Here’s my last piece for my collab with Becky  from Woven Eclipse- Escape.
This picture prompt was the hardest in all three of them. Also don’t forget to check out our other works!
Here are her posts-
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
And here are mine-
Part One
Part Two

He skid down the corridor, cursing. Where the hell am I?!
The bag was heavy on his back and strangely, it was growing heavier by each step.
It’s guilt Leyrine, it’s called guilt…
“Shut up!”, Leyrine growled, ” I am NOT guilty!”
You should be… Maybe you’ll get a lesser verdict when they catch you…
Suddenly, it felt like he could hear footsteps behind him again. Using language that would have made his friends faint, he started running even faster.

Random details registered as he turned the corner. A fire exit. A flickering light. The flaking paint on the wall. Half torn posters.
He ignores all else except for the fire exit. Leyrine pushed the door, only to find it painted shut. He yelled in frustration and pounded on the metal door.
The bag dropped and the bills fluttered to the floor. He bent to pick them up, but the posters caught his eye.
He froze and then instinctively moved to read it.
He swore colourfully and started to stuff the money back into his bag.

Why did you do it anyway?
“Because it was MINE! MY idea and she stole it! The money’s mine!!!” He yelled and for once his conscience agreed with him.
Leyrine hated disease. Especially plague. So he searched for another exit.
They’re going to catch you. And they’ll torture you.
A sob escaped from his mouth, “No…”
Even if they don’t you’re going to get infected. Fever… all alone… Agony…
So much pain….It’ll be easier to die….
“Shut up! I can’t die!”
Oh please. Then you should not have tried to steal.

He saw a light from a distance.
Run… You still can’t escape… All is lost…You’re infected anyway…
He suddenly stopped.
If you go home now, your sister is going to get infected too.
He imagined her bright smile, all broken.
“no..” Leyrine dropped the bag.

no escape.
No Escape.

He screamed and as the train tunnelled towards him, one single step was all it took.
To escape.

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