt.

Someone who drowns in 7 feet of water is just as dead as someone who drowns in 20.

Just because there’s definitely someone who’s in more trouble than you are, you needn’t not talk about it.

While that fact, that you are not yet at the worst, could give you hope, it shouldn’t confine you.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It needn’t be something big. Anxious about an upcoming match or so mad about someone saying something or doing something all account for a chance to talk about it.

The First thing to get a person to open up to you is to open up to them yourself

Sometime back someone I knew said to me, “Hey your best friend not there today?”
And even before, “You probably won’t like it.”

They’re two different circumstances and two different scenarios but my first response was the same to both.
“She’s not my best friend. Don’t assume stuff. What do you know about me anyway?”
“How do you know? You don’t know anything about me anyway.”

Then my second realisation was that they didn’t know, because I didn’t let them.

If you get upset by someone because they said something against what you are, ask yourself this, “Did I let them know anything about me?”
And more importantly why didn’t you?

But for now, let’s leave it at that and move on to other things as promised.

Simple things to do to cool down

  1. Create a safe place

    It needn’t be a real place. It could be a mental situation you imagine to get back to normal, or a particular activity you do to settle down.
    I imagine the clicking of my house door lock to calm myself down and the short bicycle ride between school and home always grounds me.
  2. Revisit things that comforted you
    It could be a snack you ate when you were young, or a smell you associated with happiness (like vanilla or oranges) or even something like a particular way you sat before.
    Things like these remind you of who you’d be missing if you did something drastic and all the more why not to.
  3. Remind yourself of what you can be
    This may sound mainstream and useless, but it works. Remind yourself of what you can be and how you can change if you really want to.
    Because it’s fine if you don’t know who you are, if you know who or how you want to be.

Hearing it from someone else

Art-san’s anxiety posts were a great read and I feel that it must be read by everyone more so as a part of #ContinueDontQuit.

Art-san’s posts

March’s #ContinueDontQuit Golden Tip

Newspaper doodling.

Credits: Owner

Yes, that’s right. Newspaper doodling. It may sound stupid at the moment, but when things are really heavy and you can’t think, pick up a marker, take a newspaper and start scribbling. Mustaches, beards, glasses, horns or scars, childish as it may sound, mauling some poor dude’s face clears a bad mood like none other.

So this month’s tip is to draw and doodle on newspapers until you feel lighter.

And if you’re up to it, click a picture and tweet it with #ContinueDon’tQuit. I’ll be extremely grateful for the share.

After all, silly stuff help when nothing else can.

Once again, you can contact me

Through the blog: Contact Page
On Twitter: AuroraAcacia
Or email me:

Remember, Continue Don’t Quit.












27 thoughts on “Continue, Don’t Quit: Moody in March

  1. Very important words, Auri, and well said too! It can’t be understated the importance of keeping your mental health in check, no matter who you are or what you do, the simple fact is we are NOT our bodies, we are our minds, and we need to look after our minds.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You have no idea how well timed this post is for me. I’d always thought of myself as quite unaffected by any mental issues but lately I fear that isn’t the case at all. All the things you spoke about now apply to me and your tip about opening up… I think I need to do that more…
    Thank you for this post, Auri, you have no idea what a life saver you are… ❀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Very well said, sometimes people say “Your problems aren’t as big as others and people are starving or dying” Then we feel too guilty to share how we feel. Like you said it doesn’t need to be something big and we need to be there for each other for big and small and not assume how the person should feel. thank you for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is so well written Auri! And it’s such an important topic (for obvious reasons). Letting people know that there are others available to listen and talk with them and suggesting different strategies to try out when one’s not feeling great are so important ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can’t stress enough how an excellent work you are doing with this! You may save someone’s life and you taking your time to even think about creating this and even more, taking your time to write helping tips says a lot about yourself and they are all positive!

    I really loved the graphic you have put in the beginning! What I normally tell people is to see the heart beat in a eletrocardiogram (or something like that, you know the machine at the hospitals that give your heart rate). Well, as the graphic you showed there are ups and downs, ups and downs and that’s what makes life! It won’t always be up and it won’t always be down, moreover it won’t also be flat which basically means that you are dead! So yeah, I loved the comparation!

    Something I say a lot to myself when I’m upset with something is “will I even remember this in 10 years later?”, if the answer is no then I just put the thoughts aside because they are not important enough. To be honest, since I started thinking about things like this most of the times the answer was No! However, I know that there are times where the answer will be yes, a death of a loving one for example, in those times I feel that it’s important to grieve, feel sad and cry about it. We do have all these emotions and all of them end up being important. If they were not, well the human body would have stopped them long time ago.

    In conclusion, thank you for doing this! It is really appreaciated and I think what you guys are doing is awesome! Also, thanks for talking about my anxiety posts! πŸ™‚ The most people those posts can help the better! ^.^

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you think this will work. Or may, at least.
      I completely agree how you say that if emotions weren’t required, we would have adapted in such a way that they would be gone.
      There really anything to thank me for, I’m just doing what I think I can.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. In all sincerity,
    I can’t even fathom how the few minutes that you took to write this post could do something as big as saving someone’s life or bringing a smile to their face. I hope you know you’re doing something big. Very proud.
    Although there are always those few who think all this is lame or uncool, it’s so so necessary to open the curtains and bring in some sunshine once a while (even though you loathe that idea xD)
    Thank you for the quotation.
    This will be one thing I’ll always look forward to every month.
    Synne xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahaha! Newspaper doodling is great fun. Doodling in general has always been rather cathartic for me, as it’s something you can do mindlessly to release stress even while something else is going on. And you might create something wonderful from it! Or you might create a hideous mess. Either way, your brain will thank you!

    Great post. Thank you for this. Keep it up!

    Liked by 2 people

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