When a mangaka starts showing off: Beauty Pop

Recently, I’ve been browsing through some manga that I’ve read before but never bothered continuing and finishing them.
I just flip/ click through the pages just admiring the art or reading the comic scenes alone.

During this journey of mine, I revisit Beauty Pop, a manga which I feel exists only for the mangaka to show off her art skills.

Organising the supplies

Author: Arai Kiyoko
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Basic outline

“Although a truly gifted hairstylist, Kiri Koshiba has no interest in using her talent to pursue fame and fortune, unlike the three popular boys in the “Scissors Project” at school. They give showy makeovers to handpicked girls, determined to become the best makeover team in Japan. As much as Kiri tries to shy away from the Scissors Project spotlight, she finds herself responding to beauty’s call… ”
Summary (from manga fox)


Fleshing out the details

When I was a couple of chapters in, my only question was, “Wait…. Is every chapter going to be like this?! How… boring…”

In all the chapters I’ve read till now, someone who doesn’t look good tries to get help from Scissors Project, gets rejected and turn to Kiri, who then helps them in secret.
Honestly, the story is repetitive, annoying and wholesomely tiring.

It was like the only reason the manga even existed was so that the mangaka can show off her drawing skills….which I have to agree were awesome.

Image result for beauty pop manga
The Scissors Project

The detailing of the hair and eyes are extremely well done, the clothes were one of my favorite part of the art too, and the attention to the face structure is to be noted.


Image result for beauty pop manga
That sentence is so repetitive , it’s the refrain of the manga!
Image result for beauty pop manga
Check out the hair.
Image result for beauty pop manga
Like I said, face structure




Image result for beauty pop manga
The use of shading is great too.
Image result for beauty pop manga
Kiri at work!
Related image
Background uses shading to its maximum and best.

Final Outline

While, several other manga have amazing art, some even say ‘better’ , like Skip Beat, Horimiya, Special A, Chihayafuru,etc; Beauty Pop’s art style is something to keep an eye out for.

The attention to detail is really surprising, and the difficulty level for the art in general is seriously high. (9.3/10, maybe?)

I can only imagine the time it would have taken to complete one panel, never mind a whole chapter!
The style, I felt, was slightly exaggerated, especially when you take a closer look at the hair and clothes in particular.


Submitting my entry

I have to say that as much as the storyline disappointed me, the art pleased me twice of that!
The whole manga was eye candy and only got as far as I did because of the art!


Reading the manga would be something like visiting an art exhibition, for there is a lot to admire and adore.
At the same time, if you are more interested in story, I suggest you give Beauty Pop a wide berth, as it is very slow and lacking in that aspect.

I must say that Beauty Pop was like watching a friend show off- it was annoying to say the least but at the same time it was strangely satisfying to watch how talented s/he was.

However, I am surely going to check out some more of Arai Kiyoko san’s works, with hope for the same pretty art and perhaps, a better storyline.


As always, thanks for reading! Have any of you read Beauty Pop? What’s your take on it?
Do you know any other manga that was similar- either in art style or story?
Make sure to let me know your opinion in the comments below!




12 thoughts on “When a mangaka starts showing off: Beauty Pop

          1. That makes sense. I kind of branched away from shojo for a while because everything was the same. I find that I can only really get myself invested in shojo if I’m feeling like it. I agree with you. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Darn it, I’m always bummed out when there’s beautiful art and a bad storyline, it just rankles because I want both! Good art and good stories in one package, is that so much to ask?! T_T
    This said, I’m definitely skipping this one then :’)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really sad Nes-san!
      But I’ll confess- I’ve read some just for their art hehe.
      I personally don’t think you’re missing out on much if you skip so go for it 😛


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