Nandemonaiya and Kimi no Nawa: A perfect match (Day2)

I remember watching Kimi no Nawa this year, when a classmate graciously gave me the downloaded file as a late birthday gift, in my living room.
I sat, alone, the curtains drawn shut, the lights switched off, the room dark and the colours outside grey and blue smudged together. Just as I liked it.

Your Name, was one of the few anime I had watched without reading the manga, and the second anime movie I had watched on my television instead of the computer screen.
It was a beautiful story, but it was when Nandemonaiya played that I started to cry. Tears and tears rolled down my face and I caught myself singing despite hearing the song for the first time.

It’s nothing, don’t mind it

Image result for radwimps
RadWimps- the creators of Nandemonaiya

Just a week or so ago, I told my friends that if I had to relate instruments to emotions,
“The piano would be sorrow, guitar nostalgia and violin plain regret.”

In Nandemonaiya, the piano and guitar  blend to form something heartbreaking and tear rending.
While I, for one, already have a record for being overly emotional with music, anime and movie, this one being all three physically hurt me.

Even ignoring the beautiful lyrics, the music alone does things to the heart. A true blend of melancholy, nostalgia, regret and sorrow, this is probably one of my favourite anime songs yet.
The underlying theme of missing someone gently tugs at your emotions and makes you think of someone who left as well.

A brief review of Kimi no Nawa to understand characters and plot

The story focuses on two main characters- Mitsuha Miyamizu, a schoolgirl in rural Japan who desires to live in the city even though her fate and family is intertwined with the town, and Taki Tachibana, an aspiring architectural student in Tokyo who lives a typical high school student life with a part time job. With the passing of an unusual comet, the two start dreaming of out of body experiences, in which they quickly realize that these aren’t dreams, but the actual experience of swapping of their bodies and consciousnesses.

How Nandemonaiya reflects the entirety of Kimi no Nawa: A theory

The sorrowful gust of wind that blew right between you and me
Where did it find the loneliness it carried on the breeze?
Looking up at the sky after shedding a stream of tears
I could see for miles of blue, it’s never been so clear

There’s a strange emotion associated to falling in love with someone you never met. It’s a sense of happiness so great, it’s pain; it’s a feeling of loneliness so large, it’s sorrow.

Related image

Taki-kun has this strange sense of sorrow about him, which mostly manifests in his quick temper. It’s the sorrow of forgetting what you love and the forgetting of the reason of your sorrow. The sky mentioned in the first verse matches perfectly with the comet falling in the movie, and how it’s everyday things like wind remind him of something (someone) that is missing from his life.
But this something has escaped the memory of mind, and the sense of loss cannot be described, much like how the blue of the sky can only be called ‘sky blue’.

Speeches that my father gave me would always make me despair
Somehow, I feel a warmth and comfort today
Your ever kind heart, the way you smile, and even how you find your dreams
I knew nothing, so honestly, I’ve always copied you

Mitsu-chan had a turbulent relation with her father, a control freak who is standing for elections, and found herself withdrawing into herself just to avoid being associated with her father.

Image result for kimi no nawa mitsuha father scene
Mitsu-chan’s father

Mitsu-chan also found strength from Taki-kun, especially when she lived after Taki-kun took over some days of her life. The strange romance that blossomed out of never meeting one another but being each other, drew on their strengths and helped them cover for their own weakness.
But I feel that the ‘kind heart’ referred to here is her grandmother, who single-handedly brought Mitsu-chan up and into the beautiful person she became.
Image result for kimi no nawa mitsuha grandmother

Now, just a little more
Only just a little more
Let’s stay here a little longer now
Now, just a little more
Only just a little more
Let’s stick together just a little bit longer

I think this verse is self explanatory as to the lake edge where they meet, knowingly, for the first time.

Another scene that set of tears

Tragically, their time runs out just as Mitsu-chan was about to write her name on Taki’s hand,and so, understandably ‘just a little longer’.
One of the extremely tragic scenes of the story includes Mitsu-chan looking at her hand only to find ‘I love you’.
There are no words to describe the feels of that scene……

Oh yes, we are time fliers
Scaling the walls of time, climber
Tired of playing hide and seek with time and always coming just short
Crying even when you’re happy
Smiling even when you’re feeling lonely
It’s because a part of you
Has made it here before the rest has

Again, this chorus alone gives us the gist of the whole movie. The tragic reality of loving someone you can never meet, the happiness of finally being able to do that and then the bitter disappointment of falling short.
Both Taki-kun and Mitsu-chan wake up to tears at the beginning of Kimi no Nawa, without a reason.

Image result for kimi no nawa taki crying
“Why am I crying? I don’t know. I just know that I’m missing something important, and so I spend my day searching. Searching for something, someone”

I used to wish upon the stars, the toys that I once adored
Forgotten now, are rolling ’round the corners of the floor
Finally, my dreams have counted up to a hundred today
Someday, I’ll trade them all for just the very one

Image result for kimi no nawa taki room
Dreams on paper
Stars meet Taki-kun. Taki kun meet stars.

With this verse we can get back to Taki, in the time between after he meets Mitsu-chan and time which he forgot about his dreams.
“Someday, I’ll trade them all for the very one” 
There’s this desperation about every search he conducts, everything he draws. Desperation and longing.

Girl that I have seen in school, that never have told “hello”
After class today, I waved and said, “See you tomorrow”
It’s not really that bad trying something new every once in a while
Especially if I can do it with you by my side


I have a feeling that after Taki-kun changes Mitsu-chan’s image, she does start talking to some more girls in her class.
Because ‘it’s not that bad trying something new, especially with (Taki) you by my side’.

Even if you’re not around in this wide world
Of course it surely would have some kind of meaning
But if when you’re not around in this crazy world
Would be like the month of August without summer break
And if you’re not around in this great world
Would be like Santa Claus without any glee
If you’re not around in this wide world

Once again addressing both their feelings when they stop their body switching, the break precisely describes the desolate feeling of missing someone.

Image result for kimi no nawa lonely

Oh yes, we are time fliers
Scaling the walls of time, climber
Tired of playing hide and seek with time and always coming just short
No, never mind that
No, never mind what I said now
‘Cause I’m on my way to you

Related image
Getting ready for the excited meeting at last!
Related image
“No never mind that, because I’m on my way now”

You’re quite a showy crier
Want to stop your tears, see your eyes drier
But when I went to wipe your tears dry
You refused but I saw them pouring down your face, I knew why

Related image

He knows why, because he himself was crying too.

Recently, I read in a book, “Time is circular, but memories aren’t” and the only thing I could think of was Kimi no Nawa.

Now, excuse me while I go listen to Nandemonaiya again. (And cry of course)

Crying even when I’m happy
Smiling even when I’m feeling lonely
It’s because the heart of mine
Has made it here before my body

Related image


Thanks for reading!
What do you feel? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know below!

43 thoughts on “Nandemonaiya and Kimi no Nawa: A perfect match (Day2)

  1. To say that this post struck a bit of a chord in me is an understatement. Wow, really, Auri, this is one of the best posts that you have ever written. It really describes your feelings in such a personal an beautiful way, that I can’t help but feel moved by it. Music can really add so much to a movie…it can make you really experience a film even more emotinally then without it. I regrettably have still not seen this film, but I just checked and saw it will finally be released here on dvd early next year. I had already heard great things about it, but after reading this post I know that I am really going to be in for a terrific experience.
    Truly an amazing post ! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never did understand the father part of the song—now it is painfully clear. I also didn’t realize that the meaning of the song bounced back and forth between the two in the lyrics.

    Such a beautiful song. (I, too, have lost many hours just listening to it and losing myself within the music. There is one remix on YouTube in particular that always strikes a chord with me.) Clearly, you understand the emotional weight of the song, as this lyrical analysis is wonderful!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I thought this was a wonderful post! I think you made me see Nandemonaiya in a much different perspective, and I appreciate that 🙂

    Radwimps’ version is very nice but if you haven’t listened to Mone (the seiyuu for Mitsuha) singing her version of the song, you gotta get on that immediately. It’s like a whole another experience 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This a great post Riri!! So raw and emotional, and yet another perspective to appreciate this movie.
    I was struck by your statement: “There’s a strange emotion associated to falling in love with someone you never met…” because as fans we know exactly how that feels right?

    Liked by 2 people

  5. When I watched the film for the first time, I felt this sharp pain when Taki found out what actually happened to Mitsuha. The whole plot after that just kept on urging me to cry, and still I wasn’t able to (It’s a problem of mine). While some of my friends kept asking me why I got emotional, I wasn’t able to describe it because I didn’t know.
    Reading your article now has cleared all of my doubts. I can now feel the sadness and pain yet again, it’s so nostalgic and relatable. Loving someone you never really met, thanks for letting me fall in love with the song as well as the movie once again. Truly, this review was a masterpiece!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Not being able to cry sounds bad, Ryu-kun. And also a little un-relatable to me, because I pretty much cry for all shows. (Real life is different though XD)
      I felt similarly for BTS’ Spring Day though….
      I talked about that before too.

      Ah, you flatter me! Thanks so much Ryu-kun~
      Glad you liked the post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh trust me, it is hard.
        Back when I was new to anime, I was able to cry but somehow I lost that ability of mine. It’s actually quite frustrating to not being able to shed tears even when you want to.
        I hope I can regain my ability to cry again XD

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post. I still need to see that movie. I feel like a hipster because I’ve followed Makoto Shinkai’s earlier work. I rewatched The Place Promised In Our Early Days Today, and boy did it still hit me in the feels. Hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do plan on watching it. Your Name is on my Netflix DVD queue and I do want to see that film. This movie and Children Who Chase Lost Voices are the only Shinkai films I haven’t seen yet. Have you seen his other works?

        Liked by 1 person

  7. AURI!

    I completely missed the posts you’ve done after Day 1. I usually just go down the spreadsheet and open everyone’s links so maybe it wasn’t updated? At least I have a lot to look forward to now.

    Contrasting the films key moments and themes with the lyrics to the song is a really neat approach to take, and you’ve handled it incredibly well. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I know this comment is just a little late, but I revisited this post now because I just finished watching this movie. Honestly, I didn’t read the entire post the first time because I wanted to watch the movie first…and I’m very glad I did. I went in not knowing anything about the movie other than the fact that the two characters meet at a mountain at some point, lol. And what an experience that was… Everything happened so fast, I didn’t know what to feel, but that scene when Taki-kun finds out what happened to Mitsuha…let’s just say I couldn’t keep my eyes dry for the rest of the movie. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the soundtrack, but the songs only intensified the emotions.
    I’m listening to Nandemonaiya as I write this, and the song somehow sums up what I felt while watching Your Name…and like you said, the lyrics give a gist of the story.
    I want to talk about this movie in person, though….

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow finally I found the meaning song nandemonaiya, Because I did’nt understand song earlier, but now i know the meaning. Thank you for made this !! 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

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