PATEMA INVERTED: An anime movie review.(*Contains Spoilers*)

Ok! So this is the award for the first riddle post of the year! The first on to solve this was The Otaku Judge. It is a wonderful blog that reviews games, comics and anime. If you haven’t checked it out or subscribed it yet- go do it now.
Anyway, Otaku Judge was the first one to solve it and the prize/gift that was requested is review of Patema Inverted. So here it is!
When I was watching Patema Inverted, I was also reading Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Beauty Pop, so I was going through three genres at the same time. ( This was because my browser is kind of slow and I didn’t want to spend time waiting for P.I to load…) And yet in just the first few minutes this anime got me interested.

Story in brief
There was an experiment that took place and didn’t work out, so for several people gravity was reversed and they live inverted under the ground!
The people who consider themselves ‘pure’ made a kingdom of monotony and rules that cannot be broken and called themselves Agians while the inverteds or Sakasama as they are called, are regarded to be sinners waiting to be sucked in by the sky.

Image result for sakasama no patema
The people in blue are Agians while the silhouettes are Sakasama.

I’ll tell you, my first impression was not on spot. This movie exceeded my expectation and then put them to shame.
The concept of reversing gravity was completely knew and only spoiled by the fact that the Agian plot was pretty much overused.


Our heroine- Patema – is the daughter of the chief of the Sakasama and is your typical reckless, adventure loving, not-happy-with-what-is-told-unless-sees-with-own-eyes protagonist. It starts off with her exploring the danger area which is meant to be avoided at all costs. (Yes, I expected that much…) Advised against it by Porta and her grandfather, she finds it all the more exciting to go there.
However, the true cause of her exploring the region is Lagos, a person close to her. Lagos went out often to Agia and now he is missing in action.

Then, one day, a guy on the ceiling(Bat Humanoid or an Agian) tries to kill her and in the fear of being caught, she runs and falls into the hole in the danger area towards the Agian world. Afraid of falling into the sky ( I mean, who won’t be. Just think about it- floating towards the sky doesn’t sound pleasant, it would be interesting though…) , she grabs hold of the fence that surrounds the hole.
Our second main character- Eiji- happens to be sitting near the fence when Patema arrives and he helps her out.

Eiji is a boy in Agian world who refuses to follow their rues because his father believed that there was something in the sky that was meant to be reached.
Image result for sakasama no patema
Image result for sakasama no patema

However, Eiji is soon found out , leading to the capture of Patema. Patema is mentally tortured (scared) and shown Lagos, who is dead.
The movie follows how Eiji and Porta(who comes up) try to help Patema escape. When Eiji reaches Patema and helps her escape, they both fly up towards the sky because of the added weight on Patema’s ankle.
Related image
To my extreme shock, there is another world there- which reveals the truth. The stars were buildings! Here too the background and the music track give a nice impact. Eiji finds himself experiencing the fear that Patema had.
We also find out that Lagos and Eiji’s father had met before and tried to achieve their dream of uniting all mankind
Sudden heat forces them to leave that area and descend back to Agia, only to have soldiers waiting to capture them. They escape, again, into the Sakasam world where Porta and the rest are conducting Patema’s funeral. Porta is about to confess to her picture when she comes floating, clinging to Eiji (Porta is so sad…)
The Agians follow them to end this once and for all. A fight follows.

The climax scene involves betrayal of Agian right hand soldier and Eiji’s bravery to reveal the truth properly- Sakasama aren’t the inverted, Agians are!
The movie ends with Patema, Porta, Eiji, Grandpa and the Agian right hand seeing the real world.

Image result for sakasama no patema
Pretty art!

Grandpa also finds a letter in Eiji’s father’s book that shows that the inverted gravity can be cured.
All in all a happy ending!



The things I liked

  • The plot. It was interesting and different from the things I have read. 
  • This is the first time I’m watching an anime for a review and not writing a review because I watched an anime, and I found out that I observed things that I otherwise wouldn’t have aid attention to. One of these things is the background. In P.I, the background is well drawn and animated, using a mix of both matte and bright colours to bring out a nice effect!
    Personally I think that the background art was better than the actual faces of the people.

    Image result for sakasama no patema
    Look at the difference between Patema’s hair and the pipes…


  • As for the sound track, I’ve actually heard it before watching P.I and liked it, but music changes depending on the visuals, and it was so much better when I watched P.I and listened to it then.
  • Not just the music, but even the voice acting was impressive. The voices matched the characters perfectly. I was watching sub for that reason.(I think sub is better than dub, but that’s a topic for another day)
  • The background effects like the noises added to the story’s charm and held my attention well!
  • I also loved the character depiction. They showed each character with simple, relatable emotions- distrust, empathy, love, fear, anger, jealousy and belief in their principles.
    Image result for sakasama no patema
    That face…

    The antagonists were relatable too. They believed in what they were told and did as they were asked- don’t we all know someone or the other like that?
    Image result for sakasama no patema

  • The humour was in just the right amounts to make the movie captivating and at the same time not lose the seriousness.
    I absolutely enjoyed Eiji and Porta interactions!

The things I didn’t like

  • First off, I think other characters could have got some more scenes. Like that un-named girl who obviously liked Eiji.
  • Then was the alignment of the entire movie. It was more than a bit confusing when you keep Eiji upright all the time! Take it in relation to the viewers will you!
  • I must say, even though the plot was gripping and interesting, there were some scenes where I felt there could have been more suspense.
    The scene where Patema falls almost gave me a heart attack, but the one where Eiji almost dies did not.
  • Patema started off as a smart, strong girl, but soon Eiji started to take over the story. Sure I like him too, but Patema could have been depicted a bit more… you know…
    Then again, I like the story the way it is no as well, so…

Final rating
I guess I’ll give this movie a 8.5/10, for all the reasons listed above.
I still suggest you give it a try, because it was good and it’s worth it!

Once again, thanks for reading! And thank you Otaku Judge for suggesting the same!!
What do you feel about P.I? Tell me in the comments!

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