Anime: Sub or Dub(Open Discussion)

This will be the very first open debate I’ll be having here- So don’t forget to participate. Give your views in the comment section and if you have done a post related to this topic, link it too!
There won’t be a winner or anything. I’ll just be counting which choice got more comments/ votes and getting back to you in a week with the results!

Let’s begin!

This is a topic or choice that all anime fans have to make when they begin to watch a new anime. Subbed or dubbed?
While most of the non anime fans I recommend an anime to prefer to watch it dubbed, I personally choose subbed.
However, I don’t know which I like better. I’ll list out a couple of points under each of the topic to get you started and then you can take over. Do give your views and opinions!


  • The voicing is better than that of most dubbed. More emotion and the ages match the character. A lot of dubs have old sounding voices for younger characters and it ticks me off. It also has a realistic feel to it. Most dubbed voices have American accent for non American characters!
    The lip sync used to be a big deal but its fixed now, mostly.
  • It helps you learn another language comparatively faster. It is proven in studies that when you listen to a language, you pick it up faster. So watching anime subbed will comparatively teach you a language faster!
  • Subbed anime gives you a better humour effect. Word puns for instance make no sense when dubbed. If you take some time out and check out the joke in the actual language, it gives a better feel. Matching sounds, rhymes, songs, puns, they all sound better.
  • You have more anime to choose from. Not all anime are dubbed to English, so you have more content! (eg) Chihayafuru, Skip Beat!
  • You can join the pop culture to support Seiyuus!



  • You can concentrate on the art, animation and general pictures more in dubbed. Unlike subs, you needn’t keep an eye out for the subs and be distracted by them. You can give the required focus to the story especially in sports anime.
  • Some of the classic anime are dubbed. Like Pokémon, Yu yu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball Z. Once you get used to dubbed anime, it’s hard to let go. How many of us can visualize Ash talking Japanese? I can’t.
    The voices attract viewers in their own way.
  • Watching subbed anime with your non anime loving friends can be a pain. When you have dubbed anime, that isn’t an issue anymore. More people, more fun right?

Okay guys. your chance! Take over and give your points! Have fun and feel free to contradict me and criticise my choices (I don’t mind). Just gently, yeah?

39 thoughts on “Anime: Sub or Dub(Open Discussion)

  1. Whether it is Anime or a normal movie, I always prefer watching it in the original language. In almost every case, the original (voice) actors bring the character alive, and give it that distinctive personality trait. Sure, I am not saying that the actors that dub a series can’t do a great job either, but almost always they can’t bring across the emotions that the original actors did. When I was younger I watched all my anime in the dubbed versions, but now I never do that anymore. So for me it is always the sub, all the way 😀

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    1. Yay! This discussion is a bit under since the moderator (me) is leaning towards the subbed… *Clear throat* so for fairness sake, ignore the previous post of this comment. One vote for subbed is all I did. Agreed? (^^)

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  2. Ah, the debate that has ended friendships, torn apart families, sunk ships… Subbed v. Dubbed! [insert horrified scream] LOL

    This is a tough choice, I tend to prefer my anime subbed, but really it just depends on if i see the dubbed version or the subbed version first. Like you said, some of my favorite classic anime series were only released dubbed when I saw them, so I have a really hard time watching them subbed. But on the other hand, when I see an anime subbed I just can’t watch it dubbed. A good example being Ouran Highschool Host Club, I originally saw it subbed, so when I saw it on Netflix a year or two ago I tried to watch it only to realize that it was dubbed… Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the dub, in fact I hear they did a really good job with it, but I just couldn’t make it past the first episode… it didn’t feel right.

    Awesome post! I’m curious to see what the others have to say about the topic!!

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    1. Thanks! I agree that everyone will have a different opinion on a topic like this. It’s based on our tastes really. It’s not that one is good and the other is bad. So having a forum where we can make things more interactive was my only idea.
      However, I for one will have to support the subbed, for all reasons I already mentioned. I’ll try keeping my intermediate speeches to a minimum and let you guys contribute.
      One question though. Which would you give your vote for in the end? Just got counting sake?

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  3. I watch a lot of stuff dubbed, but don’t minds subs when an English language option isn’t available. Years ago dubs were terrible so I can understand why some people would prefer listening to the native language. These days however US anime actors are good so my only issue would be with translated scripts that sometimes change the meaning of the Japanese dialogue.

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    1. At the same time, though, do you think the meaning of the dialogue is worth shifting to subbed?
      I mean, yes, each has their own advantages and all, but in the end it’s just about enjoyment isn’t it?
      So would it be a question of who’s enjoying what better? Like, got Yuri on ice!!! I watched it twice, once subbed and once dubbed.
      Personally I didn’t have much issues with the dubbed except that Yuri’s accent was strange…
      In the end I shifted back to subbed anyhow. Like pokeninja says is it which one came first? Or is it as raistlin put it, the feeling is different?
      What do you think?

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  4. Actually did a post on this a while back. As for me, it really depends on the show I’m watching. As you stated, I can’t imagine myself listening to Ash speaking Japanese. I’ve become so accustomed to his English voice that it would be too jarring a transition.

    On the other hand, I like to watch things in their natural tongue, whether it’s an anime or not. My only gripe with subs is that they are either too small or too low on the screen.

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  5. I usually prefer subs since that is out first and I get used to those voice actors. Only on special occasions do I watch dubs. For example, with Dragonball Z I need to watch it dubbed in English…or Spanish since I watch it like that first. 😛

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  6. SUB 100%. I prefer watching it in the original language. Some dubbed anime have been horrible in the past, especially some of the older ones. Not all of them are bad and some dubbed shows were quite good, but the horrible ones in the past made me not like dub as much.

    While I like sub more, I don’t think there can be just one answer. People have told me before that they watch dub because they have a disability and can’t read the subtitles at that speed, or that they simply have a hard time reading the subtitles. I agree that often the subtitles take away from the watching experience and graphic images. Others just prefer dub because they just like it better, and that is what works for them. Not much else to say about that. xD

    I guess bottom line for me is: I choose sub and it’s not for everyone.

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  7. I prefer subbed anime. I’m a non-native English speaker so I’m used to watching English films subbed from a young age. So I find it easy enough to keep up with text and graphics simultaneously. That said, my main reason for preferring sub is that the voices sound way more pleasing. Like you said, the emotions seem more emphatic in subbed anime. Picking up a bit of the language is definitely a plus.

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  8. It depends on your preference. As OtakuJudge stated. Dubbed were terrible at one point however they’ve gotten much better. I actually like Yuri Lowell, Liam O’Brian, JYB (Johnny Young B), Greg Ayers. Subbed has its perks, I like the VA for Natsu, Erza, Grey, Lucy & Ultear from fairy tail.
    Basically I sit in the middle.

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  9. Most of the time, I will watch anime in dub, but I don’t mind watching sub. Actually, I started off watching anime in sub because I wanted to learn a little bit of Japanese, and I did…somewhat…XD Now, I watch most anime in dub because I like to hear how well the voice actors and actresses play their characters. And also because I can hear what is going on while doing other things so that I don’t miss anything big happening in an anime.

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  10. I prefer watching anime in original Japanese, sub or no sub. But that’s just because I’m comfortable with the language. I don’t mind dubbed anime. Anime is anime regardless of what language you watch it. Of course, there are just some things that are lost in translation or the dreaded censorships or localization, but as long as a watcher gets to understand the story, that’s what’s important. Some people just don’t have the patience to read subtitles while watching anime. I don’t see why they should be criticized for preferring dubbed anime.

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  11. I prefer watching, reading or listening to something in their origin language so when it comes to anime, I prefer the subbed version mostly.

    Usually, the original actors portray the character as the creator intended them to be. Sometimes anime dubs get the casting wrong like a childish character somehow gets dubbed by a serious-sounding voice actor, it doesn’t really fit.

    However, there are some anime out there that have pretty good dub castings like, for example, Crispin Freeman as Kyon from the Haruhi Suzumiya series. Kyon, as a character, has a sarcastic and lazy attitude and Freeman nailed that. It all falls down to how well the actors are casted.

    But we don’t see that much often. D:

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  12. This was a great idea for a post. I’m a little late to the party..but I have watched many anime in subtitles, as many have stated, it gives more of that authentic emotion that comes across on screen and the jokes aren’t as awkward reading them with the voice acting. That being said I also think there are some great English speaking dubbed anime that have worked well such as Attack on Titan and Deathnote. But I’d go with subtitles as my final decision. ☺

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  13. I could really do either, but I do prefer sub because the voices sound better. I guess it depends on what one I hear first because I watched Sword Art while I was in the hospital (Netflix) and I heard it in English and now that’s the only one I watch. Otherwise, Crunchyroll is my source of anime and I tend to choose the sub version!

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  14. Yes, I’ve commented on this topic on a lotta blogs.
    Here’s something:

    I have even had Ph.D.s tell me that the movie/anime has to be in English because they can’t read and watch at the same time.

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  15. I typically watch dub until I run out of episodes to watch it in. But I adore both. Some voices are better in the dub than sub, but sub is clearly the winner. I like the sub because I can just read the sentences and then focus on the action. I don’t have to scrub to catch what a character says so I save more time watch ing.

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  16. I love it when most of the anime are subbed. Origins are much better than dub ones. Its like they are portraying the character on their own voices.
    baka sounds more awesome than idiot 🙂

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  17. The sub is always better. Unless you’re watching Ghost Stories, in which case the only option is to watch the dub. The series itself is mediocre at best but the official English dub is purposely insane and makes fun of the show itself all while sticking more or less to the general story of the show. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

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