When All is Lost, They’ll Still Be There – Friends and Friendship in Anime

Hey again!
Auri is back! Haha, back with a super long post after a super long break that is.
And if you guys are wondering, then yes, this IS the penalty for my collaboration with Remi-senpai.
From now it shall be two thousand words, so watch out, here I go!


My view on friendship may be considered romantic and over the top, but it is my view, so I’ll just stick to it, *grins*

For me, someone who doesn’t make friends that quickly, they mean the world to me. I would do anything and everything for them, regardless of what it would cost me. Many would do this, so I’m nothing special here.
However, the reason as to why I have few friends is probably because of who I regard as friends.

I may talk and laugh with many people, I may even share some personal thoughts with them, but that doesn’t always make them my friend.

For me, if I say someone is my friend, then that means that I gave my trust to them. So things like betrayal don’t matter to me. And that’s because once I gave them my trust, its theirs. They can do what they want with it and I would be fine with it because I was the one who gave it willingly.

I don’t expect them to be the same way towards me, it’s just what I mean when I say I gave my friendship to someone.
Names aren’t important to me at all. I mean, I like them but I don’t have any problems with being friends (like how I define them) with people I haven’t seen before. You bloggers all know who I’m talking about.

I honestly have bad opinions about love, so having friends is more important to me than love.

Strange? Complicated? That’s me.



Keeping in mind my definition of friends, if manga characters were real, here’s who I’d like to be friends with, what I’d do with them, what kind of friend they would be and what gifts we would exchange.
That said, this list like any of my other, is in no particular order even though its numbered.

  1. Kudou Senri (Seiyuu ka!!)

    Image result for kudou senri
    I want more piercings because of him and GD ❀

    Even though Hime is probably the more friendly person in the manga, it would be Senri who would catch my attention. (This is, of course, ignoring my obsession of him)

    How we would become friends
    Most probably it would be me who would have initiated the first conversation in this case, as rare as that is.
    Friendship may have blossomed because I could see through his tsundere attitude which is a shield to hide his fear, one that I too share( the fear that is, not the tsundere characteristics)

    What we would do
    Hmm.. I would get Senri kun to teach me all the nuances of voice acting and acting, cause that would be sooooo cool! We might spend evenings acting out our favourite scripts and such. But most evenings, we wouldn’t meet because he would be spending time with Hime (his girl friend, duh).
    So, probably more contact through emails and blogs and such.

    What sort of a friend he’d be
    Senri kun is the one tsundere friend that most of us have. He would rarely speak up and express his emotions, but every single thing he does would have some sort of a significance to it.
    Being friends with him would mean you know there’s someone always there who will understand you regardless of whether you understand yourself or not.
    He’d make a great friend and one I would cherish.

    Gifts we would exchange
    I’d give him and Hime a matching set of ear rings. Or a cat accessory. Like a handmade scarf or something.
    He’d probably buy me a book I wanted to read or art supplies.

  2. Tsubaki Sawabe (Your Lie in April)
    Tsubaki Sawabe
    Most of you already know that she’s my favourite character in the anime. So it’s obvious that she’d be the one I’ll be close to. Or want to be at least.
    How we’d become friends
    Mostly, we’d meet each other as we leave school late, her after softball and me after Taekwondo.
    I would have given her a wide berth as she’s always with Arima, but might have a word or two with her.
    Most likely, we’d meet in the late night walks or school fests and become friendlier.

    What we would do
    Now that’s a really hard one. I don’t think we’d actually meet up that often, but like I said, that doesn’t affect my friendship. More often than not, Kaoru and Arima would probably accompany us wherever we go, so it’s not like we’d do anything special. Perhaps go to the local comic bookstore, batting cage and cafΓ©s.

    What sort of a friend she’d be
    Tsubaki is the sort of friend who would be energetic and drag me around to do fun things with her. But most importantly she’d be the one who can lighten my mood up anytime. She’ll be the sort of friend you’d call up when you’re in a bad mood and feeling down.

    Gifts we would exchange
    I can already see myself getting a huge packet of sweets, chocolates and bubblegum from Tsu-chan, haha…
    I would probably give her a hand painted jersey with “Tsundere” written on it.

  3. Mogami Kyoko(Skip Beat!)
    Image result for mogami kyoko
    As much Kudou obsessed I am, Kyoko obsessed is also true! So its a no brainer that she’d be up her on the list…
    How we’d become friends
    Three things could happen-
    > She sees some handmade charm/ keychain hanging on my bag
    >I go to the restaurant she’s working in to have food
    >We bump into each other as we buy a magazine with Tsuruga san on its cover.

    What we’d do
    I’ll watch dramas with her, have DIY sessions, exchange portraits I drew for her handmade chibi dolls of idols, accompany her to shootings, make food together, study together and obsess over fantasy stories.

    What sort of friend she’d be
    She’ll be that one friend who shares about ninety % of my interests, so anything I want to do/make/watch, she’s there for me.
    She also shares my opinions on love and friendship (to an extent) so conversations and debates would be something I can always do with her.
    Boisterous and hyper, Kyoko would definitely be someone I’d love to be friends with.

    Gifts we would exchange
    All sorts of handmade things. Let’s just leave it at that.

  4. Kuroo Tetsurou(Haikyuu!)
    Image result for kuroo tetsurou
    Kuroo was someone I always wanted to meet. I find myself similar to Kenma and so if those two are best friends, won’t we be too?
    How we’d become friends
    I’d probably run into Kuroo at a sports store. He’d actually be buying volleyball essentials while I’d just be browsing for cool jackets.
    I’d find the conversation between him and Kenma interesting and eavesdrop on them. (Ahem) Kenma would probably notice that and let Kuroo know, who would then initiate a conversation…

    What we’d do
    I’ll cheer for him during his matches and he’d teach me a little about volleyball too.
    He’s another friend who I probably wouldn’t meet that often face to face, but contact more over the phone or things like that. Maybe Twitter?

    What sort of a friend he’d be
    Kuroo for one would be that annoying, I’m Always Right, Haha You Did It After All sort of a guy. What do I mean by he would be?! He IS!
    Still, Kuroo-kun is the friend I’d boast about to others but never agree that he’s okay in front of him.
    However he is the guy who’d always be easy to share to. Not all embarrassing things but most of them. Actually, you know what? Let’s just stick with fun.

    Gifts we would exchange
    I’ll definitely get him volleyball themed phone straps and headphones with Nekoma written on them.
    He’d mostly get me some K Pop album or poster (hopefully GD) over which I’ll fangirl till I die….

  5. Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu!)
    Image result for kageyama tobio
    Well, obviously my list has to have more Haikyuu characters in it. I mean, is there even a question about that?
    How we’d become friends
    I’d probably meet him during the training camp because I went to cheer Kuroo kun on.
    He might have served but it goes off course and I retrieved it or something. Maybe.
    Or we could meet during his morning runs and my walk’s overlap in timing.

    What we’d do
    Strategise about his matches and exercise together mostly. He might help me out in Taekwondo practice but it will be the other way around more often than not.

    What sort of a friend he’d be
    At first looks, I’d think he’s scary and serious, but then I’ll realise what a dork he is. He’d be the kind of guy who’s there to support me silently despite not really trusting me. This would take some time to work around but I think that having Tobio kun as a friend would really pep things up in the boring routine.

    What gifts we’d exchange
    Much like Kuroo, I would give him some sport related thing, maybe shoes? I have a strong feeling he’ll forget my birthday, so some last minute gift like tasty, lovely cake would make its way to me. Mmm….

  6. Nana Mishima (Area no Kishi)
    Nana mishima fc manager
    Another cool, famous person on my list, it’s the national level women’s football team’s Nana-chan!
    She’d be the one I get close to, despite having a similar hairstyle to Araki (Mine’s better honest)
    How we’d become friends
    The midnight park trips would be where we’d meet. I do that often despite my mom getting worried about my safety. Since she used to get worried, I just used to take her along. Anyway, I digress.
    I’d meet Nana chan when I’ll be trying to jump off the wall or something when I spot her slaying football. I’m sorry, I meant playing.
    I’d start up a conversation and offer to be a dummy obstacle for her, which she may agree to.
    Slowly as the days pass, we’d actually talk about personal things, but the connection would mostly cut, as I’d not want to interrupt her sessions with Kakeru kun.

    What we’d do
    We’d probably not meet up often after the first few months, what with her super busy schedule, but I think we’ll still see each other once in a while- just to chat over snacks or things like that.

    What sort of a friend she would be
    Nana chan would be the friend who you can never think bad of. She’s the type of person who’ll help everyone out and push her own worries away. I’d want to help her out a bit, but I won’t push, just like she never would.
    Nana chan is the sweet, yet non fake friend that I would really be grateful to.

    Gifts we’d exchange
    I’ll constantly give her little gifts- hairbands, flowers that she’d like, clips, chits, things like that. On her birthday, I’d get a sports bottle or amusement part tickets for two. (All you ANK fans know what I’m doing here, ahem)

  7. Wakamiya Shinobu (Chihayafuru)
    Wakamiya san, finally you arrive.
    How we’d become friends
    I’d find her interesting the minute I’d see her, so the only thing is to meet her. This could happen at a shop, manga fanmeet or the train station. I’d subtly get her to talk to me and we’d exchange mobile numbers at the second meeting.

    What we’d do together
    Not much. Perhaps talk about tv shows and manga or just accompany each other in silence.

    What sort of a friend she’d be
    Honestly, with Wakamiya san, we’d be sort of aloof. I wouldn’t want to admit she’s made herself a place of trust in me and neither would she.
    She’s the type of person who is extremely loyal but sort of tsundere at the same time. She’ll be one of my most valued friend because even without really talking or doing anything we’ll be able to understand each other.

    Gifts we’d exchange
    It’ll probably be something small but touching. I’ll get her a karuta card keeping box, with something I painted on it. She’d give some sort of keychain with a quote that I love.


That’s for my list of people I’d want to be friends with. I still have a couple more, but these are the ones I would LOVE to be friends with, so they made it.
And I crossed two thousand words, phew. That was hard, long work.

Well, now I pass the baton to Remy senpai, be sure to check out his post too. The offer still stands senpai, cover a song for me and you’ll be exempted. 

For now, I’ll relax awhile and read your choices and preferences. So be sure to let me know what you think of my list and who would be on yours!
Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoyed!
Until next time.


24 thoughts on “When All is Lost, They’ll Still Be There – Friends and Friendship in Anime

  1. Such a sweet post. I really loved how you narrated the first meet between your friends. Was smiling throughout. And to choose one among them is tough..I will read it again and let you know😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wooohooo..! You are back, welcome back πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ And right off the bat you are starting with such a wonderful post. Really enjoyed reading this one. I would choose Tsubaki for a friend as well, because honestly she is a character that I can relate too, and really understood how she felt throughout the entire anime. Mainly because I went through a similar situation that she went through as well. So yeah, she would my choice 😊
    Great post, and as I mentioned, glad to see you are back! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hmmm…well….going through the list of animes that I have seen, two other characters spring to mind. One of them is the Major from Ghost in the Shell (she is my favorite anime character of all time, but…probably very hard to become friends with lol). Another character that I loved is Mei from Another. Simply because she was such a loner, but still remained strong throughout the entire series, despite what happened to her 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome back!!
    Really unique post, I loved it ^^
    I would love to be friends with Tetsuro kun from Nekoma…Nana chan is a big yes as well! But no one from Kuroko no Basket? -.-
    Don’t you think Aomine kun is the coolest guy ever? ❀❀❀ πŸ˜› And Karma kun has to be on my list as well. Haru chan from the Iwatobi Swim club is someone I really admire. Todoroki kun makes the list, because of his rational approach towards things and his natural talent πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to many more posts like this, keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, the list is long as it is!
      I have like ten others to include but like I said I had to pick out a few!!
      Karma kun, yes yes yes!

      Someone for KnB? Captain kun, duh.
      Sugawara for another Haikyuu and Yurio for Yuri on Ice, I have a lot….

      Glad you liked it!


  4. Welcome back!
    It was an interesting read and I really loved imagining the scenarios you set up with each of the characters. You really thought about it a lot, huh?
    I would want Kuro to be my friend too, well he resembles my BFF a lot so I’m sure we would get along.

    SHINOBU CHAN ^0^)/
    If I somehow manage to befriend her I would gift her those quirky T-shirt she’s fan of…….. Well, if she tells me to wear them too it might be a problem XD

    Liked by 1 person

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