Lasts, anyone?

Like I mentioned last time, today was the last exam of my tenth grade finals. Many friends are leaving, though I’ll be staying in the same school. Our paths diverged. Once again, it is time to say goodbye.
In commemoration of finishing another year in school, (and life, though that should be on my birthday) I’m doing a special post about manga endings.

I divided the post into two lists-

  1. Five endings I enjoyed
  2. Five endings I hope I’ll enjoy

And like any other lists I do or plan to do, I have many more I couldn’t fit in, these are just the first ones that I thought of. They are not in any order and are not reviews of the series but rather just the endings.



  1. FLY HIGH (Oouichi Natsumi)
    Image result for fly high manga

    Ok, I confess. The manga had an open ending. *smiles apologetically* I liked it though… I actually reviewed the series before, oh wait, I didn’t. Never mind.

    Anyway, they end the story after solving the major plot issue but don’t show who Meru likes back (?) / chooses. ( I think that’s because no one can really decide, they both fit… and to those people who remember that embarrassing moment I talked about? Yeah, this is it…)

  2. GAKUEN ALICE (Higuchi Tachibana)
    Image result for gakuen alice manga
    This series is one of my favourites. The whole story captured my attention all the way through and I absolutely adored the ending!
    The fact that the story had started with Mikan chasing after Hotaru and ended with Mikan going after Hotaru again was just… *sobs* FRIENDSHIP *wipes away stray tear*
    It was just so apt. Just perfect.
    I know that most people didn’t like the manga because of the age of the protagonists, which was ten. I feel that was done only so that in the ending they were teenagers. I think. Still, ignoring romance between kids and all, it was a really well developed story.
  3. SEIYUU KA! (Minami Maki)

    I LOVE this manga. Aw shucks, I have so many favourites…. This series made me cry. It’s not like a tragedy manga or anything, but the fact that I could relate ALL the characters really got me hooked on.
    A typical, cliché ending really, but no complaints. I still loved it. Despite the happy ending.

  4. SAYONARA FOOTBALL( Arakawa Naoshi)
    Image result for sayonara football manga
    Hell, I’ve gone on and on about this one a lot of times in my other posts, so for the review check it out here!
    Despite losing the match, she gets a standing ovation and all happy right? However, she might not get another chance to play with her friends again, she knows it and accepts it and her love for the sport and her friends win.
    Agh. Bad explanation. Just check it out, it’s only about 11 chapters so it’s a quick read!
  5. KOE NO KATACHI (Ooima Yoshitoki)
    Image result for koe no katachi manga
    Haha. Of course I had to include this! Again a happy ending but after the whole story any ending would be happy…
    It’s really awesome, if you haven’t read/ watched it, I’m begging you, Watch It!!!


  1. HAIKYUU!!! (Furudate Haruichi)
    Image result for haikyuu manga
    I really like this manga. Like really really really really really really really really really really really really really really like it.
    Generally sports manga end when they get into the nationals but Haikyuu just went ahead and I was like, “What.”
    Anyway, I hope that the ending is awesome. Like really really really really really really really really really really really really really really awesome…
  2. SKIP BEAT (Nakamura Yoshiki)
    Image result for skip beat manga
    Well, this manga doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon and honestly I don’t care if it doesn’t. More fun for me*sings tries to sing*
    Seriously though, I sense a happy ending but I don’t think it’s for a long time. *sighs happily* I don’t know what type of ending I want, but I’m sure it’ll be good.
    It must be… right?
  3. CHIHAYAFURU(Suetsugu Yuki)
    I have absolutely no idea where this is going!!!!! Taichi just went all anti-hero on us and I LOVE IT! His character finally has some development!

    Image result for skip beat bo

    I very obsessively need to find out where this is going to end….

  4. BABY STEPS (Kachiki Hikaru)

    Generally, sports manga go like this- Win. Lose. Practise. Lose. Try harder. Win. End.
    So when Maruo lost in the first, second, third and fourth important matches, it really made me sit up in my seat.
    And then he lost again. And again.
    Whatttttt?!!!! Just?!!! Happened?!! Yaish! Win already! I never thought I’d say this after watching KnB totally overpower the opponents and Cross Game and Haikyuu make an awesome comeback, but Maruo!!!!! WIN DAMNIT!!!
    I have no idea how, where and when this thing’s going to win, I mean finish, but I’m looking forward to enjoying it. A lot.

    Again, it’s a wonderful manga with humour and romance but I don’t see how something so good can end. That’s a problem with good stories, endings always seem lacklustre.
    I sense another happy ending but Hori and Miyamura deserve it, so I’ll shut up and say no more…


I can’t wait to see how they all end even though I don’t want any of them to end. Just like this year…. So, do you agree with my list? Which endings are you hoping to enjoy but don’t know whether you will or not? Do let me know in the comments!
Bye and thanks for reading!




22 thoughts on “Lasts, anyone?

  1. I’m not familiar with some of these, but have watched the anime for Baby Steps, Chihayafuru (I NEED the manga in my life! lol The anime ended with no sign of a sequel), and Haikyuu!! So I’m hoping for a good ending for them all as well! I did read Koe no Katachi (the ending was perfect) and Skip Beat! though so can say I completely agree with you on both points 😀. In some ways I’d like to see a conclusion for Skip Beat!, but on the other hand (aside from all the waiting) I think I honestly would be totally fine if it continued for yearrssss lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh! Yes to all of these! Although I dropped Seiyuu Ka for some reason, so maybe I should get back to it. Hmmm. I also am not familiar with “Sayonara Football”. What is this?!!! I must know!!!! Anyway, great list.

    Liked by 1 person

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