Nanaco Robin : Why I didn’t like it.

When I had caught up to the latest chapter of Skip Beat, Chihayafuru, Area no Kishi, Haikyuu, Horimiya, etc. I wanted to start a new manga. This was a while back (I’m late with the review, sorry ^^)

Seeing that Nanaco Robin was a completed series and had all the genre tags that I like- Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo AND that it was only 12 episodes long, I began it enthusiastically…

The plot was interesting despite cliché what with Konatsu kun’s attitude and everything.

Yoshino Nako has a saying. “If I’m happy, I can do anything!” For her sister, Nako-chan steals the groom of an arranged (political) marriage and helps them elope. But when the Hayami group starts falling, she must pay the consequence by housing the groom’s rumored delinquent younger brother…The younger brother, Konatsu, seems to glare at all students who see him. He used to be a leader of a gang [as rumors said]. The two, Konatsu and Nako, are rumored as couples and start a crazy life living together in one house. How will this progress?!


Unexpectedly , the story line pulled out very uninterestingly.
I am ashamed to say- actually I’m not. No. I’m disappointed to say that I couldn’t finish the manga. Even though it was only twelve chapters long.

The art is decent but the storyline being lacklustre sort of spoiled my interest for the drawing style too.

Nanaco Robin 1
The Starting


While it’s fine to follow and implement some overused themes in a story, there must be some kind of character development or humour or something!

Strangely enough, I didn’t find it funny either.
The characters were predictable, there was no subtle hints of romance or humour, the manga presented in such a way that I couldn’t care to know what was going to happen next.
I was more like, “Meh. Who cares?”
Sure, there are several manga like that, but they can be read to pass time at least. Nanaco Robin, was dry as a desert and I couldn’t help but bail out.

Nanaco Robin 3
Konatsu kun in Naka chan’s house- a summary.


And so, due to it’s exceptionally boring story and a complete lack of everything, I ditched it after chapter 3.

MY RATING: 3/10 (because I made it to chapter 3)

Maybe I’ll find time to complete the story during my upcoming vacation. Maybe. Just maybe.

Have any of you guys read this manga? If you have, please do me a favour and let me know if it gets any better further in. Thanks again for reading a not- review like Yuri!!! on Ice!
Another reminder, the Password Post 2
 is out and first place is still vacant.
Bye and see you later!

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