Birthday Parties I’d love to attend… in manga!

The last time I did a post like this, it was about my favourite endings of manga to celebrate/ commemorate the end of my academic year.
So if I do a birthday post, would it imply it’s my birthday?

Well, yeah, it does actually. I turn sixteen today.

Honestly, my birthday is not my most favourite day of the year. I felt at edge. People who generally never greet me when I greet them wish me for a chocolate and relatives who ignore me during festivals call up and act like we have a great relation.

But, this year, I was looking forward to it. For a change! The main reason was because I, well, I kind of don’t mind that people do that anymore. I sort of… grew out of it? Whatever it’s called, I feel so much more easier mentally these days. I mean I’m practically celebrating everything and being all gung-ho about sports and stuff.
Ah well, I like it. Don’t know about the people around me, haha.

So yeah, I digress. I’ve basically made a top n list of manga characters I’d like to celebrate my birthday with and the best birthday arcs in manga today!
As always, they are in no particular order.

  1. Mogami Kyoko’s Birthday (Skip Beat)
    Image result for skip beat kyoko birthday
    This is definitely one of my favourite scenes from Skip Beat. Kyoko had no idea that her birthday was going to be celebrated. She had only planned for Maria of course!For Kyoko, who never celebrated her birthday specially before, this was probably one of the best treats she got.
    And getting Princess Rosa from Ren? Let’s not even start!
    Yup. This is one party I’d loved to have been invited to. I mean, I don’t even like being around a lot of people, but this is still a party I’d like to attend, so you can imagine…
    I actually don’t like parties in general, unless they are like, small. Like really small.
  2. Kei Takashima (Special A)
    Image result for takishima kei birthday manga
    Haha, I’m such a Haikyuu addict, I actually typed Tsukishima automatically first…
    Kei Takashima is one of the characters in manga I really look up to. And his birthday celebration is practically my most wanted.
    Just him and his seven friends, together on a trip and a sweet party ( Can we call it that?)
    *Sigh* I want to celebrate like this. But I’m not rich enough for Akira’s mansion, haha.
  3. Hori Kyoko (Horimiya)
    Image result for horimiya matching rings

    Ah, Horimiya. I’d live my whole life like Hori if I could. Not really, I like my life too…
    But well, this year, I’m planning to celebrate it just like her~
    She spent her day with Miyamura and her family, just normally enjoying the day. I want to do that too. Just me and my friend who watched Special A with me, a huge cake and we’ll eat it together. I really hope I’ll be able to do it before today ends…

  4. Ayase Chihaya (Chihayafuru)
    Image result for chihayafuru chihaya birthday
    Another really nice birthday arc I adored was Chihaya’s. The whole Karuta team goes for an overnight trip, and she doesn’t tell them about her birthday, so it caught her completely off guard when the boys escape from Taichi’s strict mather to celebrate her party.
    They bring cake and all of them share it on the beach, if I recollect rightly.
    Also, Taichi’s the one to take the last piece, despite Chihaya’s attempts.
    It would have been great to be there, and I wouldn’t mind a celebration like that, but I guess I’d rather not be surprised like that. I don’t like it when someone sees me cry. So if by any chance I DO react like Chihaya, I won’t like it.
    Aish. This is a conundrum.
  5. Machida Yuki (Namaikizakari)

    Namaikizakari. 35

    As I thought, celebrating it with only a small group is the best after all. Yuki-san doesn’t tell many people about her birthday either, so there’s no particular celebration as such.
    A couple of friends and sisters, brothers (she has a lot) give her gifts and Naruse-kun talks to her nicely (?).
    Small groups are nice, hm..

Well, comparatively shorter than the rest of my posts, here are my picks for Birthdays I’d like to attend if possible.
Today, in the evening, after school, I’ll be trying my best to have a similar celebration, so I’ll be leaving now.
Hope you all have a great day (and me too!)

Be sure to leave your picks in the comments below, I think I might have missed something in the hurry of leaving to school, haha!

14 thoughts on “Birthday Parties I’d love to attend… in manga!

  1. Well….first off: happy birthday. I usually love them, despite some of the things you mention that can certainly at times also be annoying about birthdays 😊 Really enjoyed reading this post, truly a cool and original idea for a post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday! 😀
    Right now, I can’t remember any birthday celebrations in manga, but I do love those you mentioned. (I haven’t seen that of Namaikizakari’s though since I kinda stopped reading it.) Out of them, I loved Kyoko’s the most, too! Even I was surprised when I first read it! And I loooove Ren’s gift for her. And how he’s the first to greet her. And how Moko tried to compete with him (and actually won LOL).

    Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying (or enjoyed?) your birthday! More to come! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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