For All That was

It is nothing that matters.
Later it will be everything that does.
It is always there.
And I already know it wouldn’t be so.

Yet, somehow, I never react.
Never speak or ever thank.
It is but a hand now.
It will be so much more than a hand tomorrow.

Just a right that fits in my left.
A position I pretty much take for granted.
And the voice that accompanies it.
That brings me so much peace
that lifts my spirit and mood;
I never yet said how much it means.
But, I hope you know.
That I’ll remember you today
and many years’ tomorrow.

Years away, I will be sat
on a bench, a table or the floor,
with my left palm open,
For you and all that was.

Haha, this poem is dedicated to my friend who watched Special A with me…
I can already see her getting annoyed and saying, “What bro?! Shut up, we’ll stay in touch the whole time, don’t act dumb”



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