Ten Tear Drops

It was our promise.
Do you even remember?
Only ten tears to be shed.
Do you care anymore?

You Told my crying to stop.
Set a limit. Of ten tears.
Only ten for my fears.
And me.

Why did you leave?
Ten is too less. Eleven too much.
Help me.
I’ve reached nine already.

The first two were for the tumble off the tree.
When you helped me, did you forget?
Another one when the cat ran away.
Just like you did. Away from me.

For a whole week it was fine.
Suddenly waves washed over me.
I was happy. And yet, I drowned.
Two more gone. Five left.

One tear slid down my cheek that night.
At night, do you think of us?
I tried to stop it. But I remembered drowning.
Do you hate me too?

One gone while watching that movie.
We watched that together, remember?
And another for the song.
Do you still sing the way you used to?

There were only two. And I was careful.
Just like you told me to be.
Things were all fine. I was finally flying.
That was our wish. Do you recollect the wings?

I forgot. And went weak.
Was that why you left?
Lost a tear. Only one was left.
By then, were your plans made?

The last tear falls now. For you.
That you were the cause, I never would have…
And now the tenth tear has fallen.
Did you keep count? Or was it a lie?
The last tear. At that time, I was to leave crying
Just like you left me.
But that tenth tear drop lasts for ever.

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