Commemoration for 100 Followers and 1000+ Views!!

Yippee!! It’s been hardly five months since I began blogging and I am amazed that I reached 100 followers already!!
This time however, unlike last times introduction session, I thought I shall begin a challenge and nominate everyone of you, so as to get you involved in the celebration as well.
But before that Thank You all so much for staying with me and accompanying me on this fantastic journey despite the late sparse posts and slow responses…( Weekend Otaku, I apologise that I haven’t yet completed your banner. I feel so ashamed…. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as possible!)

Getting on with the challenge-


>This is basically a challenge where you’ll be writing about the following-

  1. Start with the first post you ever wrote. Talk about how it felt writing it and your feelings about it now.
  2. Give a shout out for your first follower. Are you still in touch with them? Do you have something to say to them? Here’s your chance!
  3. Your first like.How did you feel?
  4. The day you felt it was a terrible idea to start blogging.
  5. The blog you felt was your inspiration to write.
  6. How you designed and formatted your blog.
  7. The first comment on your site.
  8. First blogger who became a friend.
  9. The very last follower until today.
  10. A blog that made you feel your site needs serious improvements.

> There will be no nominations except for your first follower.
> That’s it. Have fun and be merry!

My nominees/ the 100 super supporters(their blogs)

  1. Middle Hyrule- The Ultimate Fanfiction Destination
  2. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
  3. Let’s Talk Anime
  5. Miss Talkaholic
  7. Denny Sinnoh
  8. Anime Girls NYC
  9. Woven Eclipse
  10. The Otaku Judge
  11. Lita Kino Anime Corner
  12. Nerd Confessions
  14. The Lily Garden
  15. Yurichan’s Blog
  16. simple Ula
  17. Dirty Sci-fi Buddha
  18. Reads, Rhythms and Ruminations
  19. Just… My 2 Cents
  20. Nia Shopping- Art and Technology
  21. Heart of the Healer
  22. The Maniacal Book Unicorn
  23. Raistlin0903
  24. Weekend Otaku
  25. EWIAN music
  26.  D Talks Anime
  27.  Mirror Purple
  28. Transcribing Memory
  29. Blame Chocolate
  30.  ToreishiGames
  31.  All Hail Haruhi
  32. Bookish Frenzy
  33. Yousoro!!
  34. 100 Word Anime
  35. Trash on the Curb
  36. Animetai
  37. Sweta Ojha
  38. Hyouka Blog
  39. 22:22
  40. Boba And Games
  41. Just Something About LynLyn
  42. K-pop K-hop
  43. Cocina Italy
  44. Prattle
  45. Sound Of Silence
  46.  Positive Vibes
  48. Thady’s Book Blog
  49. Geeky Girl Writes
  50. Bobble Anime
  51. My Little Corner
  52. Japanime Talks
  53. A Carraige return
  54. Marvelously Mismatched
  55. Palpable Emotion
  56. O Shaggy Re!
  57. Zelda Reville
  58. Leaf
  59. In The Cubbyhole
  60. Words Unleashed
  61. Just Anime Times
  62. Wormal
  63. Mechanical Anime Reviews
  64. Mel in Anime Land
  65. Vayne Line
  66. Old School Contemporary
  67. Demigod
  68. Teejay Kun
  69. Maggie Simple Life
  70. The Day in the Life of an Anime Otaku
  71. Roseviews Life
  72. Erudite Knight
  73. Rodrovich’s Anime Blog
  74. Mugilan Raju
  75. Amoura and Other Drugs
  76. Discobar Bizar
  77. Getting up Early
  78. Samantha Cara’s Journal
  79. Nyque Ambetsah
  81. The only shinyuu site
  82. Sonea Writes
  83. Nichi nichi chan
  84. LOUD
  85. Anju
  86. Snatched Out of Reality
  87. Belfast Foodman’s Blog
  88. Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Review
  89. purpleorangesite
  90. Plain Pasta and Plain Rice
  91. My World’s Journal
  92. Inkling Infornography
  93. Single in the suburbs
  94. Annadris
  95. Eunoia
  96. Csillarose
  97. Crystal empathy
  98. If you love manga…
  99. Blogs for Life
  100. Riccardo Sexton
  101. Site title
  102. Review Tales
  103. Archi Anime


Thank you all once again for the immense support and hope everyone has a wonderful time!

35 thoughts on “Commemoration for 100 Followers and 1000+ Views!!

  1. Wow, congratulations on 100 followers! didn’t we just do 50 followers? Your blog is growing nicely and you’ve already surpassed me, so you’re doing something right! (or I’m doing something wrong?) Maybe a nice new banner would inspire more people to follow 😉

    Take your time with that, by the way. I’m amazed that you’re putting so much effort toward it in the first place and I’m still really excited to see it finished. In the meantime I’ll look forward to more great posts from you.

    Liked by 3 people

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