Drawing Human Faces is No JOKE!

Hey guys!
I finally started catching up on artwork again, but this time instead of an anime / manga picture I tried to draw a real human. It’s my first time drawing something like this, so any feedback or tips would be gladly accepted!

Most of you would have known by now that I’ve sunk deep into the Kpop fandom, even though I stan only two groups mainly…
While BTS is my number 1 (duh) , Big Bang is the other group that’s on my list.
Today, I tried to draw G- Dragon or Jiyong-nim , who I should warn is my favourite in BB.
His song Crooked is really awesome by the way.
If you’re interested in seeing where I draw, you can take a tour of my room here.

First off, here’s the picture I based my whole work on.

I think the pic is from a photo shoot for Loser, but I’m not sure.

Honestly, right from the sketch things were hard.
Here, check out my progress…

It didn’t look like him AT ALL!
Final sketch after several tries and before colouring.
After colouring.
Completed sketch! With Ji-yong written in Hangul.

That was the result of five and a half hours of toiling and my Blood, Sweat and Tears(ARMY got that?) XD

Hopefully, I get better, because if you observe carefully GD nim’s nose is longer in my drawing *cries*  I’m sorry GD!!
Anyway, I’ll be working on a BTS sweatshirt, which may or may not be finished in this month, who knows?

As always, thanks for reading and please share your opinions in the comments below. Again, any help is appreciated!


47 thoughts on “Drawing Human Faces is No JOKE!

  1. Hi, I am a professional designer, I hope this helps. Please understand, none of this is suppose to sound mean in any way:

    1. The right eye’s horizontal length should be shorter. If you look at the photo, the lengths of each of the eyes are noticeably different.

    2. The teeth does not look like it is biting the necklace. By increasing the overlap and showing more white, it should look more three dimensional.

    3. There is barely any contrast in the image, both sketch and color. The darks should be a lot lot darker, especially in the shadows. This will make the image more pop.

    4. It seems like you mixed color pencil with pencil. This usually lead to dirty look. I recommend start with black color pencil if you are planning on coloring it later.

    5. The shadows and the bottom of the shirt seem very rough, it seems like you used more energy to make it that dark. While energy is important, by making more softer strokes, it should give you darker but still soft tones. It will take longer but it should look better.

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Your realism art is wonderful!! I love it! 😄😄
    And I really like how you made the bottom of the shirt look faded.
    Great job! I hope to see more of your art on your blog!😊😊

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  3. It’s really good! You did an excellent job on the lines and colors! Just add more value to the face (lol I know when you do anime it’s hard to make the switch). GD is sooo hard to draw I’ve tried to so many times and I can say you did really well! ❤

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  4. Erm, you are kidding here right? Seriously this looks amazing. You have incredible talent,and I think if you keep working and practicing more and more, your work will only improve more and more. Absolutely amazing job. Thanks for sharing these 😀

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  5. I have recently heard of this band as it was merely trending for awhile. He has a unique look about him..very gender fluid. I’d say you did an amazing job so far with the sketch, as you rightly put it, drawing human faces is no joke.

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    1. I’m happy you liked it!
      And I’m even more happy that GD caught your attention. You should really try some of their songs! Being the GD fan I am, I suggest you hear Crooked first, haha, but any of their songs are good so…
      Thanks for reading!

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      1. I’ve had a listen to the artist Rd by your recommendation -Crooked. Though I am not a fan of k pop usually, I admire their enthusiasm for the music videos. It’s very interesting to watch and I do like the chorus in particular.

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  6. Pretty decent job on the hair.

    I don’t think it’s possible for people to draw faces that look like living humans, or at least there aren’t a lot of people who can do it, but for an animated interpretation, you did a great job. If I saw this design in a cartoon, I’d totally know who it was based on.

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