Just An Update (And an apology) ><

Aw Jeez! I’ve gone and done it again… The first time I started the blog I had one post in two months. I stayed active for couple of months after that and then went MIA for awhile. Coming back with apologies and promises to get back went for a toss, when all I did was the exact opposite! *bows head* I apologize once more.

When I checked my mail today after the last few weeks (during which I traveled out of town, met up with cousins and then forgot about blogging), I was flooded with new posts, likes , comments despite my lack of action.

Guilt washed over me… Especially when I saw Woven Eclipse’s wonderful work in response to our challenge- whichย I ย volunteered and then did this…..

So this is just to let you guys know that I’ll be back in a couple of days- a week at most and my plan of action would be this-

  1. Finish Becky’s challenge
  2. Get back to Remyfool for the collab that we planned.
  3. Actively read and catch up with everyone’s posts.
  4. Finish theย posts I planned!
  5. Start a couple of new topics.
  6. Contact kpop -khop and discuss my recent obsession with kpop…..


Once again, Thanks for sticking with me! Let’s get to work!

23 thoughts on “Just An Update (And an apology) ><

  1. Hey, it’s very nice of you to apologise, but really: no worries. Blogging is great, but it takes up time, and there are times that real life catches up. That said, your posts are always fun to read, so really take all the time in the word for them. Totally agree with all the comments above ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. No need to apologise Auri! ๐Ÿ˜Š I just did my challenge super quick cause I have lots of deadlines coming up for uni, so I’ve gotten all my creative writing out of the way ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Take your time, it’s your blog and you can run it at your own pace ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. Hey I finally got an idea!

      So, I thought we could send three/five (Please choose) descriptions to each other and choose the character we think could match the most to it. After doing all three, we could reveal who we were actually thinking about and then the one’s which had the most matches wins or something like that.
      (eg) A blonde haired girl with temper issues. If I send you that prompt, who’s the first character that comes to your mind? If you thought Hori, you do a small post on her.
      After you do a post for all three like that, I’ll tell you who I was actually thinking about- Kaori!

      Similarly, you give me descriptions of three characters and after I finish all three, you could reveal who you were thinking about! After that we can see if any of them match and if they do, then we’ll count to see who got the most. If you win, you can ask me for a gift and vice versa. We can skip this part if you want, though…

      I don’t know if you got it, I was a bit excited so the explanation went a bit weird…
      I think it’ll be fun though! Do you want to try this out?

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                1. Oh… okay then….
                  Three prompts-
                  1) Cool looking guy with terrible eye sight.
                  2) Brown haired girl who writes in a sketchbook instead of speaking for a particular reason.
                  3) Highschool boy who likes studying and doing things that make him smarter but hates school and goes through severe character development.

                  Those are your three! Looking forward to see your answers and prompts!
                  Seriously though, no hurry, take your time…

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                2. Mmm thank you. I’ll try to think this through.

                  Three prompts, then –

                  1. A black haired guy who has a poor self-image and self-confidence.
                  2. A black haired girl who alternates between being prim and being hysterical.
                  3. A white haired guy who smokes and has glasses.

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