What lays inside

This is my second part of a three part challenge with Becky from Woven Eclipse! We sent each other picture prompts to which we had to write creative writing pieces. My picture is the featured image of the post…
Here are her posts-
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Also, this is my first short story I’ve posted on Manga Toritsukareru Koto! Yay!


It was a large city. One might call it pretty or beautiful or even peaceful in its crowd. But no one who has truly seen the city would say so.
The city was a blend of simple modern buildings and spooky, yet enticing in a strange way.

One such structure was the ancient door in the midst of secluded corner tucked away somewhere deep in the heart of the city.
And it was in front of this door that our protagonist stood, rooted to the ground, jaw slack in shock and his hand a tremble.
The door hadn’t opened for the past century. Or that’s what was promised by the locals. And yet, yet, he stood there in the gentle wind as the haunting tune wafted over from inside.

What could possibly lay inside?

A faery? Old as the wars of history, chained by iron chains and iron shackles, tortured in solitude, singing to keep its mind off the pain?

A hobbling old man? The Tyme Keeper, surrounded by little clocks, large watches, spherical clocks, tiny clocks, clicking, clicking. Always clicking. Always recording- bored and whistling?

A mother, scarred in face, strong at heart, sweetly humming to rock her baby to sleep?
Or a mother humming to wake her child who had slipped into slumber ages ago?

Perhaps a body lay inside. Its ghost keeping company. Looking into its past face?

Or maybe it’s a young girl, barely past her teens, woefully, wistfully trying to serenade her lover to bring her out to the world again.

What lays inside? He thought. And with nothing left to imagine, he walks away, the sweet haunting notes following him for the rest of his life.


But perhaps… he thought later, Perhaps inside lay someone, something, alone and lost. Hidden from the sights of everyone, but could hear loud and clear. So close yet so far.

Perhaps they lay inside all lonesome.

Perhaps they sang of what they thought lay outside.


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