Drawing Human Faces is still no Joke.

Well, since my last attempt   didn’t turn out very satisfactorily, I sat down yesterday and tried again. With a vengeance.

And with great pride and honor, I can say that I , Acacia Aurora have succeeded.
Truly and properly succeeded.

For, now, you can actually identify who it is.
I think.
Aish. Just check it out.


Did you get it?

It’s G Dragon again!
I improved right?

The picture the drawing was based on was the one below.

Related image

I made the hair sort of manga-ish, but I didnt want to erase and try again just in case I spoiled it, so….

There are still some mistakes, but it’s better than last time’s so I’m pretty satisfied.

On another note, my exams are done. God only knows how I did, so let’s not talk about that.

You probably noticed that I’m turning up only once in a week on WordPress, it’s going to stay like that for a while.
I just started using twitter, not much too, just artwork and things like that, so if you guys like, you could drop by there- same username. I check that more regularly.

Ok, then!
That’s it, I’ll be gone for another week!


25 thoughts on “Drawing Human Faces is still no Joke.

  1. It looks really good! Because I didn’t know who it was, I thought you were drawing Justin Bieber. After seeing the picture you referenced I can say it looks amazing, keep up the good work!

    -Luna 🙂

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  2. This is looking great. If you don’t mind, here are some comments:

    1. By having that thick out line around the perimeter of the hair, it makes the drawing very flat. By controlling the line weight, it can quickly add depth to the drawing. Where the light hits should be a lighter line weight while darker places shouls have heavier line weight.

    2. When drawing lips, the top lip tends to be darker than the lower lips as top lip slopes in and casts a shadow, while the bottom lip slopes out and catches light.

    3. You might want to push the contrast higher to make the drawing more pop. Right now the tone goes from light gray to dark gray. The area under the chin can be significantly darker than what it is now.

    I hope these help. Keep up the good work!


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          1. Sorry fir replying late, last few days had me going 12 hours. Well, trying is all we can hope for, and I’d be grateful. As you read, I’m a writer & created my characters using a character creation tool, but am curious how some would look drawn. I have a artist on retainer who drew Blackrose, my vampire cat woman, but she won’t do my elf girl, and the others since they are in erotic works. I’m not asking for nude pics of em, just if I do get my works published into comics/manga the artist will have references.

            I’ve tried deviant art, found one artist, but he won’t reply anymore.

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            1. Oh wow, I’ve got some actual work! This is really fancy!
              Ok, so yeah I’m up for this but I’ll just give you some advance points about me right now-
              > My drawings will be PG 13 because I myself am not 16 yet…
              > I may take quite sometime to get back to you with the finished work as school is sort of messed up right now
              > I have never drawn characters by myself without a reference before and have no idea how it’ll look.

              If you’re still fine with having me give a try then please send me the descriptions of the characters through the contact page.
              Looking forward to working with you!

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              1. Well, PG 13’s good, as I said I didn’t expect you to draw them with their clothes off. The three I most want done up have clothing on, but the characters are anime based. I do have pics I took of them and their description sheets, (arm size waste size etc. if you’d like to use those to help you draw them.) If so, please allow me time to hunt the pics down. And take what time you need, I understand, I’m in no rush.

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                1. Again sorry for the lateness in replies, the heat messes with me to the point I don’t want to do much. Anyway, what I’ll do is post an entry with my Slayer, Aki Yoshira and my elf princess’s pics and link you to the post through your contact page. Would that be ok?

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  3. I love different types of faces, no matter how they are drawn. How I wish I could draw like you, nonetheless, there are some other things I can do well. Well done for a job well done.


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