Character Challenge: A Collaboration with RemyFool!!!

You know, once in a while I decide to think of some strange idea. Why? That’s my way of relaxing, enjoying and dragging busy people along to do something that is silly and fun (I hope).
This time, I have got Remy Fool from The Lily Garden along with me to try a new challenge! If you missed our last time’s collaboration posts , check them out in the following links.
Day 1– Top 3 Tomboys: Remfool’s Picks and  My picks
Day 2– Top 3 One shots: Remyfool’s choices and My choices
Day 3 – Top 3 Cool Old Dudes: Remyfool’s Top three and My top three
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Day 5 – Worst 3 OTPs : Remyfool’s list and My takes here!

Today’s collaboration is a little different from what I’ve done before, so I’ll explain our idea shortly.
Basically we sent each other three prompts which described characters briefly. Then we tried guessing who we thought the prompts matched.
When we both finish we’ll get back again, revealing what the answers are. Then, we’ll count who got the most correct (if at all) and decide a penalty for the one with lower answers(?) The last part I’m not sure about, what do you think Remy-senpai? (Can I call you that? Or is it Remy san?)
Anyway, getting to my answers… here I go! I don’t think any of them match btw…
1.A black haired guy who has a poor self-image and self-confidence.

Image result for miyamura izumi
Miyamura now and then!

The first and only person I thought of was Miyamura Izumi from Horimiya( Which is a brilliant manga, I’ve read it three times and it still cracks me up.)
Miyamura, I confess, changed over the course of time, but he still doesn’t have a completely good opinion of himself.
He was terribly low in self confidence, going so far as to even fearing that the person he liked- Hori- would spoil her image if she stuck around with him.
He would rarely talk to people and always felt that they were better off without him.
His development over the story is heart warming and he made himself a place very close to Kudou Senri kun, who is at the top for me!

2.A black haired girl who alternates between being prim and being hysterical.

Image result for kaichou wa maid-sama misaki
Enter a caption

I honestly thought of Wakamiya shinobu san first. But she didn’t really fit, because she’s never prim.
Misaki chan doesn’t match either (read the word hysterical), but she was the closest.
I read Kaichou wa Maid sama quite a while back, but it wasn’t one of the first manga I read… Still, I enjoyed it and Misaki chan is swag. Well Usui is too, but Misaki is today’s topic.
She is pretty prim in several situations like in the café where she takes her job seriously and then she becomes seriously flustered when Usui gets there.
Another manga that’s enjoyable and has great characters!

3.A white haired guy who smokes and has glasses.
Seriously, when I read this I pretty much got the feeling of falling into my own trap.

Image result for anime confused gif

The only white haired characters I thought of were Zero Kiryuu and Makarov and they both don’t where glasses!
And I didn’t read manga with the main character who smokes, because it sort of annoys me. But that’s only me.
Anyway, so I sat and did some research and read some stuff…and chose the first character I saw. Gomen  *deep bow*
Franken STEIN
Stein from Soul Eater. I don’t know much about this guy as I just picked the character. I cheated. Gomen. I have a bad feeling I’m going to end up with the penalty.
Thank you for reading! Who do you think fit these descriptions? Write your guesses down in the comments!
Look forward to Remy senpai’s(This is fine, right?) post too!
Update: The preview is coming up in two columns and it doesn’t look nice, does it show up like that for you guys too? If it does please please let me know and I’ll try fixing it!

13 thoughts on “Character Challenge: A Collaboration with RemyFool!!!

  1. Hmmmm I won’t say how you did. I will try to get back to you by the end of today. By saturday night at the latest.

    Your post came out fineeee but I’m looking via mobile right now.

    You should be the one who comes up with the punishment. My twisted mind is not helping here.

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