Cross Game: A delectable baseball manga

Hey there! It has been a long time since I updated the manga part of my blog, hasn’t it? Well, today I finished Cross Game- the baseball manga and man. I absolutely LOVED it!
*Spoilers in this review*

First inning: Story
Like Ryuji neatly put it down, Cross Game followed, stuck to and made the best of every Cliche of the sports genre.
But the thing I liked best about Cross Game was the fact that despite these clichés , it’s still enjoyable. Other than that, I think it follows pretty much the same story a lot of sports manga follow- Dedication, Grit, Guts, Humour and tragedy sprinkled, Glory garnishing and served to enjoy.
Nothing special or new.

Related image
Same old. Same old.


However, I did notice that CG, much like Area no Kishi focussed a lot on the training sections of the stpry more than the games like in Haikyuu….


Second inning: Characters
Yes… here we come- my most adored section of any story- Character development and relations.
In CG, the characters were not only well developed, they had fair and equal portions of screen time. I enjoyed Akaishi’s and Azuma’s time a lot.
So- no protest here. A thumbs up for character development.

P.S- In the start I didn’t like Akane coming in, but I enjoyed it later on.
Image result for anime thumbs up gif


Third Inning: Female lead
The main thing that ticks me off is that thefemalecharacters!!!!! Why you give no respect! Showtheirgametoodamnit! *takes a deep breath* LIKE LITERALLY NONE SHOW THE FEMALE LEAD’S GAME OR EFFORTS!!!!! OH THE MANAGER- *rolls eye*
*takes another breath and actually calms down*
Ok. That was unfair. Like really unfair. Because Chihayafuru, Area no Kishi, Crimson Hero all show great respect to the heroine as well.

Image result for cross game manga
Fighting Aoba!

And Cross Game is awesome in this aspect. Aoba Tsukishima- you’re my idol. She and Kyoko are like waaaaay up there in my pedestal.

Image result for aoba tsukishima gif
You rock Ao!



Fourth Inning: Setting and drawing styles
Both these were simple. They were simple but that doesn’t mean they weren’t good. They were very good in fact. Just, in comparison to, say, Skip Beat or Special A, they seem a bit toned down- that’s all.

Image result for cross game manga background
Observe the school there…

Image result for cross game manga background


At the same time, early into the manga, the faces look a bit similar leading to quite a bit of confusion. It takes some getting used to.

Fifth innings: Humour and tragedy
They were in exactly the right quantities. They didn’t supersede the actual story but they weren’t spread out so unevenly that the chapters became a bit boring…
Wakaba was the main tragedy. I was totally expecting that though! Right from the start I was going,” She’s going to die. I just know it. She’s dying for sure.”

The humour on the other hand was subtle and sweet  like the romance. It was more play on words and situational humour.
The covers of the chapters were kind of funny too!
Image result for cross game manga

Image result for cross game manga
Sixth inning: Romance
Most sport manga, if it has romance, is the typical drama of rejection, break up and confessing( I’m looking right at you Crimson Hero)
CG, has been, by far uncontestably one of the best romance stories I have read.
Now some might be like,” What is she TALKING about? They don’t do anything. They don’t even say ‘I love you’! What romance?”
But that is exactly what it is. Cross Game focusses on the true love. Akaishi, for instance, he gets another chance to love Wakaba in the form of Akane and yet he gives it up. For what? Because he wants her to be happy and she is the most happy with Koh! Now that. That is just… *sighs deeply*
Azuma confesses to Aoba simply and easily, and his brother to Ichiyo. And under both those easy words and seemingly unserious confessions lay faith and will so strong that they would turn down the world for them.
Wakaba and Koh- the symbol of innocent love. Akane and Koh- A chance to get back what Koh had lost once. Let me quote here-
Azuma: ” You’d give up even the Koshien for her? ”
Koh: “Of course. Your brother survived without the Koshien. I can’t lose Akane.”
Then there’s the sister love and the brother love, the bromance and the friendship that shone throughout the series. Even Koh’s father’s relation with his dead spouse was heart warming.
Lastly, we shall come to Koh and Aoba. My favourite of all of them. He understands her. The desperation she feels by not getting a chance to play in the matches; the loss of Waka; the confusion created by Akane; and her love for the sport. She was the reason he started to play, after all.
“Ah, well. He did have the best teacher”
-Azuma to Ao(About Koh)
In the end, I still don’t know whether to pair Koh with Ao or Akane. This is what he says to her the day before the final-
“What about me?”
“Can I lie?”
“I love Aoba Tsukishima the most of all”
Image result for cross game manga
“Well, the only two people who can make Aoba cry are Koh and Wakaba.”
Whatever anyone says-The lack of kisses is not the lack of romance. Cross Game is as much a romance genre as it is sports. And nothing can change that.
I have fallen hard and true for Cross Game.
Seventh innings: Mentioning the author
That’s done a lot too. There was a character who looks exactly like the picher of Ryuoh and Koh and his gang say,” Who’s that?”
“Oh that’s the twin brother of the Ryuoh’s pitcher.”
“What a lazy author…”
While it wasn’t required at all, it did add to the humour.
Eighth inning: The ending
While the ending remained open ended of sorts, it was the perfect ending.
Koh might be with Ao or Akane. They might have won the finals or not. Actually, a lot of sports manga do that reach the finals and stop ending don’t they? Crimson Hero, Kuroko no Basuke,hmm…
Well, I suppose since the dream Waka had was Koh as pitcher and Akashi as catcher in Koshien ,but never anything about winning huh?
Still it was a nice bittersweet way to end the manga and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ninth inning: Cross Game wins 9.5/10
Why? Because I’m lazy to write. I have nothing more to say about it. My final rating is 9.5/10. Yippee.


Sorry about the lack of enthusiasm at the end. This post is 1000+ words!!! I’m exhausted with this surprisingly long review! Again, thanks everyone for your support! I downloaded the wordpress app, but the like button doesn’t seem like its working, so this is just to say that I AM reading the new posts but I have no idea whether its getting liked or not!

Password Post 2 is now out!

Also, for book reviews check out Bookasaurs where I did one measly post  a post too. Seriously though, it’s quite interesting.(This is the new feature I mentioned. A blog promo per week)

Thanks for reading! Be sure to drop in a line in the comments if you have anything to add at all! Cheers and *yawn* good night. Time for No More Dream by BTS… See you guys!

20 thoughts on “Cross Game: A delectable baseball manga

  1. I have not watched or read Cross game yet, however, seeing your post kind of awakened my sports fan side and now I’m practically dying to watch the anime and read the manga. I’m really grateful to you for the mention! Thanks for this great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cross Game. Man..what a hidden gem this was! I actually watched the anime before reading the manga. Both versions were excellent. If you ever get around to it, you should read Katsu. It’s by the same author, though there’s a bit more fanservice in it than CG. Not eyerolling amounts, but you get a peak at the main girl’s panties/body a few times.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I used to watch some of the episodes when I was a small kid, but I don’t really remember much of it anymore. I also watch a lot of Japanese variety shows, and Cross Game has been referenced in a lot of them. It’s cool. I’m a big sports anime fan, so I’ll probably (re)watch this anime, as I don’t really remember much of it anymore. I like sports anime that focus a great deal on the training because it makes me so excited to watch characters enjoying the fruits of their labour during real games. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of this old sports series. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I used to watch it when I was a kid but for the life of me, I can’t remember much of it. I’m not sure. But I definitely know about it. Perhaps I should rewatch it when I get to another sports anime mood. Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Pretty late in the commenting game DX

    It’s awesome to see someone’s love for Cross Game, I even shed a tear in the episode.
    It’s also one of the reason’s why I want to get into baseball along with Big WindUp but living in the UK, the closest thing is rounders and cricket.

    Rounders = Too Easy
    Cricket = Too Boring

    I really gotta read the manga but I don’t know if my sensitive heart could handle it…

    I’m going to start getting into commenting all over the place hopefully I’m not too much of a bother :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never too late for me!
      True, Cross Game lovers are always great to find!
      I find cricket boring too….

      Yes, I cried during cross game 😦
      You should give the manga a try though, you’ll like it! True, it is sort of touching, but I think it won’t be too bad. Not Koe no Katachi bad at least.

      Of course its not a bother! It’ll be fun really!

      Liked by 1 person

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