In The Name of Love

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the encouragements and comments! I really appreciate it. This is my first part of a three part challenge with Becky from Woven Eclipse! We sent each other picture prompts to which we had to write creative writing pieces. My picture is the featured image of the post…
Here are her posts-
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

So yeah, my posts aren’t connected or anything , I just thought of taking it under the theme of emotions. Here’s the first one.


She lay on the lush green expanses
Under trees and the mixed blue skies.
A gentle breeze brings down tumbling leaves
that land, even gentler, a caress on her soft black hair.

A sigh. Wandering thoughts. Father. Brother. Lover.
Thinking about them all and all the love they did bring.
Strove to previse her, prevent her, protect her.
“Treasure you ” they’d throw at her, “Cherish you cherub”

And she’d seethe, burn silently, jaws clenched in endless fury.
Wanting to prove what needless protection made prevail.
Then she met him. He was subtly different. Daunting. Daemonish. Evil even.
And yet she was drawn. Drawn to those dark eyes that promised darker things.

Unlike genteel abstinence came merciless pursuit.
Relentless ,hard , violent love. A different one from what she knew.
They had clipped her wings, chained her heart.
He ripped the feathers , tore her heart. Said it was love.

Another leaf fluttered down, reminding her of a broken butterfly.
A tear slid down her cheek, warm in contrast to the surrounding cold.
Shook her head, trying to make forget.
Trying to not remember what happened after.

First were hidden scars. Then was visible cuts.
They had locked her away. He had shown her the reason for that.
Under the trees, she cried as she realised what had been done to her.
How she had been hurt. What she had missed. How she had suffered.

All in the name of love…


12 thoughts on “In The Name of Love

  1. Amazing post! I can definitely feel the emotion behind the post and it reminds me of how neglected one can feel, how love can be the greatest but most destructive force in one’s life. Thank you for the post! You 2 are doing an amazing concept and I am adopting it with my co worker so thank you again!

    -Luna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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