A Guide on Decapitation: Attack on Titan (Day 9)

Well, after a long hard fight with Auri, I won the rights to be the author of probably the most interesting blog post in the #12 Day Series here at Manga Toritsukareru Koto. Let’s begin!

Want to decapitate someone who has been annoying you? Or annoying your friend? Perhaps you’ve been magically transported to Attack on Titan world and desperately need some help to survive? Well, you’ve picked the right post! I, Nairne Nebulae, Master Decapitator Instructor, have prepared the Guide for your survival! So read well, and take notes, for you will definitely need it.

A Guide on Decapitation

Section A: Basic Weaponry

Article 1: Swords and other sharp objects

For basic level decapitation, you must first procure a weapon with a clean, sharp edge. Make sure that your weapon is not too slender, since you do not want a messy job where half of your weapon breaks through someone’s neck. (or eyes, if you’re hard core)
This guide will not deal with blunt weapons, because, well, that’s an advanced level and we’ll get to it later.

Image result for attack on titan manga sword breaks
Thunder Spears are strong sturdy weapons


Article 2: Vertical Maneuvering Gear

Now, chances are, that if you’re fighting a Titan, you’d be needing the special something that can make a difference between life and death.
Vertical Maneuvering Gear (Refer Chapter 23 of Attack on Titan for more), is a wonderful device invented for, you guessed it, vertical maneuvering.

Brilliant sketches, huh?

Article 3: Titan Body

If you are lucky and happen to be a Titan, then all you need is yourself. Which unfortunately implies that you’ll have stinky breath all day, coupled with terrible looks. But, hey, on the bright side, at least you can’t forget your weapon for decapitation.

Image result for attack on titan titans eating manga
Like I said, bad breath.



Section B: Required Training and Specialisations

Article 1: Balance, strength and speed

*If Section A Article 3 is applicable, please skip this article*

If you’ve been in the AoT world for a while, you’ve got it good since you’ve probably trained for these already.

On the other hand if you just dropped in, WITHOUT even a little training or general physique, I have one helpful suggestion. Hide.

Now, for all those who aren’t here for the AoT problems, then you probably have time till you decapitate your mark. Learn from the manga and set up a course for training. It’s essential guys. Because you might just get transported to the manga or your mark might bust out some martial art moves and get you good.

Image result for attack on titan training
A miniature version should work as well, I’m sure.


Also get a training partner. Possibly someone who doesn’t like you, because then you’ll actually get some training done.

Article 2: Instinct and Blood thirst

Again, if you’re a Titan, you have this by default. Man, we should just be Titans, seems like the way to live. Unless you cross paths with Levi. R.I.P my poor Titan.

Anyway, talking about instinct. Now that’s something you should have by birth right? Wrong.
You can develop an instinct for killing. First, make sure you’re in a country with laws that allow killing. Second, be rich, then even the laws are not the most easy, you’re still okay. Third, find some people to kill.
Be creative.

Blood thirst is the next very important thing. Titans are guaranteed this by birth (?), us humans, however, not so easy.

Image result for attack on titan titans eating manga
No prior thoughts.


Since most of the reader are not Titans, we got to develop a taste for this. Killing Titans is considerably easier since you don’t have particular feeling towards them.
For humans though, you have to shut down your thoughts and let your body move.

I, however, will assume that you have already got over that as you are now here, referring to this guide.

Article 4: Stamina

Some things just refuse to die! You’ll cut off their hand and they’ll just come at you again. I know right?! You’d have thought they’d learnt their lesson, but no. Titans don’t.

Gear up and develop some good stamina, perhaps enough to get to that 50m height to reach the neck.
Mountain training would be beneficial.

Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
You have to get at least that high before you stand a chance.



Section 3: Technique and Method

Article 1: Slash and Hack

Killing a Titan isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Make sure to learn and take notes from the specialists.

Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
Watch and Learn



Killing humans isn’t that easy either. They have these annoyingly hard things called bones.
However, decapitation is more effective on humans and even easier. Comparitively of course.


Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
The neck is fan favourite
Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
The neck is popular…


Article 2: Bite, snap and swallow

Applicable only with regard to Section A Article 3.

First, grab a hold of the human in question and bite off the wanted body part.

Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
Sharing is caring
Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
Having a snack alone is ok too though.


Image result for attack on titan titans eating manga
Not decapitation, please ignore.
Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying
The legs are a good choice for gore



Article 3: Step on it

Not the best way for decapitation, but a strangely effective one if you’re of the right size.
Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying

Section 4: After effects and Clean up

Article 1: Cleaning the blood and evidence

Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying

Image result for attack on titan manga titans dying

Burning the bodies is the best way to go at it. Attending funerals generally reveals your intentions when you end up not being able to cry.

Article 2: Wiping the blood

As an extension of Article 1 Section D, wiping the blood is essential so as to not be caught the very next day.
Image result for attack on titan titans eating manga

Washing your desired choice of weapon would be the first thing to do.
Then use disinfectants to clean it. Catching some disease is the last thing for a decapitator to die from.

Article 3: Walk away

This is a perfect way to deal with the after effects if you are a Titan or a betrayer wanting to get caught.

Pro Tip: Don’t run, walk only. That way, you’ll be able to deny that you were running away.


Congratulations! Now you have all the basic courses of action to go about decapitation, all with pictures.
The publisher wishes you the best of luck of in your future actions.
DISCLAIMER: The publisher cannot be held responsible for any of the readers’ actions. Please think of a better excuse to use to escape the law.

Thanks for reading!
This is Nairne with Day 9 of #12DaysOfAnime!

Feel free to help expand this guide by providing any suggestions below!








23 thoughts on “A Guide on Decapitation: Attack on Titan (Day 9)

  1. Just a quick check here: Auri, you are still alive right? All this talk about decapitation has me worried quite a bit. So please check in…..
    Back to the post: glad you have provided this very helpful guide. I’m pretty sure this will become useful at some point in the future. The pictures were especially helpful 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Surprising as you may find it, Auri-chhi actually holds up great against me. I know right? It shouldn’t be possible, but….

      Glad you found it useful! I kept the pictures as tame as I could!
      Thanks for dropping by Rai-san~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. For a moment there I felt as if I’m reading a WikiHow article which has been transformed into an Otaku friendly version.
    Such detailed and organized work has to be expected from the new sensation, Nairne! Good job!

    Now if you will excuse me, I need to check the reliability of this guide by performing some ‘completely normal and harmless’ experiments. Ja nee~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed Ryu-kun.
      Talking about WikiHow there are some really stupid useless ones out there…

      Do report back with your observations and inferences!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahah this was amazing! It actually kept my attention till the end. Was it supposed to be serious? Coz I was laughing the whole time xD

    Auri you better get a grip on dude, Nairne is on fireeee!

    Nice to see you again, Nairne-kun! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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