I,Me, Myself

In this story there’s only me.
A Villain, a heroine, and a side.
Only one person.
I, Me and Myself.

At first I didn’t know who I was.
I was happy and admired.
And so I thought myself to be
A pretty person, yes, that was me.

Then I realised I was usual.
Good and nice.
Life was boring. I was boring.
We both lacked spice.

I never liked normal characters.
I wanted excitement.
Enticing danger and evil that lurked within.
And so I drew one for the plain plain me.

Claimed I hid my thoughts.
A stone mask on my face.
Desire and Depression
was what I made.

Promised me I was a liar.
Spoke laced with hurt.
Half unveiled things I wanted explored.
Conveniently under the mat the rest.

For me the world was myself.
In my hands, and so I shaped.
Making life as I wanted it.
Enticing. Exciting.
Entirely Disgusting.

And yet I was seen as good.
And nice.

Things changed. I wanted out.
There wasn’t an escape.
I made myself
something I always wanted.
I made myself me.

A me I never fathomed.
Never thought could exist
And here I am.
I, myself- a terrible me.

And yet I wondered
What did I think of myself now?
After these mistakes. After this sins.
Now that I was no longer boring?

I tear at my own face.
To get off the mask.
I want see what I am.
Is it just a mask?
Can I still take it off?
I want to know what I feel.

I don’t know what to think,
when there’s only one thing
I feel when I see me.



20 thoughts on “I,Me, Myself

  1. I don’t know whether this portrays your actual feelings, but I can relate to what you’ve written. Maybe I should start my own blog and do a bit of poetry as well, because I feel really motivated after reading this. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks!
      I don’t really relate to this. Not completely at least. Here and there, yeah sure, but not fully. I guess…

      Yeah, you should do a bit of poetry as well! When you do, attach a link!


  2. Interesting piece. I think everyone at some point in there life goes thru the motions of questioning there actions. Just maybe not to this degree but it happens. thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. This was just hypnotizing. And so accurately described the feeling of living with yourself, and wanting to be someone else, to become a new you. Interesting how everyone took it to a different place

    Liked by 1 person

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