Reading In Obscurity (Day 6)

This year, I’ve made sure to read a lot of not so well know manga. I’ve always read the not so popular manga, now that I think about it….
I guess, it’s sort of like the same feeling as following a rookie band in hopes of them breaking big.

My ratio of not so famous manga to popular manga is like 8:3 or something.
Which got me really confused, because what exactly IS a famous manga???

Having a Wiki page makes you famous!

Well, maybe… I don’t really know. I’ve tried to figure out how manga are divided according to popularity and I came up with five rough groups.

  1. The Harry Potter of manga
    This is the type of manga that every fan has heard of if not watched/ read already. They definitely have an anime adaptation and many times live actions as well. These are the goods that are most often available and honestly the popularity is overwhelming!
    In this category, I’d include Death Note, Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, etc.
  2. The Main Leads of their Genres
    The manga included in these are basically those manga that are famous, but not crazy famous. The names you’d think of the minute some one specifies a genre, these are the second group.
    The titles in this category too have anime adaptations and plenty of merchandise in their names.
    The ones I’d include in this category are Slam Dunk, Kuroko no Basuke, Haikyuu!! for sports; Kimi no Nawa, No Game No Life for fantasy; Your Lie in April, Koe no Katachi for tragedy; Skip Beat, Akatsuki no Yona, Maid-sama for Shoujo; etc.
    However, the criteria to choose in this one are rather vague which ends up getting fans annoyed (LOL, don’t burn my house down).


  3. The Supporting Leads Who Are Also Your Friends
    To be very honest, this category and the one before it share an extremely fine, slender border. Most manga here are gaining popularity, so I guess they can be shifted up to the second tier soon…..
    Even the series here, more times than not, have an anime adaptation.
    Many people have heard of the titles in this, but they don’t form the majority.
    I’d include manga like Oresama Teacher (get an anime already), Crimson Hero, Special A, Kaze no Stigma, Namaikizakari and Horimiya.


  4. The Side Characters
    The titles I include in this are those manga that you feel like you’ve heard of somewhere, but you can’t recollect the story or you haven’t read it. By you, of course, I mean most anime fans, because manga readers would definitely have a slight memory of remembering these.
    I, as expected I suppose, actually read many of these titles. I’d include Haru Matsu Bokura, Charming Junkie, Harux Kiyo, Fly High, S.P.Y, etc. under this category.
  5. The Trees, Bushes and Animals at the Back
    And now, finally, we come to our actual topic of the day- the obscure, unacknowledged manga. Mostly left behind in the stampede of getting serialised, these underdogs never see the light.
    People read them, sure, but what is a mere 200 when those ongoing manga out there have got million reads, huh?
    Ironically, several of these actually have a brilliant story plot, but are left unfinished due to lack of popularity.
    Today, I’ll be introducing you to a couple of these ‘under the radar’ manga, and maybe encourage you to give them a try. NO SPOILERS.

Hiiro no Isu (by Midorikawa Yuki)

STATUS– Completed
GENRES/TAGS- Fantasy, Shoujo, Tragedy, Adventure, Mystery, Drama
LENGTH– 10 Chapters
RATING– Must Read (9/10)
PLOT SUMMARY–  Setsu is a tomboy who lives in the small village Niolz and she’s been participating in various Martial Arts Comepetitions in order to earn enough prize money to travel to the capital Bazen where King Lucaria resides… Luca, her childhood friend who left in order to ascend the “Scarlet chair” as the last rightful heir of the royal line. However when she finally arrives there and gets a glimpse of the King she’s shocked to find a stranger in his place! What’s going on? But more importantly what happened to the real Luca? Join Setsu in her quest to uncover the truth and find that precious childhood friend…

MY THOUGHTS-  This is one of my favourite manga. Truly. It has a great story,  wonderful characters both Luca and Setsu are so damn cool and the art is strangely pretty. It isn’t the best style there, but it was different and attractive too.
I’d definitely ask a reader to give this one a try!
Also, I need a sequel!


  • The story
  • The art
  • Character developement
  • Connectivity of past and present- story plot in general
  • Pretty action scenes
  • Strong female lead
  • Kind of reverse-harem
  • Swords and masks
  • Loyalty and Betrayal


  • Too short.
  • Leaves you wanting for more- quite literally as the ending is abrupt.


Seiten Kickoff (Kota)

STATUS: Completed. (Apparently) I think Discontinued.
GENRE: Sports, Romance, Comedy, School Life
LENGTH: 4 chapters
RATING: Pick If Bored (7.8/10)
PLOT SUMMARY: Rambunctious high school student Hayate is the lone girl in an all-boys soccer club. One day, honors student Yuuto suddenly asks her out, starting a cute opposites-attract romance.

MY THOUGHTS: This one is more of a light read rather than a must read. Not like it matters, you could probably finish in less than twenty minutes- it’s four chapters for godssake!


  • Female in male team
  • Cute and Light
  • Football~
  • Short and sweet
  • Hayate maintains her character and all changes were believable
  • Light humour


  • Hayate-chan’s TOO dense for life
  • Too less football to be an actual sport manga
  • Too short, too abrupt!


Ice Forest (Saitou Chiho)

STATUS: Completed.
GENRE: Josei, Romance, Ice Skating
LENGTH:  14 chapters
RATING: Pick If Bored (7/10)
PLOT SUMMARY: Yukino, a single skater who had to quit because of a lesion, goes to say her farewell to the ice rink where she used to practice and is now being demolished. Ikki Kouga, a former skater and head of the group in charge of the demolition notices her skills and makes a proposition to her: to pair up with Gilbert Roman, a half Japanese half Canadian skater who ranked 6th in the Junior World Championships, for ice dance.

MY THOUGHTS: Honestly, this isn’t the best unknown manga here, and I agree. Then why is it here? Well, despite all the usual cliche and shoujo old style art, in a way, the beginning of the story was appealing. Would not be my first suggestion for a short manga, that’s still Hiiro no Isu, but is definitely a good pick if ever.


  • Concept of losing her rink and going to skate as they destroy it
  • Dude who sees her is not the one who skates with her
  • Nice routine/ sequences
  • Bad start with between the characters


  • Older art style
  • Typical cliche of doki doki


Badminton Girl (Mari Asabuki)

STATUS: Discontinued.
GENRE: Sport, School Life, Shoujo
LENGTH: 6 Chapters
RATING: Pick If You’re Jobless (6/10)
PLOT SUMMARY: Asahi is a 7th grade student who is very bad at sports. She joined the volleyball club when she entered junior high school, only to quit it one month later because she could not keep up with practice. Feeling discouraged from all kinds of sports, Asahi was reluctant when her friend asked her to play a double badminton match to substitute for a member who could not play. Surprisingly, Asahi found out that she has talent for badminton… 

MY THOUGHTS: Though the overall story line was a little lame, to be frank, some elements of the story were definitely worth the read. Not the better ones, according to me, but for just six chapters it’s decent. Short and simple, I suggest a try only if you have time to spare.


  • Strategy play
  • Genii
  • Stubborn plays and friendship growth
  • Old man coach
  • Nice art


  • Weak main lead with SLOW development
  • Arrogant because of his abilities: male lead
  • Sudden start, sudden end


That’s my picks for Obscure Titles To Try! and Day 6 of #12 Days of Manga.

Have you guys read these yet? Have I convinced you to give it a try? Let me know below~
Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow.
(Quietly reading in obscurity)


14 thoughts on “Reading In Obscurity (Day 6)

  1. As a complete newbie when it comes to the world of manga, having only read just a few titles, this post was very helpful. I will definitely be referring to this post again when I’m in the mood to buy/read some mangatitles.
    Yes! Halfway there now Auri, and all of your posts for this event were highly entertaining 😀 Good luck on the next half 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha those ratings are brutal. Pick if you’re jobless…!

    Obscure manga is lovely. It’s not always about following the mainstream! Too bad about how some of them are more than slightly flawed according to your post, though.

    Oh, halfway there, yay!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So there I was, thinking that I will be able to say proudly that I have heard of these manga series (Yes, heard of!). But now, all I have in the list is Horimiya, Oresama Teacher and Skip beat T^T
    I need more experience!!

    Manga is way more vast than anime so it’s easier to get lost in the crowd, since anime has been a bit more famous than manga too. But still I hope these diamonds in rough are someday given the recognition they deserve!

    *Sigh* It took forever to find this post but I’m glad that I finally did. It’s another great post, Auri! Consistency at its best!

    PS: Pick if jobless 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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