Haikyuu: Johzenji or Nekoma (Open Discussion)

Celebration time!
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Why, you ask? Oh, you see… My last and final exam for tenth grade is tomorrow and once it’s done I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manga, Anime, Kdrama, BTS, all day every day!

Anyway, getting back on topic. This is Open Discussion #2, the last one being Anime: Sub or Dub(Open Discussion). I really had fun with that one(hope you did too) , but I decided to go more generalised for this times post and so I’ll also increase the time limit from one week to two.

The results for Sub vs Dub are as follows-
SUB- 6 votes
DUB-3 votes
NEUTRAL-2 votes

One of the best things in Haikyuu! is the fact that teams other than the main school and their rival team are focussed on as well!

Honestly if I were asked to choose between these two teams, I wont be able to choose. Still, I’m throwing this hard decision on you guys (*evil laugh*)
Like the order we followed last time, I’ll give some points of info about each team and let you guys talk and decide!


  1. The Boys’ Volleyball Club banner reads “Simplicity and Fortitude” in accordance with the team’s former playing style.
  2. Terushima has said that Johzenji defeated Shiratorizawa once in the past. In recent years, however, the team became average, having decent defensive ability but lacking offensively.
  3. One year prior to the series’ current time period, Johzenji’s dynamic completely changed under new leadership and with the addition of the current 2nd years. With the intent of “rebuilding the team from the ground up”, the new coach Anabara had its members practice through two-on-two matches against one another.
  4. They are in the top 4 teams of the prefecture.
  5. Their match with Karasuna is EPIC!
  6. It is often referred to as the “party team” by other opponents due to the players’ easy-going attitude and lack of formation.
  7. The players often set up attacks from the back line, save shots with their legs, randomly change positions, or even attempt to copy their opponents’ tactics. Johzenji is very adaptable and the players are usually able to keep the rhythm up throughout the match, making them quite formidable opponents.


  1. Due to the players’ flexibility and solid receives, the Boys’ Volleyball Club team is nicknamed “The Cats”, also an allusion to the school name.
  2. Rival of Karasuno. (Battle of the Dumpster)
  3. Before matches, to “set the mood”, Nekoma players would always recite the chant: “We are the body’s blood–flow smoothly and circulate oxygen so the brain functions normally”.
  4. Nekoma is also a member of the Fukurōdani Academy Group, which is composed of teams from the Kanto Region. For years, the schools have been holding summer training camps and practice matches with one another.
  5. So far, Karasuno has never won against Nekoma in their practice matches.
  6. Kuroo and Kenma duo are amazing.
  7. They have a lot of screen time and their interactions with Karasuno are entertaining!


Ok guys- up to you now! Take over!




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