The Liebster Award!

First off, looks like I’m back to my pretty much regular schedule of a post a week. As always, Thanks for the constant support!

When I logged in on WordPress on the computer (after ages), pleasant surprises waited for me!

Image result for bts happy gif

It was a new, nice award and an invitation to author on an other blog! Totally made my day…
Bouquets, banquets and chocolates to Zboudrie from Let’s Talk Anime.
It’s a fun blog to browse through, and has interesting character reviews and debates! Do check it out.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they have written for you.
  • Nominate 11 people and give them 11 questions to answer.

My Answers:

  1. Do you prefer animated movies or live action movies? And why?
    To be honest, I like both! But if I have to choose, I think I’ll choose live action movies because then I wont miss Marvel. (Animated movies don’t include anime right?)
  2. What/who introduced you to blogging?
    Good question. Way back when I was fourteen (lol) I already used to occasionally read blogs like Nice Job Breaking It Hero and Anime Girls NYC . I wanted to comment too, but I needed an account so I made one.
    I had another blog on weebly that my family knows about, but I didn’t do manga there for obvious reasons… Then since I made an account on WordPress anyway, I decided to go full on manga and anime! Recently, though, it has been including a bunch of other stuff.
  3. Do you enjoy fanart or fanfictions more? And of what? (specific show/book/game or general topic)
    I do look through both on a regular basis, but I enjoy fanart more. Probably because fanfiction tend to deviate from the original character line a bit. Not that I don’t like it… just…
    I like Skip Beat fanfiction and BTS fanart! Also Yuri On Ice! Basically manga and anime.
  4. Are you a dog or cat person? Or something else?
    I’m a bird person! No seriously. I don’t like keeping pets and I am fascinated with wings, so birds.
    Still, between cats and dogs, I love cats!
  5. Do you still have cable or do you pay for another service? Or do you just not watch TV?
    We go for another service. But these days, I hardly watch TV, what with finals, blogging and music.
  6. What character do you most relate to?
    I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but this character Kudou Senri from Seiyuu ka! is the one I relate to a lot. I wrote more about it in Top 10 male characters, my very first post here!

  7. Would you travel to space if given the chance and it wasn’t a fortune to travel there?
    Nope. I don’t know. Maybe? Mostly no. The reason I suppose would be the food. I don’t think I can stay up there for a month or more without tasty food.
  8. What movie are you most looking forward to or were happy you got to watch this year? (idk how to word that)
    I really want to watch Tranformers: The Last Knight, when it releases, hopefully with some of my friends…
  9. What type of dessert is your favourite?
    Image result for anime happy grin
    Dessert are my favourite!

    Chocolate cake, ice cream, pastry, you name it, I’ll probably like it!

  10. Are you a morning or night person?
    I love the night. The stars, the sky, the dark- it’s my home.
    I don’t mind getting up early- in fact I do get up early and go for walks- but at home, my curtains are always drawn, earning me stares from my mom. They only come open in the night.
    So, yeah, I suppose I’m a night person.
  11. Do you still collect DVDs/books/CDs or do you buy digitally?
    Books, I collect. DVDs of Mentalist I collect, but not music, which I get digitally. I would love to buy some BTS albums however.

My Nominees (Blogs)
Hell. Only 11 is hard! Sorry for those I didn’t nominate. I’ll do so next time or hopefully it makes its way to you…

  1. Two Happy Cats
  2. Matt In The Hat
  3. Kpop Khop
  4. Review Tales
  5. 100 Word Anime
  6. Woven Eclipse
  7. Anime Girls NYC
  8. Just My 2 Cents…
  9. Nice Job Breaking It Hero
  10. Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Reviews
  11. The Lily Garden

My Questions

  1. So, hi. What’s something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time but haven’t been able to? (Sorry weird question)
  2. Which is that one catchy song that’s been annoying you in your head, but you still enjoy it?
  3. If you could produce a manga/ anime/ movie, which genre would it be?
  4. In the previous question, which author/ screenwriter/ director would you ask for? (Given that you are exceptionally famous and all.)
  5. Would you rather- meet your favourite band in a fanmeet, or get 5 of their concert tickets for free?
  6. Do you have a post which people thought was funny, but you didn’t really intend it to be? If so which one?
  7. Are you a person who likes everything neat and orderly, totally chaotic or organisedly chaotic? (Ok, now I stopped making any sense)
  8. Would you rather- act in a movie with your favourite actor/ actress or meet them offstage in your favourite café?
  9. Your thoughts on moe / aegyo ?
  10. The blogger that you respect a lot?
  11. Ok, bye then! Last one, did you have fun? when was the last time you had philosophical thought?

Bye guys! Time for me to download some songs! See you!

12 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!

  1. I loved reading your responses! I know the questions were kind of random but you answered them well. I really am terrible at coming up with questions, haha. I too watch a lot of Marvel movies which is pretty much the extent of my live action movie experience. And I love the way you described why you enjoy the night. I solely enjoy night just because it’s quiet and I can do things uninterrupted. Which does make my parents a bit concerned for my well being, but it’s when I feel the most awake.

    Liked by 1 person

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