Another manga by Yoshiki Nakamura! She’s more famous for Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Skip Beat!- both manga that I adore and admire.
This one is about a girl, Yoshiyuki who loves basketball. It’s really short (only 5 chapters) and quite direct
Oh! Also this might be my last post in a while because the dates for my preps are out! There are two weeks left and let’s face it- I haven’t even started yet.
Then two weeks after that are my finals. And apparently tenth finals are a big deal. *roll eyes* Anyway… I’ll still read the other posts but the spacing between my posts is probably going to be longer.

The story

Getting back to the review, it starts with Yoshiyuki getting excited about playing basketball with our main male lead Ichidou.

MVP Wa Yuzurenai 1
Wow. Excited much?

She dreams of having a perfect time in the basketball court, just the two of them~ BUT, another guy who like Yoshiyuki (I’m going to call her Yuki alright?) -Kominami- meets them there. So they end up having group practise. Just as Yuki is about to do a hook shot,
she is interrupted by our next character Miena Sasuga.

MVP Wa Yuzurenai 1
Hah…. I hate characters like these…

She loves Kominami and thinks Yoshiyuki is a shady person.
She finds out, later that Kominami was injured by Ichidou because he interrupted their date and sets out to defeat him. ( Oh right. Also in the middle school time when  Miena played basketball, she gets fouled by Yuki and has hated her ever since then.)

So then,… the story should be quite predictable yes? NO! Kominami sendsto get revenge with the hope of her falling in love with Ichidou instead. It doesn’t play out exactly like that. She loves Kominami but she thinks Ichidou is handsome and tries proposing to him? Why would that happen?
Oh god… this is when I started to dislike the story a bit. Only for Nakamura sensei did I continue to read and it wasn’t so bad…

To find out who is better they have a free throw competition which is the only thing Yuki is bad at. She loses but asks for another chance and the story is basically about how she tries hard to win and stuff.

What I liked

  1.  HUMOUR – Like in all Nakamura sensei’s works, romance always takes the backseat to comedy and that’s what I enjoy the most.
    MVP Wa Yuzurenai 2
    Take a look at this!

    It is all situational and character humour that really gave me a good laugh.

  2. Again a typical feature in her work- the ART. The way she switches to chibi for comedy and real characters for other things is amazing and the basketball game scenes are particularly appealing.
    MVP Wa Yuzurenai 2
    Ah! The work of Mangaka!


  3. LENGTH- It was short, sweet and effective. Not over dragged or excessively shortened either.
  4. COVER PAGES- The cover pages are interesting to see and funny too!
    MVP Wa Yuzurenai 3
    That’s Ichidou…


What I didn’t like

  1. PLOT- It was a bit lame to be honest.
  2. CHARACTERS: Truthfully, they lacked the development I expected from sensei’s other works…
    Then again, I think I didn’t like it because I compared it to her other works, otherwise it’s pretty fine. The development is good- they just don’t seem realistic if you get what I mean.

My final rating and review

I’ll give this a 7.5/10. It’s a light, short read that can be used as fillers between your manga and anime, but it definitely won’t make it to my Top List. Still, it’s funny and for that alone I suggest a try! It is motivational and I assure you there will be at least one thing you like in it.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what you feel in the comments!





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