Pencils to Paper: Recent Artwork

So much for going all out blogging during vacations…
Here are a couple of pictures I drew during the past two weeks. Currently, I’m working on a painting of BTS poster, but it’s super hard so I took a break *grin*.



A simple sketch really. Mostly because I didn’t draw any of the faces, haha. I was pretty happy with the results though!


A guy in abandoned subway station listening to music.

This did not come out like I wanted it to. It’s the second painting I have ever done in my life, and I ended up smudging the face a bit…
Also, I forgot that the light should extend till the floor and stopped it halfway and the guy’s legs are way too thin. *sigh*


Guy in subway.


Yuri on Ice! Chibi

I gave the original to my friend as a gift and this was really fun to make!


What do you guys think I should draw next? I want to draw but can’t find a good picture… If you know any cool ones, please link them in the comments below and I’ll try doing those!

Thanks again for reading and have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Pencils to Paper: Recent Artwork

  1. You’re a great artist. I especially like the first one with no faces. Maybe something from a studio Ghibli character would be interesting to draw and see. I also love to draw but unfortunately I haven’t been able to as much lately.

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