Tampering Uniforms, Collecting Stickers and Riding in Teacher’s Cars: Kimi To Boku (Day 7)

Hi again!
We’re now one half way through this year end journey and thank you all for accompanying me~
Today will be a slightly more personal post because it’s fully Auri written with no hints of Nairne (Aw, man, this is going to be so sappy and-) Shut up Nairne.
*shakes head*
Now, talking about Kimi to Boku, where do I even begin?

Surprisingly enough, it was a recommended manga?

It’s true. Most of the manga that I’m genuinely excited about their brilliance are generally self stumbled upon. Like, for instance I tripped over Beauty Pop to find the beautiful shoujo manga The One. (You’re digressing Auri-chan )

This one, however, was actually recommended by a close friend of mine, Hikaru-chan. She had been telling me since forever to read it and when I actually did, I had forgotten that she recommended it to me. (Is it still counted as a recommendation then?)

It was one of those manga that you’d actually been fated to read since birth but only find it at some point of time- (Nairne, SHUT up! I’m going to interrupt YOUR posts if you don’t!)

I’m sorry, I’m messing this up bad. I should have never introduced Nairne to begin with. (Ok, I will shut up. For now.)

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What is Kimi to Boku about?

It’s basically a slice of life manga about a group of friends and their daily life. Simple story, but the turmoil of emotions rolled up in it is fascinatingly unimaginable. You have to witness it first hand.
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(Good news for all the anime fans: this one has an anime!!! )

This manga seriously brings the feels out great. It’s one of those reads that you feel happy and sad at once and the sort of manga that you miss when you’re reading it.
To make it easier to understand, I get this feeling of loss strongly when I’m talking to my friends. Or even sitting in my room and looking at The Wall, I suddenly feel terribly sad. I imagine the future where I know I won’t be in this room anymore or won’t be having these uselessly funny conversations and begin to think, “What was the point of this transience? What was the point of beginning these things at all?”

This is the exact same feeling I get when I read Kimi to Boku. It’s nostalgia for something that hasn’t even happened yet. It’s surprisingly painful, yet so beautiful in the realisation.

The characters (from WIKI because I’m LAZY)

No it’s because if I start, I won’t end.

Yūta Asaba
The elder twin brother of Asaba twins who studies at Homare High School. His differentiating feature from his younger brother is his centre divided bangs, as well as wearing the usual school uniform in the winter. Yūta and his brother are identical and are both popular among girls. Though both come off as mono-toned and passive, Yūta expresses himself more than his younger twin. He is also more mature than Yūki and the others, and though he rarely voices his entire thought process, he is very observant. He cares deeply for his brother, and he does not want to make choices for him. He is in the same class as Shun. Aside from Yūki, Yūta cares for Shun, as do the rest of the group.
Yūki Asaba
The younger twin brother who also studies at the same school as Yūta. His bangs are down. Same as his brother Yūta, he enjoys annoying Kaname with their constantly dry remarks. He has a hobby of reading manga and anime magazines; his favorite magazine is “Animeja”. He played a numbers game which he called, “Mission” at a local game center and eventually became good at games. He is talented in many things, like cooking, basketball and judo, but he does not particularly enjoy any of them, only putting effort into things if there’s something in it for him. He constantly makes trouble with his indifferent personality. When walking together, he will often rest his head on Yūta’s shoulder. He’s not particularly interested in either study and sport. His notes are always very close to the red-mark, which is only prevented by reading Yūta’s notes early in the mornings before exams. He’s popular with girls, but has an awkward situation with them, as he is weak to perfume and make-up scents, which make him nauseous. (SO ME LOL) 
Shun Matsuoka
At the beginning of the series, Shun had long hair, as well as feminine hobbies and speech patterns, which resulted in many people mistaking him for a girl (including Chizuru). Shun likes to use keigo and he is usually the one who tries to calm down situations. He cried often as a young child. Despite his otome-like nature, he is quite slow in things like love. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. He is the only iyashikei or “some who makes others feel cheerful” of the group.
Kaname Tsukahara
The glasses guy of the group. He is the top of the class, a Student Council member, and the Class Representative of their class. He is in the same class as Yūki and Chizuru. He is the wealthiest among his friends as often pointed out by Yūta and Yūki. He has a short temper and often gets mad by his friends’ foolish actions. Kaname was in love with his kindergarten teacher, Kaori-sensei, which the twins enjoy teasing him about and wanted to be like a guy named Kōichi, who later became his high school teacher, Azuma-sensei. .
Chizuru Tachibana
The half-Japanese transfer student from Germany. For a half foreigner, he is quite short and has a complex about his height. He is noisy, cheerful and a bit of an idiot. He also made nicknames for the boys and Masaki. With Yūki, Chizuru often makes Kaname mad and usually ends up getting hit by him. Some years ago he came to Japan for a short time and met Yūki at a park. As a little kid he did not know any Japanese, but when he later moved to Japan during the second year of high school he was already fluent in Japanese. Chizuru likes girls but has no experience with them. He has a crush on Masaki.
Masaki Satō
A first year student who bullied Shun for some days. She seems to have a little crush on him after he helped her. Shun is the only person she smiles and is friendly to. She has a small figure and has cute, fluffy hair, resulting in Chizuru nicknaming her “Mary” because she reminds him of a sheep. Just as Shun is oblivious to Masaki’s crush on him, Masaki is oblivious to Chizuru’s crush on her.

Why would I say that Kimi to Boku is one of my ‘bests’?

  1. Let’s look at it this way. If we’re talking about High School setting of manga about four/ five guys/ friends, Nijiiro Days is also a great example.
    But Kimi to Boku is a more, how do I put it, emotionally wholesome manga.
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
    There’s just so much hidden in the manga. Family, friendship, love, school life in general.
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
    It’s that one rare manga that you read and you end up crying, not because of the tragedy but just because of the beauty of it.
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
  2. The art is surprisingly pleasing. It’s the simpleness of it that adds to the melancholy of the manga- like memories slowly fading away due to time.
    It’s peaceful to glance at the art. It may be slightly unrefined, but it totally matches the story line just like Hiro no Isu (Day 6).
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
  3. It’s super relatable. There are a lot of character relations and arcs, so at least some of them should be something a reader has done or felt before. Honestly the arcs are so much like real life and so realistic, it’s a manga that I’d definitely recommend to anyone.
    However, if you aren’t a Slice of Life and Friendship genre fan, then you should probably give this one a skip.
  4. There are twins.
    I really like twins, so this was a definite plus point for me.
    Yuuta-kun and Yuuki-kun. Their whole arc was brilliant, oh I love reading about twins!
    Related image
    Related image


Some of my favourite arcs of Kimi to Boku

  • Yuuki-kun collects stickers for a reward and ends up falling in love with the daughter of the school serving woman.
    Unrequited love is sad, but I like it when it’s done well.
    Like Yuuki-kun’s.
    Image result for kimi to boku manga
  • Azuma sensei (home room teacher’s) and his friend’s (Akira-san) arc.
    He’s really friendly and fun, but Akira-san is just hyper. Their arc is really one of the best!
    (The four guys even end taking a ride in his car)
    Image result for kimi to boku manga akira and azuma
  • The uniform arc!
    Yuuki-kun and Chizuru-kun never wear the eight uniform, except for during uniform checks, For that matter, Kaname-chi doesn’t put the tie on right, despite being on the student council and all.
    This arc was really cute and Yuuki-kun in a uniform is ~~
    Image result for kimi to boku manga uniform,
  • Kaname’s reason for wearing spectacles. This was a really cute part of the story and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it~
    Image result for kimi to boku manga kaname specsImage result for kimi to boku manga twins dad
  • The arc with Yuuki-kun’s relation with his father. (Another really similar thing with me, haha) and his ‘part time’ job experience.Image result for kimi to boku yuki job

Some random quotes that may not have been meant to be quotes

  • “The sun that rises and the sun that sets are two different suns”- Yuuki-kun
  • I wouldn’t learn German just to apologize, that would be too much work.“- Yuuki-kun
  • ” A fireworks glow is short lived, just like your life.” – Kanamecchi
  • “It’s not like I ignore them on purpose. Their words simply don’t resonate with me” – Yuuki-kun
  • “Sometimes you don’t know why you like or dislike someone”- Kanamecchi
  • “I thought growing older would turn me into an adult. I thought I’d get a job, get married, and somehow become an adult version of myself. But nothing like that ever happened. I’ve still never truly felt that I’ve become an adult. But I know I’m no longer a child. “- Azuma sensei
  • “Just because he’s good at something, doesn’t necessarily mean he likes doing it.” – Azuma sensei


Should you read/ watch it?

ARGH! So hard to choose so less things, but honestly I’ve already made this long enough, especially as it isn’t even a review. So we already reach the end- the ultimate question, the passing of judgement.

As for it, well yes, you should. It may not be to your taste but it’s something you should at least try once!
Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and well, if you don’t you always have someone to get annoyed at for recommending it for you.

And thus we come to the end of another 12 Day post!
Have you read the manga? What were your favourite arcs? Will you be reading it?
Let me know below!

As always, thanks for reading!
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It’s so weird seeing you computer wallpaper/ screensaver as a post main picture…..







11 thoughts on “Tampering Uniforms, Collecting Stickers and Riding in Teacher’s Cars: Kimi To Boku (Day 7)

  1. It brings back some sad memories. Almost a year ago, my computer got this really bad virus and I lost all my documents ;-;) That includes this anime which I wanted to watch for obvious reasons.
    It seems I forgot to download it again but now, I won’t forget and I’ll surely watch it! High school SoL comedy is my drug ewe

    I usually get sad and the feeling of helplessness only when I’m watching/reading an anime/Manga. But that doesn’t comes to my mind in real life matters, why? I believe stuff that I’m enjoying now might not be there forever, but they could be replaced by something better.

    It’s a great and detailed post, I can almost feel why you like it! I’ll be sure to read it too as soon as I can

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sucks!!
      (Also just happened to me, so I lost the list of all manga I had read that I saved on a Doc. Terrible I tell you.)

      That’s a motto to live by Ryu-kun!
      I’m not too good at that though.

      Thanks for reading and giving KtB a try!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You too? I thought I was the only one keeping tabs on how many anime I have seen so far XD
        Well if only a certain someone wasn’t idiotic enough to delete it thinking it was “TRASH” I might have still had it…

        No need to be good at it, just decent enough is fine XD

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No,no. There’s an app to do that, but I read on multiple sites, so I made a list. Of course, it’s a sad memory now….
          Ouch, that must hurt, clicking the trash button *sympathetic wince*

          XD Ok then, LOL

          Liked by 1 person

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