Character Challenge: Answers to the collaboration with Remy Fool!

Hi again! This is a follow up post on the challenge that Remy Fool san and I had taken up as a collaboration.
For our attempts check out the following!
Remy fool’s attempt and My try.

Basically we sent each other three prompts which described characters briefly. Then we tried guessing who we thought the prompts matched.
When we both finish we’ll get back again, revealing what the answers are. Then, we’ll count who got the most correct (if at all) and the one with lower answers writes a two thousand word post as penalty!

What Remy Fool had to say about my try- (I copy pasted it, btw)

This is Auri’s attempt at guessing at my prompts. All in all, she did pretty good. She nailed the first character! I totally had Miyamura Izumi from Horimiya in mind when I submitted that description.


Unfortunately, I was thinking of Akiyama Mio from K-On! for the second one and Agamatsu Soubi from Loveless for the third one. Still, I realize that the second one was pretty unfair since I was quite vague. So I think Ayuzawa Misaki counts! Two outta three is decent! I’m worried I’ll bomb all three, wahaha.




How Remy Fool did-

1) Cool looking guy with terrible eye sight.
Well, I was definitely thinking about Akane Yanagi from Horimiya too, so there’s one point.

2) Brown haired girl who writes in a sketchbook instead of speaking for a particular reason.

I think our manga overlaps a lot hehe. Megumi Yamamoto from Special A it was! And there’s another point…

3) Highschool boy who likes studying and doing things that make him smarter but hates school and goes through severe character development.
Remy Fool did not attempt this one, bowing out gracefully….
Anyway, I was referring to Tsutomu Komano from Chihayafuru also called Desk- kun (Tsukue kun in Japanese) .

Tsutomu Komano




After realising we had a tie on our hands, we decided to both take the penalty together, so look forward to that two thousand word post not so soon!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!






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